October 10, 2022

MonTech ‘BlacKollection’ Car Bag

Adding to their BlacKollection line, MonTech has released this bag intended for carrying around your R/C car complete with body.  Like the other bags in their line, this bag which measures 44cm X 25cm X 13mm, it is produced all in Italy to ensure it is of high quality.  The bag is finished with the MonTech Racing logo.

View closed bag here

October 7, 2022

Montech RS6 bodyshell

Italian body producer Montech has added this RS6 bodyshell to its line-up,  the full size inspiration of this 1:10 body widely recognised as the queen of sports station wagons.  Made from premium quality lexan polycarbonate, the kit includes the window masks, headlight & grille stickers and the fixing screws for the rear wing.  The body is compatible with all 190mm or FWD Touring Car chassis.

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September 19, 2022

Montech 308 Mini bodyshell

Montech have introduced their new 308 mini bodyshell for the M-Chassis category. It has a pitch of 210mm and a width of 165mm. Made from premium quality lexan polycarbonate, the kit includes the window masks, headlight & grille stickers and the fixing screws for the rear wing.

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July 21, 2022

Mon-Tech Racing Evo2 1/10 TC body

Mon-Tech Racing’s new Evo2 body shell was developed with the aim of improving the performance of current TC cars. Nowadays TC body shells have reached an extreme level of development and detail and Mon-tech Racing, alongside focussing on pure performance, have put a lot of the emphasis on drivability. The Evo2 is fast in both Modified and Stock classes providing great traction and smooth but effective steering into corners. The kit comes with decals, window masks and screws for the rear wing.

View more images of the Evo2 here

June 27, 2022

Mon-Tech Racing RS Sport-M 1/10 Mini body

Mon-Tech Racing have released their RS Sport-M, a new body for the M-Chassis category. This body can be mounted on all M-Chassis models, it is made from 0.75mm high quality polycarbonate. The kit includes the fixing screws of the rear wing, the window masks, the headlight decals and the graphics as seen on the body.

View more images of the RS Sport-M here

February 25, 2022

Mon-Tech GTI Vision Mini body

More new items from Mon-tech Racing. Following the GTI Vision FWD, the Italian brand is pleased to present the GTI Vision 1/10 Mini for the M-chassis category. The GTI Vision Mini is the first in a series of Mini 1/10 bodies that will be introduced by Mon-tech in 2022. The body is produced in Italy using high-quality Lexan polycarbonate and comes with a detailed decal sheet including headlights and grille stickers, window masks and wing mounting hardware.

View more images of the body shell here

February 4, 2022

Mon-tech Racing 2022 Formula wings

Mon-tech Racing have presented their new Formula wings aimed at reproducing the 2022 F1 regulations. After almost a year of work between drawings, prototype printings and track tests, they were finally able to move to a production stage. The front wing has two different types of additional flaps and, as such, it is able to offer three distinct race trim configurations, low, medium and high downforce. The rear wing has been developed to give maximum downforce with the lowest possible drag. The new wings can be installed on any Formula car model currently on the market.

View more images of the wings here

November 5, 2021

Mon-tech Racing reveal their new Zero TC bodyshell

Following extensive testing and having teased us earlier in the week, Mon-tech Racing is pleased to present their new TC bodyshell named Zero. The main characteristics of this new body are extreme ease of driving, precise steering both on and off power, excellent traction in acceleration as well as being very quick in direction changes. It comes supplied with screws for the rear wing, window masks and decals for headlights and air intakes and will be available in both standard version (80gr) as well as the “La Leggera” version (60gr).

View more images of the Zero here