May 12, 2017

Raw Speed billet aluminium wheel nuts

Coming from Raw Speed is a 4-piece set of billet aluminium wheel nuts for 1/10th scale vehicles. Machined from high-quality material the wheel nuts are light weight, they have an aggressive knurl to ensure they don’t come loose on race day and they are usable on most metric off-road and on-road kits.

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May 8, 2017

Raw Speed B6 wing drilling jig

Raw Speed have introduced a wing drilling jig for their own 1/10th buggy wing. Featuring mounting positions for the Team Associated B6-series buggy, the jig allows for centred and square mounting positions, doing away with the need to hand-fit the positions every time. The 3-D-printed jig is available for Raw Speed’s wing only, with more variants for the TLR 22, Kyosho RB6.6, Xray XB4 and Yokomo YZ coming soon.

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April 24, 2017

Raw Speed Rip Tide 1/10th buggy rear tyre

Coming from Raw Speed is the all-new Rip Tide 1/10th buggy rear tyre. Utilising an entirely new carcass to create a uniform contact patch as the vehicle’s chassis leans while cornering, the tyre also breaks in more quickly, getting on race pace earlier for big events. The bar-type tread also generates a lot of forward traction with plenty of side bite so racers can trust their car in every corner. The tyre comes including closed cell inserts and in clay, soft or super soft compound.

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April 10, 2017

Raw Speed pre-cut 1/10th buggy rear wing

Coming from Raw Speed is a pre-cut rear wing for 1/10th off-road buggies. Made from high-quality Lexan material the wing is laser-cut for high precision and its overall design will make for high rigidity and a long life while providing exceptional downforce. The wing comes pre-cut to the first line of the gurney flap and in sets of two.

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April 8, 2016

Jason Snyder launches RawSpeed brand

Jason Snyder launches RawSpeed brand

Jason Snyder, known for his popular YouTube channel, has introduced his own U.S. based RC accessory company named RawSpeed. Focussing on racers, the product range will include items such as tyres, wheels, inserts and body shells for both 1/10th and 1/8th scale cars. The first items released include the Rocket 1/10th buggy rear tyre for indoor clay tracks as well as the Enigma 1/10th buggy front tyre, again dedicated for indoor clay tracks and featuring a directional design for more or less aggressive steering response. Also part of the initial release are the Black Thunder closed cell inserts, the Tru-Spin 1/10th buggy wheels as well as 3D-printed ride height gauges. Other items include merchandising such as 3D embroidered hats and T-shirts.

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