November 13, 2019

VBC Racing Lightning10X235 235mm Pro10 kit

VBC Racing have introduced their new Lightning10X235 235mm Pro10 pan car chassis kit. The latest evolution of the popular Lightning10 platform received updates in the front suspension and chassis area while several upgrades ensure improved durability. The front end is equipped with an industry-first fully adjustable 7075-T6 Active Lower Caster system for optimised steering response while the 7075-T6 aluminium main chassis and rear lower pod plate with machined silver edge details increased handling precision. A heat-treated, hardened rear axle shaft ensures true running and exceptional durability even when using high powered modified motors. Other features include the possibility to run bellcrank or direct steering setups, inline or transverse battery positions, wheelbase and track width adjustments as well as a wide range of tube damper, side link and side spring position adjustments to fine-tune the car’s behaviour. The kit is shipping now and should hit stores very soon.

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August 13, 2019

VBC Racing Lightning10X235 Pro10 pan car kit

VBC Racing have announced the soon release of their new Lightning10X235 235mm Pro10 pan car kit. The car will feature a 7075-T6 industry-first fully adjustable front Active Lower Caster ALC system, a 7075-T6 CNC main chassis and rear lower pod with silver edge chamfers for increase handling precision and a 7075-T6 heat-treated hardened rear diff axle. The steering setup allows for an inline indirect or transverse direct front steering linkage and the chassis supports configurable inline (standard/shorty battery) or transverse (shorty battery) battery layouts. Other features include a long or short centre rear shock linkage, a TBBS-P Progressive Centre Rear Shock with diamond-cut inner shock body surface to provide superb damping smoothness and precision as well as a 7075-T6 “Aero” adjustable front steering strut bar. Full details will become available in time of the release.

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August 12, 2019

VBC Racing Ghost18 Edition A touring car kit

VBC Racing have announced the soon release of their Ghost18 Edition A touting car, an upgraded version of the popular Ghost18. The Edition A now comes with the upgraded 7075 aluminium main chassis and full carbon upper deck for improved handling. It also comes with full 7075 aluminium parts, full carbon graphite parts and racing quality parts. This car is ideal for club, GT races, and vintage racing with other features include full ball bearings, front and rear stabilisers and a sliding racing steering system.

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November 9, 2018

VBC Racing wide shaft touring car gear diff set

VBC Racing have introduced their new precision CNC-machined wide shaft gear diff set for the Wildfire, Ghost, FF18 as well as Xray touring car kits. The differential is of a wide gear shaft design that prevents the internals from misalignment and wobbling, resulting in greatly improved performance and smoothness at high revs. The new housing shaft and bearing slots are individually precision CNC machined to provide minimal tolerance with the housing, internal gears and internal gear shaft are all made with carbon injected CompositeX compound to provide a light weight, high rigidity and exceptional durability. The gear diff is compatible with all VBC Wildfire, Ghost and FF18 series touring cars as well as the Xray T2/T3/T4 cars.


May 14, 2018

VBC Racing Ghost18 aluminium chassis

Coming from VBC Racing and made for the Ghost18 club-level touring car is an aluminium main chassis plate. The part is machined from aircraft-grade 7075 alloy and offers less torsional flex compared to the standard carbon fibre chassis for improved handling, faster response and more traction in high grip carpet or asphalt conditions.

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February 14, 2018

VBC Racing Ghost18 sportsman class touring car kit

VBC Racing have introduced their new Ghost18 1/10th electric touring car kit for sportsman classes. Despite its somewhat low retail price the kit is stacked with high performance parts such as 7075 aluminium goods and composite graphite and racing quality parts, making this car is ideal for club, GT, and vintage races. Other features include TBBS-P progressive shock absorbers with diamond-trued internals, a 38T rear gear differential, a sliding rack steering system as well as Yaiba Racing double joint front CVDs. Suspension mounts with inserts and front and rear swaybars round out the package.

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February 13, 2018

VBC Racing FF18 belt drive FWD touring car kit

Coming soon from VBC Racing is the new FF18 FWD 1/10th touring car kit. The car features a belt-drive gearbox with a new 7075-T6 motor mount that can accommodate larger pinion gears while an updated 38T gear differential and gearbox design give a lowered internal gear ration. Newly designed front bulkheads allow for easier maintenance and the new steering system incorporates an adjustable steering angle stopper. Other features include TBBS-P progressive shock absorbers with diamond-trued internals for smoother shock action, a floating servo mount ensures equal left/right chassis flex characteristics and the car also uses new suspension mounts with inserts for easy suspension geometry changes. The kit, that adapts many design aspects of VBC Racing’s 4WD line, is rounded off by new rear bulkheads, new rear camber link mounts and carbon composite silver dot suspension plastics.

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January 11, 2018

Techra T4 & Wildfire rear roller universal joint set

Coming from Techra and made for the use with the Xray T4 and VBC Racing Wildfire range of touring cars is a rear roller universal joint set. Designed to provide long-lasting performance with a minimum of maintenance the driveshafts are made of spring steel with chromoly rollers and carbon steel roller diff cups for durability. The design also offers other advantages over the standard drive pin construction such as improved handling through bumpy sections.

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