December 7, 2022

Hong Nor adjustable GT Clutch Set

With plenty of interest in the 1:8 GT class and a World Championship for the category to look forward in 2023, chassis manufacturer Hong Nor has just released the X3GT-61 Adjustable GT Clutch Set.  The new clutch set allows the engine power output to be changed by adjusting the tightness of the clutch spring.  It has been a busy few days for Hong Nor, who hosted their 2022 Hong Nor Master Championship in Taiwan over the weekend which attracted more than 90 entries.  Top European nitro onroad racer and Hong Nor team driver Toni Gruber made the trip over taking the TQ & win with his Ielasi Tuned powered K3 GTS.

View Gruber’s Hong Nor Master Championship win here

December 3, 2021

Hong Nor X3 aluminium servo saver set

For the X3 Series, Hong Nor have produced this aluminium servo saver set. The new set can effectively reduce tire vibration and also keeps the vehicle stable when cornering at high speed. The set includes the servo saver assembly, servo saver plate turnbuckles and bearings with the servo save plate also available separately as an option for the X3S-44 AL.

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October 15, 2020

Hong Nor 2-speed GT clutch bell & shoes

Hong Nor have announced a newly developed 2-speed clutch-bell for their GT car. Made from nickel coated aluminium, this new option part is designed to work best with their new composite clutch shoes. Together these two parts are not only lighter, they offer better heat dissipation which improves engine power and helps improve engine idling.

View the clutch shoes here

June 18, 2020

Hong Nor release more X3GTS.e images

Hong Nor have released more details of their forthcoming new X3GTS.e 1/8th scale electric GT kit. The car was first seen in a short video clip with the new images now showing the production prototype car. The kit will feature aluminium open-type front and rear gearboxes – previous option parts – as stock, as well as a new chassis weight balance with the electronic components repositioned compared to the previous X3GT Electric kit for optimised traction and handling. Full details will become available in time of the release.

View more images here

May 18, 2020

Lam Cheung Tat wins at Tainan Nitro GT race

The Taiwanese city of Tainan hosted an 1/8th GT Nitro race this past weekend. When the dust had settled after the A-main event it was Lam Cheung Tat with the overall win from Hisang on the runner-up spot. Lin Zhifeng came in 3rd overall to round out the podium result.

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May 6, 2020

Hong Nor X3 GTSe electric GT kit – Coming soon

Hong Nor have announced their all-new X3 GTSe 1/8th scale electric GT on-road kit via a short video released on social media. The vehicle makes use of a lot of machined aluminium, such as the front, centre, and rear bulkheads that are of an open design with the shock towers and upper deck being machined of carbon fibre. The rear end is decked out with a lower diffusor and an 1/8th IC Track style body mount. Full details will become available soon.

View some more screen grabs here

April 17, 2020

Hong Nor release new design X3GT fuel tank

Coming from Hong Nor and made for their X3GT series of GT cars is a redesigned 150cc fuel tank. The newly developed fuel container features a partition that prevents the fuel from splashing all over the brake system, hindering its performance. It is understood that the tank will become available including different accessories.

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