May 24, 2022

MonacoRC corner weight & LCG battery bags

MonacoRC is proud to present two new MonacoRC bag medium blue versions, one with new inner foam to easily and safety carry the SkyRC SCWS2000 corner weight system and one with new Ultra LCG battery inner foam. This case/bag is distinguished from the previous version with a greater attention to detail with an interior all printed with the MonacoRC logo in red tone on tone and a superior quality of workmanship. Inside, the practical mesh pocket is also red and a MonacoRC label has been applied to embellish it. The exterior maintains that sobriety that made this bag so loved, but for reasons of ease of use the zippers with the MonacoRC logo are now two instead of one. With similar but slightly larger dimensions, the new bag is still easy-to-carry thanks to the practical handle.

View more images of the bag here

January 5, 2022

MonacoRC JP ball-bearing kit for X4

MonacoRC have introduced their new JP ball-bearing kit for the Xray X4. These Japanese premium quality ball bearing ZZ kit comprises of a total of 12 ball bearings with metal shield on both sides (ZZ). There are four 10x15x4mm and eight 6x10x3mm bearings, all lubricated with oil instead of grease in order to have immediate high speed and best performance.

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December 28, 2021

Introducing the MonacoRC Arena

With the closing of the great RC circuit of Ciserano in Bergamo in the North of Italy, MonacoRC together with other investors stepped in to save this circuit. Motivated by the desire to carry on this project, saving the circuit from closure and keeping it open for everyone. Monaco RC feel honoured to be part of this project, as for them supporting RC hobby is the most important thing and for this reason, for this season the circuit will be called the MonacoRC Arena.

View more details about the track here

October 25, 2021

MonacoRC X4 screw kits

MonacoRC is pleased to present its screw kit for the all new Xray X4. MonacoRC staff has worked hard and are now ready to present a kit consisting of 95 pieces in two variants. MonacoRC X4 Titanium / Alloy hex socket set (95) and MonacoRC X4 Titanium hex socket set (95). Available immediately, they include all the fasteners needed to upgrade the new Xray X4.

View the Titanium/Alloy set here

September 28, 2021

MonacoRC medium bag blue V2

Monaco RC is pleased to present the restyling of its famous bag/case. Made in collaboration with racers and industry experts, the new bag has been designed for holding the most used accessories, like tools or batteries. Presenting a brand new style, with attention to details, like the internal print to the blue zip, external logo and the branded zip puller. The foam insert is available separately.

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July 19, 2021

MonacoRC heavy duty electric screwdriver

The new MonacoRC heavy duty electric screwdriver is everything you need to work faster and more efficiently. Now more powerful with a brand new design and an extended battery life it has been designed for greater torque, in particular for the nitro and big scale categories. Thanks to its small size it fits in almost all tool boxes and does not take up much space on the work bench. It has a non-slip rubber handle and an LED light that helps to illuminate the hidden work area of your model. The 1/4″ drive quick release chuck will accept any 1/4″ drive tip, and prevents the tip from pulling out of the driver when you try to pull the tool out of the fastener. It also has a built in USB rechargeable Li-Ion battery that will deliver up to 80 minutes of constant run time.

View the screwdriver specs here

May 28, 2021

Mazzeo, Teghesi & Manzo join MonacoRC roster

MonacoRC have announced new additions to their team with three new big driver announcements. Joining MRC as a brand ambassador alongside Coelho & Hagberg, multiple Italian National Champion and Worlds runner up Alessio Mazzeo will represent MonacoRC while running his Serpent cars, and he will now be sponsored by Nosram electronics going forward. Joining as their first offroad team driver, Italian Fabrizio Teghesi is a veteran of the Italian offroad scene and still runs at the sharp end of the field with his Kyosho. He too will run Nosram electronics as well as other MonacoRC products. Finally Swiss driver Michele Manzo will also join as a team driver for MonacoRC, the ETS finalist will continue to use his Awesomatix, Hobbywing, Sunpadow combo but will now also use OfficinaRC products alongside promoting MonacoRC.

View Tegeshi & Manzo here

April 19, 2021

MonacoRC O-ring booster & CV-joint booster

MonacoRC have added two more items to their very popular bearing oil line up, the new MonacoRC O-ring booster and CV-joint booster. The new MonacoRC O-ring Booster is a premium lubricating grease which has been carefully formulated to create dynamic lubrication between o-rings and metal parts. It is specially designed for use on rubber components and gaskets such as shock/diff orings that stop leaks immediately as well as allows smoother operations. The CV Joint Booster is a joint oil which helps maintain longer lasting function and performance for drive shafts. The oil will not last as long as grease therefore requires re-oilling more regularly, however it is much easier to apply, attracting much less dirt and also much smoother than grease. It’s formulated with a special additive which helps it to stick very well to the parts to maintain their best performance. The key point of using oil instead of grease is you don’t need to take the whole things apart, just clean them with degreaser, brake cleaner, let them dry and then re-oil the parts. It’s suitable for both carpet, asphalt as well as dirt racing.

View the different boosters here