February 28, 2012

Vesa Yli wins Finnish 1/12 nationals Rd2

The 2nd round of the Finnish 1/12 scale national series, the FinTrack Tour, took place in Oulu, Northern Finland last weekend. The organising club OSPA will host the 2012 Nordic Challenge for both 1/12 and Touring cars in October as well as hosting the 2013 1/12 Euros. The race combined both 1/12 and touring classes as an exception as for many years the classes have been run separated to get more suitable conditions for both type of racing. A total of 97 drivers signed in for the weekend to race. The track saw a technical layout suitable for Saturdays’s 1/12 racing in the mod and spec class.

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July 31, 2011

V-Dezign Carpet Ripper V 1/12th scale

V-Dezign Carpet Ripper V 1/12th scale

New from European Champion 1/12th scale manufacturer V-Dezign is their latest release in the Carpet Ripper series, the V. Based on continuous development combined with fresh thinking this is the first complete kit from the Finnish manufacturer. The new car features optimized and improved rear-end geometry introduced in CR 4.0 for 1S LiPO from low to high traction as well as the narrowest 1/12th scale chassis on the market for smoother running, only 109mm wide. The wheelbase has been extended further for better stability. As well as a high quality finish and CRC Pro Strut front end, the car comes complete with many optionals as standard such as black aluminium screws, ceramic diff balls, bronze front arm pivot balls and more. Available in October this year, per orders for this limited edition car are being taken with those being delivered in the middle of August.

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March 1, 2010

V-Dezign dominate CARS Carpet Challenge

V-Dezign dominate CARS Carpet Challenge

With less than a week to go before the EFRA Euros, the V-Dezign team had a final shakedown of their cars at the CARS Carpet Challenge in Chesterfield at the weekend. The meeting was dubbed as ‘The Euros Warmup’ as the same carpet was used as will be utilised at the Euros, all be it at a different venue on a different layout. The V-Dezign team dominated proceedings in the open modified category by securing the top 5 places in both qualifying and the A final! Team boss Vesa Yli also won the stock A final after starting 2nd on the grid. The team now head to the Euro’s full of confidence and will be looking to achieve some good results.

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November 3, 2009

V-Dezign Carpet Ripper 3.0

V-Dezign Carpet Ripper 3.0

V-Dezign have released details on their new Carpet Ripper 3.0, an upgrade kit for 1/12th scale racers who own either of the previous models CR07 or CR2.0. Associated Dynamic Strut, CRC Pro-Strut and HB front ends will fit (not included with the kit) and the usual IRS and CRC axles will also fit (not included). There will be kits suitable for CR2.0 owners who already have most parts to make the car race ready and an upgrade kits for new customers soon after with motor pods and tubes included. The new kit uses motor pods, rear X, bumper plates and tubes from previous CR2.0 model so its easy to update the CR2.0 T-bar car to CR3.0 with chassis, lower and upper motor plate and 1-piece tube plate. Info about the final production upgrade kit and what is included will follow soon. Like with CR07 and 2.0, also 3.0 will have some unique features which will improve the performance and handling, no matter if you are a pro or a beginner.

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May 20, 2009

Andy Griffiths rejoins V-Dezign

Andy Griffiths rejoins V-Dezign

Andy Griffiths has rejoined Team V-Dezign after racing for the Hot Bodies team for the past 2 years. Andy, a former European Champion, multiple British Champion and multiple Euros and Worlds A finalist, joined the team for one season back in 2006 and in that time had a successful campaign with 10 wins out of 12 in the British nationals with the V-Dezign Carpet Ripper ’07. Together with the car’s designer Vesa Yli, they both made the 2007 Euros A main, with Andy finishing 4th and Vesa 10th after the finals. For more information as well as an interview with Andy, head on over to the V-Dezign website here.

Source: V-Dezign [v-dezign.net]

June 6, 2007

V-Dezign Carpet Ripper ‘07 – Photos

V-Dezign Carpet Ripper ‘07

At the beginning of April we brought you some CAD images of the new V-Dezign Carpet Ripper ’07 1/12th scale chassis that was being made by Finnish racer Vesa Yli under the name of V-Dezign. This car had dominated the British National Championship in the hands of Andy Griffiths and had reached the 12th Euros finals in Sweden driven by both Yli and Griffiths. Following this performance V-Dezign has decided to produce this self designed car and has just released the first photos of the upgrade kit showing the rear end, which is the real innovation of the CR ’07.

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April 5, 2007

V-Dezign Carpet Ripper ’07

V-Dezign Carpet Ripper '07

V-Dezign, the 12th scale conversion makers from Finland, have announced that they will start selling their 07 Carpet Ripper in May. This car has dominated the British Nationals in the hands of Andy Griffiths and also done very well in the Finnish Nationals with car designer Vesa Yli behind the controls and last week the V-Dezign got two cars into the European 1/12th scale A-main final and went on to finish in 4th and 10th at the hands of Griffiths and Yli. The Carpet Ripper ’07 will be available first as an update kit for cars like AE L3, L4 and other US based T-bar cars with the car available as a complete kit later on.

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