September 1, 2017

Hiro Seiko introduce new lightweight screw kits

Coming from Hiro Seiko are new lightweight screw kits for the Xray X10 and X12 series of pan cars as well as the new Xpress XQ1 and the Awesomatix A800X. The X10’18 related kits come as mixed aluminium and titanium or full titanium sets that save 15.5g or 12.6g of weight respectively. The X12’18 kits also come as mixed or full titanium sets, scrubbing 15.5g or 12.2g respectively with the mixed sets including orange anodised aluminium and natural finish titanium fasteners. Swinging over to the touring car sets, the fastener kit for the XQ1 saves about 29g for the mixed and 21g for the all-titanium set while the A800X assortments scrub 23g with the mixed and 18.5g with the all-titanium kit. The mixed sets use red alloy screws for the XQ1 and gold-anodised fasteners in the mixed Awesomatix set.

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April 27, 2017

Xpress tease Execute XQ1 touring car

Xpress have released a first teaser image of their forthcoming all-new 1/10th 4WD electric touring car kit. An iconic brand back in the 1990’s and 2000’s, Xpress have recently made the step back into the market with a range of M-sized cars and are now on the verge of presenting their first competition kit in years. The teaser gives a first taste of what to expect with the company seemingly having taken a somewhat different design approach on details such as the bulkheads, anti-roll bar and suspension mounts. As all parts look pretty much production ready so we expect the kit to hit the market shortly.

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March 20, 2017

Xpress T4 & T3 gear differential set

Xpress have introduced a gear differential set for the Xray T4 and T3 series of touring cars. Designed to be a direct replacement the diff features precision-moulded internals, aluminium outdrives and it is usable with the standard plastic-bladed driveshafts.

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February 1, 2017

Xpress Xpresso M1 M-type RWD chassis kit

Coming from Xpress is the Xpresso M1 M-type 2WD rear wheel drive kit. Sporting “M-Chassis” dimensions the race-oriented kit features a full carbon fibre double deck construction, carbon fibre A-arms, adjustable upper links, a touring car sized rear gear differential and a belt-driven transmission. A centred and front-mounted steering servo makes for massive steering throw and a reactive toe rear suspension system ensures a nimble handling and exceptional traction and side-bite. The car is usable with shorty or standard-size LiPo battery packs that can be mounted in a front or rearward position. The car is compatible with all 210mm M-Chassis bodyshells.

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March 18, 2016

Xpress Xpresso K1 – Prototype images

Xpress Xpresso K1 – Prototype images

Following the recent news of the popular Xpress brand making a return, first information are available about the Xpresso line of fun cars. The Xpresso K1 will be a 1/10th scale K-class kit made for Tamiya WR-02 bodyshells and for now it features a carbon fibre main chassis, a twin vertical plate top deck and a RWD belt gearbox. The steering servo is located snugly in-between the front shocks and the car features carbon fibre lower A-arms and a direct drive steering assembly. The car is meant to be used as a “standard” on-road and also a RWD drift car and it is a prototype for now but a good hint on what to expect in the future and especially in regards of the coming Road Runner competition line.

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March 14, 2016

Xpress brand to make a return

Xpress brand to make a return

Back in the day when electric touring cars had slotted chassis for NiCD cells and drivetrains with ball differentials and high layshafts, the Xpress Pro touring car was one of the kits to beat. The iconic tourer featured a complex 4-link front suspension with step-less adjustable caster and camber settings, comparable to today’s Awesomatix car, as well as as central servo mount with direct links to the steering knuckles and it also featured a huge red anodised aluminium rear bulkhead and motor mount. The brand had a successful yet rather short life, although their 1/10th mini touring car had a certain following afterwards, but it will make a comeback in 2016 with four new on-road kits. No detailed information are available yet but the line will divide into the Xpresso and Road Runner series of cars and it is understood that both “full-size” as well as mini 1/10th touring cars will be part of the line-up. More information to follow.

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April 22, 2007

Xpress Mini Road Runner II

Xpress Mini Road Runner II

Xpress have released details about their upcoming 1/10th scale touring car chassis, the Mini Road Runner II. Available in a Pro version and cheaper Junior version, the $189 Pro version comes with a full carbon chassis, CNC machined bulkheads and motor mount while the standard version comes with a FRP chassis, and plastic bulkheads but is $60 cheaper at $129.

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