June 4, 2007

TCS Cooling system for Brushless

TCS Cooling system for Brushless

Just last week we wrote about the TCS cooling system that uses liquid as a means to keep your cars electronics cool. Now today we see that a version for brushless systems has been developed that now not only cools the motor, as in the original version, but also comes with a cooling plate that attaches itself to your BL speed controller. According to tests made on the original system it does work but at the expense of some, but not much, weight and also i am not sure if such a cooling system is legal for racing, but with more and more expensive equipment melting on race day perhaps it would be worth considering such a system.

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May 30, 2007

Thermal Cooling System – Review

Thermal Cooling System

Back in March we were sent a link to a review of the TCS, Thermal Cooling System, which we showed you back in October of last year when it was first announced. We didnt write about the review at the time because we dont normally cover product write ups and as it was in French we decided it had limited appeal. Now it appears that the review has been translated into English and makes for some interesting reading, especially if you suffer from overheating motors as it appears that the system works very well, so be sure to check it out.

Check out the product review here.

Source: Gaz-On [gaz-on.net]

October 23, 2006

TCS brings water cooling to Electric RC cars

TCS Water Cooling

English company TCS Cooling has developed this rather innovative water cooling system for electric rc cars. Using a small pump and front mounted radiator, pipes feed constantly cooled “non-conductive liquid” around the face of the electric motor keeping the temperature down, increasing performance and reducing damage.

The new Multi Patented TCS has been meticulously developed over the last 12 months to address the “Heat problem” and promises new levels of performance and reliability which can be fitted to your existing car.

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