November 21, 2023

Novarossi engines ‘for sale by mid-2024’ – Statement

After making a number of social media posts that forced Nova Engines to issue a statement to clarify some ‘very confused’ rumours, Novarossi has today published a much clearer statement about the rebirth of the iconic Italian engine brand.  The statement published on the Novarossi World Facebook is from Massimo Rossi, the grandson of Ugo Rossi founder of the Rossi Company and who’s brother Cesare Rossi was the driving forced behind Novarossi in its heyday.  Apologising for the previous Novarossi posts made on the matter, Massimo outlines the new generation of Novarossi engines will be entirely produced in Italy with the first engines ready for sale in mid 2024.

Read statement here

October 11, 2019

Ielasi Tuned competition conrods – Coming soon

Ielasi Tuned have released first information on their all-new competition conrods for Novarossi and OS-based engines. Machined from high-quality titanium and using highest quality self-lubricating bushing material, the conrods will greatly increase the engine performance while offering exceptional durability of all parts involved, including the conrod itself and the connection pin. The conrods will become available from mid-November in two variants for almost all .21 Novarossi and almost all .21 O.S. Engines.

Source: Ielasi Tuned []

October 9, 2019

Novarossi Mephisto.21 GT5 nitro on-road engine

Novarossi have introduced their all-new Mephisto.21 GT5 engine for 1/8th scale nitro GT classes. The 5-port extra long stroke nitro engine features an updated DLC-coated crankshaft for improved durability, a new head design for optimised cooling underneath the GT body shells and it offers a high torque thanks to its extra long stroke design. Other features include a R4/18 lightweight conrod, Tungsten crankshaft balancing, and a specially machined crankcase drainage for better exhaust gas flow. The engine is available as standard steel bearing or ceramic ball-raced version.

View a list of the features and another image here

July 29, 2019

Novarossi .21 on-road conical & straight manifolds

Novarossi have announced the release of their new conical and straight exhaust manifolds for .21 on-road engines. The conical manifolds are available as a long 41013L variant for improved acceleration while the short 41013S offers greater top speed. For greater overall power output Novarossi offer the 41014 straight manifold. All three are ideal for Novarossi-based competition on-road engines.

View the other new manifolds here

May 9, 2019

Novarossi N-35Plus21 Limited Edition by

Exclusively from comes a reissue of the popular Novarossi 3.5cc 35Plus21 nitro on-road engine. The Limited Edition sports a black cooling head, a 9-port liner and piston design as well as a 14.5mm silicone-filled and balanced crankshaft. Other features include a knife-design conrod, high-quality main bearing and an alloy carburettor with 9mm venturi insert. The engine is available now with only one batch being made.

View a list of the features and specifications and more images here

February 6, 2019

Dominic Greiner leaves Novarossi

1/10th 200mm Nitro Touring benchmark driver, Serpent’s Dominic Greiner has announced his departure from Italian engine manufacturer Novarossi. The former IFMAR 1/10th 200mm World Champion leaves behind a very fruitful 3-year campaign with the brand, that culminated in the 2016 Worlds title, and he has the following to say about his departure:

With the season hopefully starts soon I would like to announce that I will no longer race for Novarossi engines. It was a difficult decision for me but it’s time for a change. We had grateful three years together and could win some big events including my first world championship title 1:10 in Italy 2016. I want to thank the whole Novarossi factory for the trust and the support. Especially to Daniele Ielasi for the work at the track and the time for improvements. News will follow soon.

December 4, 2018

Novarossi Mephisto.12 2.1cc nitro on-road engine

Novarossi have introduced their new Mephisto.12 2.1cc nitro on-road engine for 1/10th on-road cars. The power plant features a new DLC-coated, balanced and silicone-filled crankshaft for improved durability, a patented off-set carburettor for optimised mixture flow, as well as a new cooling head design for a more efficient heat dissipation. The long stroke engine will become available as ceramic or steel ball bearing version.

View a list of the specifications and another image here