March 24, 2021

OfficinaRC MTC2 pivot ball & XL ball studs

OfficinaRC continues releasing option parts for the Mugen MTC2. Introducing 2 new option parts, a pivot ball (2814T-B) and a ball stud (2814-T-XL). The pivot balls are made of Grade 5 titanium and they replace the original Mugen 2814 parts and come in 4 or 8 piece kits. The new ball studs with 6mm length allows you to have more setup options. Both products are made in Italy with TiAl6V4 Titanium to ensure the best possible product on the market and are practically indestructible ensuring endurance and reliability.

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March 2, 2021

MonacoRC MTC2 ball bearing ZZ kit

MonacoRC have this Japanese premium quality ball bearing ZZ kit for the Mugen MTC2. Comprising of a total of 12 ball bearings with metal shield on both sides (ZZ), there are four 10x15x4mm and eight 5x10x4mm bearings, with all lubricated with oil instead of grease in order to have immediate high speed and best performance.

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February 7, 2021

MonacoRC radio carrying bag

The new MonacoRC radio carrying bag has been designed to carry the latest generation radios, in particular M17 and MT44 models. Developed around these two radio sizes in order to reduce any extra space and allow you to place your radio without any dividers, thanks to its small size, this bag can easily find space inside any RC bags. The black exterior is contrasted with the the red zippers and zip puller pendant with the MonacoRC logo. The interior is printed all over with the MonacoRC logo on a red background and on the upper part there is a practical mesh pocket where you can store the wireless charger or any other accessories.

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January 18, 2021

Monaco RC MC-482RX Sanwa compatible receiver

Monaco RC have released this new MC-482RX, Sanwa compatible receiver. This 4 channel receiver has a very small footprint (23.6×18.4×28.4mm) and weighs only 7.3grams. Compatible with practically all Sanwa radios including the new M17, thanks to its technical features it is able to communicate with the transmitter in real time to monitor you car’s voltage. It supports 1-2S LiPo power.

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November 24, 2020

MonacoRC new MCRC hoodie

MonacoRC have come again with a new addition to their ‘Colours of MonacoRC’ line with the introduction of their newly designed hoodie. They have made a high quality unisex cotton hoodie ensuring comfort, warmth and style in two different colours, red and blue and in any size from XS to 3XL. The details are everything, the baseline of quality, and so the front logo is embroidered, the back one printed and an additional one on the front pocket. To celebrate the release of the new hoodie, in the upcoming Black-Friday sales they are giving it as a gift.

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November 21, 2020

MonacoRC T4’21 black shim kit

MonacoRC have introduced their new black shim kit for the new Xray T4’21. This kit replaces the plastic and aluminium coloured shims supplied with the new 2021 T4 kit with these black aluminium shims. Supplied in a handy plastic box, the kit includes 3 x 0.5mm, 20 x 1.0mm and 16 x 2.0mm shims.

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November 10, 2020

Monaco RC low friction 351mm belt

Monaco RC have released this low friction white edition 351mm belt. Made in Japan by Bando, it is suitable for use on the Awesomatix A800X, Xray T4 2020, Yokomo BD10, ARC R12 and on Xray mid motor conversions like the version from Zero-Tribe. These low friction belts greatly improve the overall drivetrain efficiency over standard black belts.

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October 22, 2020

WTS Transponder Diamond Edition

A Monaco RC exclusive, this Diamond Edition WTS Transponder features a unique transparent case for a refined look. Compatible with all RC systems including RC Version 4 Decoders with Firmware 4.4 or lower, its operation is purely lap counting and timing using its 7 digit ID number. The transponder is ready to be used right away simply by connecting to a battery or plugging into a free receiver channel or BATT socket. The WTS power cable is flexible and can be easily replaced.

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