February 20, 2013

Exotek SC10 4×4 shock caps & collars

Exotek Racing introduce new option parts for the Team Associated SC10 4×4 truck in the form of blue anodised aluminium shock caps and shock collars. Starting with the caps, these are made from CNC-machined alloy and sport a heavy duty design to cope with the rigours of short course racing. Available blue anodised and sporting a polished finish the four piece set includes rubber O-rings for worry free bleeder screw sealing. Also new is a four piece set of shock collars. The notched design makes for easy adjustment reference while the large serrated section makes adjusting the spring preload a breeze. They come anodised blue and include rubber O-rings to retain the shock setting.

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September 13, 2012

Exotek SC10 4×4 rear hub set

From Exotek come this Pro style alloy rear hub set with vertical ball link mounting for the SC10 4×4. Vertical ball stud mounting allows for quick and precise roll center changes. Simply use 3mm metal washers or shims to raise or lower the ball height. Precision machined from T6 alloy for precise fit, lightweight design and heavy duty use, they use the stock bearings and maintains the stock toe geometry.

Source: Exotek [exotekracing.com]

May 27, 2012

Exotek SC10 4×4 locked front clutch

Exotek Racing have produced this ‘must have’ tuning option for your SC10 4X4. 6 months of track testing has shown enhanced acceleration and braking thanks to locking the left slipper pad only. With this installed you will experience the ability to power out of corners sooner and allow you to brake later and still remain stable. The slipper engages for the rear wheels only and is still fully adjustable. The remaining right side slipper will run much cooler and more consistently though because it is no longer driving the front wheels. Excellent for high power motors.

Source: Exotek [exotekracing.com]

January 31, 2012

Exotek SC10 4×4 saddle pack inline mount

Exotek have released a saddle pack inline mount for Exotek SC10 4×4 LCG chassis. It uses the pre-drilled holes found on the LCG alloy chassis. The design allows for bolt in mounting of saddle packs and mounts your standard saddle packs ‘inline’ for better balance over the stock SC10 4×4 location. It can be used with the stock plastic chassis if you drill your own holes for 3mm hardware. Includes threaded posts, spacers and hardware.

View the mounted system here

December 9, 2011

Exotek SC10 4×4 saddle pack mounts

Exotek have released these saddle pack mounts for the SC10 4×4 LCG chassis. Using pre-drilled holes the design moves the saddle packs forward to better balance the front to back weight ratio and get more front wheel pull while the side by side layout also generates more corner bite. A no hassle design, simply remove 1 screw to allow both packs to slide out from the left side of the holder. Made from 3mm quasi weave construction for extra reliability, it comes supplied with threaded posts, spacers and hardware.

View the mounts on the car here

November 8, 2011

Exotek alloy LCG center chassis for SC10 4×4

Exotek have released this new machined alloy LCG center chassis for the SC10 4×4. The main complaints with the stock SC10 4×4 is that the truck has a high center of gravity that causes the truck to easily traction roll in high grip conditions, is too light which causes it to lose out in door banging when running against heavier trucks and does not feel as stable as the heavier Losi trucks. This new chassis adds over 5oz to your truck and mostly at the lowest part of the truck, the main chassis for a more sure footed, planted feel. Track testers are reporting a much smoother easier to drive truck that stays absolutely planted at high and low speeds and jumps and lands much more easily without the erratic feeling of the stock truck. Machined from 100% billet it has a hard anodized gun metal finish and laser etched Exotek logos. A stiffer center section will help eliminate the reports of the belt from coming off of the front pulley due to the flex of the stock chassis.

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June 10, 2011

Exotek Blitz carbon fibre battery strap

New from Exotek Racing for the Blitz (and E-Firestorm) is this carbon fibre battery strap with anodized locking clips for super secure, yet convenient battery installation. Turn the 2 alloy tabs to slip the strap off or turn turn them to lock it down. Lighter and of course stronger then the stock strap with that factory team look.

View the strap mounted here