August 18, 2021

Mon-tech Racing body checker tool

Mon-tech Racing have released this body checker tool for checking the bodywork of both 1/10 touring car as well as 1/12 pan car. The tool can control the maximum height, maximum width, wing size, wing position and rear body cut on 1/10 TC while it can also check the maximum height on the the 1/12 Pan Car.

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July 30, 2021

Mon-tech Racing Mitopista FWD body shell

Mon-tech Racing have introduced their new Mitopista body shell for the FWD category. Based on the old Mito RX, the wheel arches and front splitter have been changed with the new height adjustable wing by Mon-tech Racing has been added. These changes make the body very agile and stable with lots of traction and cornering. The body comes supplied with decals, window masks and the wing mounting hardware.

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July 26, 2021

Mon-tech Racing Stealth body shells for LD2

New from Mon-tech Racing is there two Stealth Off Road body shells for the Schumacher LD2. Developed in collaboration with Team Schumacher’s top driver Michal Orlowski, it comes in two versions, Stealth Carpet and Stealth Dirt. Both models have been developed to give maximum traction and steering in their respective conditions. Stealth Dirt offers incredible traction on low-grip terrain, while Stealth Carpet has an excellent corner entry, ideal for Carpet races. Both versions come lightweight and are made with top quality polycarbonate.

View the body shells in more detail here

July 19, 2021

Mon-tech Racing BlacKollection setup plates & cases

Mon-tech Racing have expanded their recently introduced BlacKollection line of cases and accessories. Starting with two glass plate setup boards for the 1/8 onroad and offroad categories, the version for onroad is 360 x 450mm while the slightly large offroad version is 405 x 550mm. Both plates come with a transport sleeve while the boards themselves sport a decal with handy measurement lines. Also new is a handy sleeve/case for transporting and safely storing your setup system’s toe measuring plate. Like the other items in the range, it sports the Mon-tech logo in white and has the Italian flag along the seam and while the setup board sleeves use a zip, the toe plate case is secured with a velcro flap.

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July 2, 2021

Mon-tech Hot Road bodyshell

Mon-tech continue to expand their lineup into different classes with the introduction of this new body shell called the Hot Road. Suitable for mounting on all Formula 1 chassis, the body is supplied with the engine intake and lights that you can see in the photo, as well as all the accessories for mounting on the Formula 1 chassis.

View more angles of the Hot Road here

June 4, 2021

Mon-tech Racing F22 Formula bodyshell

Mon-tech Racing have presented their new F22 bodyshell for the Formula 1 class. After intensive testing during the past several months on tracks across Italy and around Europe, Mon-tech Racing has signed off the new F22. This body shell offers excellent traction and high cornering speed without lacking steering. Thanks to their new Mon-tech Racing moulding system, they can ensure maximum product quality and lightness and, like all Mon-tech Racing products, it is printed with top quality polycarbonate.

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May 13, 2021

Mon-tech bag trolley transport case

Mon-tech have introduced their new bag trolley transport case. Using the same 3 box box they released previously this version has had the trolley added with it placed in a transverse position for greater stability during transport. The bag trolley features three comfortable rigid plastic drawers and two side pockets that can accommodate the setup-board and other objects.

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April 27, 2021

Mon-tech PickUp R body shell

Mon-tech have sent us photos of their new PickUp R body shell. Completing their PickUp series, this body can be used for Scaler and Crawler and has a pitch of 315mm which allows it to be mounted on most of the frames on the market. Made of high-strength polycarbonate, window masks are included as is the decal sheet with lights and grilles.

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