December 15, 2021

Ruddog RC215AC Dual Channel LiPo AC/DC Charger

The Ruddog RC215AC is a versatile, easy to use AC/DC charger for radio control enthusiasts looking for high performance in a small package. The proven RC215 charger has been combined with an internal power supply and its features were tweaked to provide even more power. As with the DC model, the two-channel charger can be used to charge various battery types, including up to 6S LiPos. Each channel now offers up to 350 W, and the balancer current has gone up to 1000 mA. The USB-C port output was increased to 3.25A. When accommodating the additional space required by the power supply, the design was revised to make the display easier to read on the pit table.

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December 6, 2021

Ruddog RCL1706 HV & RCL3609 HV coreless servos

Ruddog Racing have released two new servos, the RCL1706 HV coreless mid-size servo and the RCL3609 HV coreless standard-size servo that perfectly suits the speed and torque requirements of 1/10th and 1/8th scale racing respectively. With a beautifully machined, black anodised full aluminium case, it is ready to withstand the rigours of racing and matches the look of modern race kits and accessories, and precise steering operation is ensured, especially when paired with their titanium servo mounting screws. Speaking of mounting the servo, tidy installation is a piece of cake thanks to the plug-in servo wire.

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November 26, 2021

Ruddog pit mats

Ruddog’s line of pit mats now includes two new designs. Featuring the same proven material and 110 cm x 50 cm dimensions as before, the updated Ruddog/Team Associated version matches the A-Team’s current WC21 merchandise collection. Fans of other chassis manufacturers also have a new practical and colourful option to use on their pit table. In contrast to the previous black and gray version, the chassis manufacturer neutral Ruddog-only branded pit mat now sports the always popular red, black and white.

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November 16, 2021

Ruddog metric tools & body reamer

The ever-growing Ruddog Products range now includes a selection of essential tools required for building and maintaining a 1/10th scale kit with hex hardware. The ergonomic red anodised aluminium handles are marked for easy identification. In addition to hex and socket drivers of various sizes, the range also includes a body reamer with threaded protection cap and replacement tips for the hex screwdrivers. The economic priced tools are available individually and in several sets.

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November 9, 2021

Ruddog Products aluminium car stands

The Ruddog Products aluminium car stands provide you with a sturdy basis for set-up and repair work on your chassis, and also includes labelled holes for shock maintenance. Thanks to the modern black and silver finish, the aluminium car stands look great on your pit table when you are racing on the track. As of now, the line-up includes an on-road car stand and a version for 1/10th scale off-road cars.

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October 14, 2021

Ruddog 35mm aluminium HV high speed fan

Ruddog’s 35mm aluminium HV high speed cooling fan RP-0258 closes the gap between traditional 30 mm and 40 mm fans. Providing a good compromise between air flow and a low centre of gravity, it is the perfect choice for applications with a focus on overall performance with only a small space available, for example 1/10th scale touring cars and 4WD buggies. The aluminium housing shares the rounded and countersunk design with the 30 mm and 40 mm fans RP-254 and RP-255 for a long lifetime and small installation dimensions.

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September 30, 2021

Ruddog crawler 550 motors in 14T, 16T & 20T

Ruddog have announced that their popular 5-slot 550-size crawler motors are now available in three additional turn ratings, 14T, 16T and 20T. The dual ball-raced motors feature adjustable timing, plated end bells, replaceable motor brushes and springs, brush heatsink towers and they are fully rebuildable if needed. The adjustable timing allows to adapt and optimise the motors for drivetrains that require reverse motor rotation operation.

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September 16, 2021

Ruddog Racing RXS brushless speed controller

Ruddog Racing proudly presents the RXS brushless controller. The state-of-the-art ESC is the result of more than two years of development and testing. Packaged in a black-anodised all-aluminium case, a 32 bit processor and the latest FET technology provide an ideal basis for punchy and smooth power delivery, and a strong but sensitive brake function. Thanks to its integrated power button and an exchangeable receiver cable, clean and tidy installation is easier than ever before. In addition to the included fan, the aluminium case and low-resistance solder posts also improve heat dissipation. Settings can be adjusted with the optional program card to tailor the RXS to various track conditions and driving styles, both in highly competitive modified and stock racing.

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