December 29, 2022

JConcepts Relapse 1:8 buggy & truck tyres

JConcepts has released the new Relapse tyre for both 1:8 Buggy and 1:8 Truggy.  The Relapse is a tyre derived from research and development put into tires such as the Detox and Rehab.  Those results were incorporated into a new design optimised for indoor and outdoor track success while delivering more forward bite than the original incarnations. The JConcepts speed laboratory started with the centre section of tread for more horizontal pin contact.  The design revolves around the centre structure which has medium to small sized, dense lugs arranged in a stacked and horizontal configuration. The lugs have strategically placed cuts and grooves to allow flex in dust to perform when the track is in a deteriorating condition. The outer portion of the tread fits together like building blocks, with shapes placed together that nest well but also work together to flex laterally to provide steadfast side-bite. The tread tapers off cleanly to the outer sidewall giving a smooth transition during hard cornering.

View tyre features and more images here

July 6, 2020

Berkan Kilic wins at Polish 1/8th Off-road Nats Rd1

The city of Szczecin played host to the opening round of the Polish 1/8th Off-road Nationals this past weekend. In the Nitro Buggy class it was Mugen’s Burak Kilic with the overall TQ from Team Associated’s Jamie Clancy in 2nd and Berkan Kilic (Mugen) in 3rd. The 45-minute A-main event then saw Berkan holding the upper hand and bringing home the win with a 2-lap margin on 2nd placed Burak. Jamie Clancy came in 3rd overall another lap down as Bartosz Zalewski and Bartek Zambrzycki completed the top 5 result.

Image: Abdullah Kilic

June 23, 2020

Alex Vaughn RC 36mm hybrid droop blocks

Alex Vaughn RC Products have announced their new 36mm carbon fibre and aluminium hybrid droop blocks. The blocks are perfect for setting the droop the most accurately way possible from the wheel hex thread to setup board. The blocks are constructed from high-quality materials and they are available from now on.

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February 19, 2013

JConcepts wheel dish for Hazard wheel

The Hazard wheel by JConcepts has taken the Short Course class by storm. With victories all over the world and back-to-back ROAR National Championships, the Hazard has established itself as the go-to wheel for Short Course racing on the Team Associated SC10, SC10 4×4 and TLR 22 SCT and Losi SCT-E. With advancements and perspective changing within the Short Course Class and driver preferences focusing more exclusively on performance, JConcepts has added a much anticipated accessory to the line-up. The wheel dish, available in black, white and yellow, can add a personal or more focused driven setup tweak to the popular Hazard wheel. The wheel dish is injection molded plastic and features built-in geometry to engage into the Hazard wheel and provide that dish wheel style with very minimal effort. The wheel dish is cleverly designed to secure to the wheel and with just the addition of the wheel nut, clamps right into place.

View another image of the wheel dish here

January 11, 2013

JConcepts SC10 front body mount

JConcepts adds another top quality carbon fiber accessory to the already hefty list for the SC10 line of vehicles with the SC10 front body mount. Support of the body mass is very critical in SCT performance and shoring up the front body mount flexibility was a major focus with this new front body mount. Heavy-duty but light-weight, 3mm carbon fiber is the base of the design which follows along the geometry and stock mounting holes on the SC10 front shock tower. Recessed portions allow for the adjustable mount towers to drop straight into place and fasten with the stock socket-head hardware. Some aesthetically pleasing pockets have been machined into the face of the mount, lowering the overall weight of the part and for brand recognition.

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January 9, 2013

JConcepts Slash 4×4 Platinum over-tray

When racing on a loamy or top soil track surface, the inside of the Low CG Slash or Rally chassis can become loaded with dirt or debris which creates extra weight. With the JConcepts over-tray these worries are minimized with the simple and functional over-tray. Fitting nicely under the body it hugs the outside dimension of the Low CG Slash and Rally chassis protecting the inside from unwanted excess dirt and debris build-up during racing conditions. The over-tray is built with extra height and rake to provide extra room for various electrical and battery configurations.

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November 2, 2012

JConcepts body mount braces

Short Course trucks are very body sensitive. The proper body style, cut-outs, overall weight and roll characteristics can determine a properly handling vehicle. The TLR 22 SCT has a very flexible front and rear body mounts which provides several durability advantages but when it comes to performance, having a sturdy base to the body is critical. JConcepts body mount braces perform just as the name suggests and supports the body mount in high-force situations. While in the turns, the weight of the body hangs down in the rear and allows the body to flex toward the tires which causes unwanted handling and aero changes which may contribute to an ill handling vehicle. Simply install the brace as instructed and the body will now remain in a more standardized position on high-bite conditions and during hard corning.

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October 23, 2012

JConcepts Champion winglets for Hi-Flow SCT body

A very popular replacement item or upgrade to any SCT vehicle is the name and number plates winglets. During the 2012 ROAR Nationals, Ryan Maifield utilized a prototype name plate on the already championship winning Hi-Flow body to improve performance. The extended rear name plate offers increased stability during cornering and also improves the straight-line tracking ability. Included in each package is a complete championship name and number plate winglet set, Hi-Flow decal sheet and mounting hardware.

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