June 9, 2022

iRacing O.S. rear engine cover

iRacing have introduced this new rear engine cover, with mixture recovery system for OS .21 engines. Thanks to the 2 holes on the upper side of the cover, which go under the piston and the central hole to which they are connected, it is able to improve the internal fluid dynamics, improving performance and consumption. Suitable for iRacing and O.S. .21 engines.

View the other side of the rear cover here

June 9, 2021

iRacing GTX5 5 port DLC .21 GT engine

This is the new iRacing GTX5 .21 GT engine, based on the well known O.S. R2104 engine. The motor sports a new crankshaft with redesigned counter weight giving the engine better balance and has been given a special DLC treatment for longer life. It boasts 5-port line for improved torque in the low to middle power range giving lots of power, even in high traction tracks. The new cooling head comes in a silver finish and has been machined to reduce weight while the cooling head button now sports a silicone O-ring to prevent dust from entering the engine.

Source: iRacing [bmt-team.com]

April 11, 2021

iRacing 2172 exhaust sets for 1/8th Onroad & GT

From iRacing in Italy come two new exhaust sets, both containing the EFRA approved 2172 exhaust pipe. This 3 chamber pipe has been produced in Italy from high quality aluminium and come in a set for both 1/8th onroad as well as 1/8th GT. The difference in sets is the manifold engine mounting point though both manifolds are the 90 degree version for maximum power.

View the GT pipe set here

January 27, 2021

iRacing pit lane pit bag

iRacing in Italy have introduced their new pit lane pit bag. A common design it has been made of a durable heavy duty material, it features a padded handle for easy carrying and multiple pockets and compartments to store tools, spares and accessories such as a starter box, fuel bottles, fuel guns and many more. Made in black with blue highlights, it sports a large iRacing logo and can be disassembled for travelling and stored in the supplied bag.

View more images of the pit bag here

November 24, 2018

iRacing 200cc fuel gun

iRacing have introduced their new fuel gun that holds up to 200cc of fuel and dumps 135cc in just 1.5s. The gun utilises a translucent reservoir for good visibility abd a super-smooth trigger, no-leak O-rings, and an ergonomic injection-moulded pistol grip round out the package.

Source: iRacing [iracing.it]

February 19, 2018

iRacing M10 200mm nitro touring car body shell

BMT have introduced the new iRacing M10 body shell for 1/10th 200mm nitro touring cars. Specially developed side flaps along the lower window line will improve downforce while the front end shape makes for increased steering response, all without hampering corner speed and straight line stability. The lid is available in standard 1.0mm and lightweight 0.7mm variants.

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February 14, 2018

iRacing R18 1/8th on-road body shell

BMT have introduced the iRacing R18 1/8th on-road body shell. The new version of the popular R18 sports an updated front section and cockpit shape for increased steering and higher top speed. The lid is available in standard 1.0mm and lightweight 0.7mm variants, it comes clear and fits most 1/8th on-road kits.

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November 24, 2014

iRacing X9 & X9GT .21 on-road engines

iRacing X9 & X9GT .21 on-road engines

New from Italian brand iRacing come the X9 and X9GT 3.5cc nitro on-road engines. Produced by Novarossi the engines are built to meet iRacing’s specifications and first up is the X9 engine for 1/8th on-road cars. The 9-port engine offers a dual balanced 14.5mm crankshaft, a reinforced crankcase and a lightweight cooling head while the X9GT is a dedicated GT racing engine with basically the same specifications as the X9 but a larger cooling head for improved heat dissipation under GT bodyshells. Both engines are designed for the use with 25 percent nitro fuel and they come with blue anodised cooling heads with white laser engraving.

Click here to view the specifications and the other new engine