June 14, 2022

XTR X5 nitro offroad engine

XTR have introduced their new X5 nitro offroad engine. Supplied with all the technical tuning options as standard, such as DLC treated crankshaft and rear ceramic bearing, this engine has been designed to improve throttle response and fuel economy. It supplied with a 7.5mm verturi giving you the power you need for all grip conditions from very low to extremely high.

View more details & images of the X5 here

October 20, 2021

XTR 9500mAh 120C LiPo pack

An update to XTR’s line up of competition LiPo batteries with the introduction of this 9500mAh 120C pack. Developed and optimised for TC Stock as well as GT, this new LiPo offers consistent and stable performance and lots of power, thanks to its large capacity. The battery weighs 319 grams and utilises 5mm bullet connectors.

Source: XTR Racing [xtr-rc.com]

November 3, 2020

XTR range of competition LiPo batteries

XTR have presented their first range of competition LiPo batteries. All four 120C packs are hard cased, produced in LiHV and feature 5mm banana connections. The range includes 3 x 7.6V packs, a 8100mAh stick pack (298 grams), a 6000mAh LCG pack (254grams) and a 6000mAh shorty (214 grams) with the single 15.2V pack (580 grams) being a 8000mAh version.

View the rest of the packs here

October 19, 2020

XTR Racing EFRA 2149 exhaust system

XTR Racing have introduced their new EFRA 2149 exhaust system for offroad. This high quality aluminium exhaust has been designed to produce a precise and linear throttle response in the low to mid RPM range with a great top end speed. This pipe set will provide great power to your engine up to the high RPM range and an easy to drive power curve. The pipe set includes exhaust, manifold, gaskets and mounted springs.

Source: XTR Racing [xtr-rc.com]

October 7, 2020

XTR ball bearing oil

XTR have released their own high speed long life ball bearing oil. Supplied in a 20ml bottle with a fine tip for precise application, the special lubricating oil has been formulated for ball bearings, reducing friction and featuring anti-wear & anti-corrosion additives.

Source: XTR Racing [xtr-rc.com]

December 2, 2019

Elliott Boots Shoot Fuel powered for 2020

XTR Racing from Spain have announced the signing of UK’s Elliott Boots to the Shoot Fuel racing team. The SWorkz and Reds Racing factory pilot will be using Shoot Fuel’s Premium Formula fuel for the 2020 season at all national and international races.

Source: XTR Racing [xtr-rc.com]

June 11, 2019

XTR Racing AR3 Tuned off-road engine

XTR Racing have announced the release of their new AR3 Tuned nitro engine for 1/8th off-road applications. The power plant is based on the last European Champion engine but incorporates numerous improvements and refinements with focus on maximum bottom and top-end power – thus the 3-port engine features a ceramic main bearing and diamond-coated crankshaft. The crankshaft is individually Tungsten-balanced and silicone-filled while thhe sleeve and piston set is specially selected and matched. Furthermore the engine features a 10-rib cooling head.

View lists of the features and specifications here

December 20, 2017

XTR introduce new module 1 on-road pinion gears

Coming from XTR Racing are new module 1 pinion gears especially for on-road applications. Available as 23T to 26T variants the gears come in handy especially for 1/8th GT cars as their larger tooth numbers help to extract more top speed.

Source: XTR [xtr-rc.com]