August 29, 2017

VP-Pro X3E E-Buggy body shell

VP-Pro have introduced a new body shell for the Hong Nor X3E 1/8th electric buggy. Of a low-profile medium downforce design the body sports a distinctive cab forward placement and it is made from clear high-quality polycarbonate.

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August 3, 2017

T-Works 1/8th buggy stainless steel rear skid plates

T-Works have introduced a range of stainless steel rear chassis skid plates for several 1/8th off-road buggies. Machined from high-quality material and coming laser-engraved for looks the protector plates prevent the rear chassis part from becoming excessively damaged on tracks with large jumps or abrasive surfaces. The sets include two skid plates and they are available for the Kyosho MP9, HongNor X3 Evo, SWorkz buggies, the HB Racing D815/D817/E817 as well as the Mugen MBX7/R.

View the other skid plates here

August 13, 2015

T-Work’s Hong Nor/OFNA X3 alu steering balls

T-Work’s Hong Nor/OFNA X3 alu steering balls

T-Work’s have introduced this line of steering balls suitable for the Hong Nor/OFNA X3 1/8th scale buggy. Sold in a set of 4 they have been machined from lightweight 7075-T6 Hard Coated aluminium and are a direct replacement for the kit part.

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August 31, 2012

P-S-R X3 & Specter II air filters

Power-Save-Racing introduce new air filter sets for the HongNor X3 and Carson Specter II 1/8th nitro off-road buggies. The foam elements are designed to perfectly match with the vehicles air filter boxes and come as sets of 6 or 12 elements including 45ml or 90ml air filter oil respectively. The material used makes for an improved air flow and optimized dust protection.

Click here to view the 12 piece pack

August 24, 2012

T-Work’s HN & OFNA X3 Sabre options

Some new parts from T-Work’s for the HongNor & OFNA X3 Sabre. First up is a quick change engine mount option for the car, a complete set which includes all the required fasteners and shims needed to mount it. Secondly is a 3.5mm steering ackerman plate set. There are 3 different types A, B & C, with type A short, type C long and B the same length as the original. Also type C gives a different turning effect. The plates themselves are CNC machined from 7075-T6 aluminium and are 0.5mm thicker as well as harder than the original.

View the ackerman plate set here

June 1, 2012

Frank Azzopardi wins Malta/Sicily champs

The Malta/Sicily championships took place at the Arena dell Etna track, with Nong Nor team driver Frank Azzopardi dominating the event by taking TQ and the first place in the A final on the loose and dusty track. The Hong Nor Sabre X3 driver won some three laps ahead of Lawrence Mangion in second and Dillon Cassar in third position.

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May 4, 2012

T-Work’s Racing aluminium option parts

T-Work’s Racing have released a number of new parts for a variety of cars. Starting with offroad there is a line of hard coated aluminium A-arm bushings for the Hong Nor & Jammin X3 Sabre buggies as well as hard coated aluminium brake cams for the same cars. For on road there is the a set of hard coated 7075 T6 pivot balls for the Mugen MRX-5 & MTX-5 as well as a set for the Xray RX8 and NT1.

View the pivot balls here

March 30, 2012

T-Work’s X3 Sabre titanium option parts

T-Work’s X3 Sabre 64 titanium option parts are CNC machined and thread rolled in house from US 6AL/4V grade titanium. If you want to put your car on a diet, this is one of the best places to start eliminating weight. The set includes shock mount (4pcs), steering king pin (4pcs), front arm screws (4pcs) & rear chassis brace screw.

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