January 25, 2021

Ruddog 19-in-1 tool set

When heading to the skate park, into the woods or your favourite bash pit, you don’t want to burden yourself with bulky and unnecessary equipment. On the other hand, you don’t want to go home early because of any minor issues, and that’s where Ruddog’s new 19-in-1 tool set comes in handy. The compact tool bag houses a selection of screwdriver, hex and socket head driver bits, a rubberised ergonomic grip and a double-ended open mouth wrench in popular sizes, which allows you to make quick repairs and adjustments far away from your workbench.

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January 19, 2021

Ruddog Products RP691 2600KV brushless motors

Ruddog Products have introduced an addition to the line of RP691 1/8 brushless motors with a new 2600KV rating. This new version offers more power and better performance on large tracks with big jumps. Like the others in the line, it features a unique cooling system, which not only includes optimised cooling vents, but also a direct mount high-speed aluminium fan.

Source: Ruddog [ruddog.eu]

December 21, 2020

Ruddog Products tool & car bags

Ruddog Products have presented some new additions to their line-up with the release of a new tool bag and three new car bags. The two compartments of their new tool bag not only allows you to carry smaller tools like hex/nut drivers, tweezers, scissors and turnbuckle wrenches but also larger items such as droop and camber gauges, callipers or even handy power drivers. Their new car bags sport robust zippers that keep the contents where they are supposed to be, and the internal web compartment gives you quick access to accessories like glow igniters or batteries. Three versions are available, for 1/10th scale buggies, 1/10th scale touring cars, and 1/8th scale buggies or 1/10th scale trucks.

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December 10, 2020

Ruddog Racing RP542 brushless motors

Next in the competition-oriented line of Ruddog Racing products is the new RP542 range of high-performance brushless motors. After many hours of testing, research and development, many evolutionary steps have been made in many fields. Stack design has been revised to improve drivability, and a new high-precision sensor is used to increase performance and efficiency. The Ruddog design team has gone to lengths to lower operational temperature. Large openings in the housing lower the overall weight of the RP542 motors and ensure optimum airflow, while a ribbed stator collector ring is used to improve heat dissipation. Rotors are optimised for their respective field of application. Modified motors come with a 12.1 mm x 5 mm x 24.5 mm rotor, while stock motors are equipped with a 12.5 mm x 7.15 mm x25.8 mm rotor.

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December 3, 2020

Ruddog Racing line of competition LiPo batteries

After many months of development, Ruddog Distribution is delighted to finally present the first items from their all new Ruddog Racing line-up of competition oriented products. No matter if you are into stock or modified racing, batteries are among the most important components in your race car. The 2021 Ruddog Racing batteries are built from the latest generation of silicon-graphene LiPo cells to give you the lowest possible internal resistance and highest capacity. Rated at 75C continuous / 150C burst, there are three 2S 7.4 V shorty packs, three 2S 7.4 V full-size packs, and one 4S 14.8 V 6000mAh pack for 1/8th scale to offer you the optimum power source for your racing needs.

Source: Ruddog [ruddog.eu]

November 19, 2020

Ruddog Products soft-grip straight scissors

Ruddog Products’ latest addition to their ever-increasing range of universal tools are the soft-grip straight scissors. With an overall length of 17 cm, the straight scissors fit inside every toolbox. Its 7.5 cm blades with black titanium nitride coating cut tough plastics just as easily as soft foam inserts or thin decals. The soft grip handles ensure safe and comfortable use.

Source: Ruddog [ruddog.eu]

November 3, 2020

Ruddog cleaning brush

When it comes to cleaning your favourite RC car from dust or tire debris, everyone needs a cleaning brush in their toolbox. While you could just get one from your local hardware store, Ruddog Product’s new round cleaning brush ticks all the boxes of RC racers and its red. At a length of 200mm, it fits into virtually every pit bag. Its 40mm bristles are stiff enough for removing persistent dirt from the creases and corners of your race car or rock crawler. The shiny, grease-resistant handle has an ergonomic shape and rounded out with the Ruddog logo for good looks.

Source: Ruddog [ruddog.eu]

October 15, 2020

Ruddog Hobby LiPo battery pack line

The new Ruddog Hobby LiPo battery packs are a new line of rugged high-performance batteries for the RC enthusiast. Designed with the needs of entry level racers, bashers and crawler pilots in mind, all batteries are built using high-quality 50C cells for great power supply while durable hardcases ensure best possible battery protection in the event of a crash. The batteries are available in a range of capacities with 7.4V 2S, 11.1V 3S and 14.8V 4S packs being available, covering the needs of 1/10th scale racers, speed freaks as well as 1/8th scale pilots alike. All packs come pre-wired with high-quality plugs specially selected for the given application.

Source: Ruddog [ruddog.eu]