April 16, 2021

Mon-Tech Racing Akura GT3 body shell

Having teased us just over a week ago Mon-tech Racing have today presented their new Akura GT3 for the 10th scale GT class. The new GT3 has been designed, developed and produced in house and is thus 100% ‘Made in Italy’. The mould was made with 3D drawings and CNC machining in order to obtain a very high level of accuracy in both the details and proportions of the bodyshell and, at the same time, the highest quality standards you expect from Mon-tech Racing product. The bodyshell can be installed on any 10th scale (190mm) Touring Car chassis and it is formed using top quality polycarbonate and comes with headlights stickers, window masks and wing screws.

View more images of the GT3 here

April 7, 2021

Mon-Tech Racing tease new GT bodyshell

Mon-Tech Racing are teasing their new soon to be officially announced GT bodyshell. Set to be revealed next week on Friday, the Italian brand have offered up no more information apart from what we can see in the photo.

Source: Mon-Tech [mon-techracing.net]

February 12, 2021

Mon-Tech Racing MT21 1/12th GTP bodyshell

Fresh from Mon-Tech Racing comes their latest 1/12th GTP bodyshell, the MT21. Developed using the basis of their multiple World championship winning M20, following months of extensive testing they arrived at the new MT 21, faster and better performance. Providing excellent cornering with greater traction and stability, the body is available in two versions, standard and ‘La Leggera’.

View another angle of the M21 here

January 22, 2021

Mon-Tech Racing Imola touring car body

Mon-Tech Racing is ready to release a new touring car body platform. After 8 month of hard work and testing on multiple tracks all around the world they finally finished the development of the Imola. With flowing lines, low nose and a completely clean rear part of the body Imola has very high traction and stability in exit of the corner, without impact corner entry and cornering speed. This body was designed and developed inside the Mon-tech Racing Factory and is available in the standard with regular weight (85gr ready to race) for major international competitions and the super light ‘La Leggera’ version. Imola body is BRCA-EFRA approved and is 100% made in Italy. The kit includes the masks for the windows, the headlight decals and the fixing hardware for the rear wing.

View more angles of the Imola here

December 15, 2020

Mon-tech Racing BlacKollection

Mon-tech Racing RC factory is finally ready to introduce their BlacKollection. The BlacKollection is a line of RC equipment that includes multiple bags and accessories designed with different dimensions useful at the race track. The main idea was to create reliable and useful products that could be combined with each other, offering maximum ease of use in the smallest possible space. As well as bags from different dimensions for multi purpose RC products that are designed to fit perfectly in to the larger bag, BlacKollection is also offering other accessories like, the practical protective mask, the soft wool cap, a non-deformable foam car stand and the transport model bag, a multi-purpose equipment bag that can be used for any of your R/C needs with three drawers in rigid plastic. There is also glass set-up board with a protective bag and anti-slip pit-mat. All of these article are designed, tested and produced in Italy.

Source: Mon-Tech [mon-techracing.net]

October 23, 2020

Mon-Tech Racing 308 TCR 2.0 FWD body

Mon-Tech Racing have produced a V2 version of their 308 TCR 1/10th scale FWD body. Compared the previous iteration, the 2.0 has a newly designed front end, new sides and they have taken the rear wing directly from the recently released GTI Vision body shell. These changes, together with making the overall body lower, make for better performance. Moulded from lightweight 0.75mm high-quality polycarbonate, it comes with window masks as well as a large decal sheet with grille and light details as well as the graphic elements visible in the images above and below.

View more images of the 308 here