November 8, 2019

Xtreme Aerodynamics pre-cut 190mm touring car wings

Xtreme Aerodynamics have introduced their new pre-cut touring car wings for 190mm touring car body shells. The set includes two different design wings that allow to fine-tune overall downforce and driving feeling with the strong high-quality polycarbonate material ensuring stability and durability. Included with the wings, that fit most of today’s high-downforce 190mm touring car bodies, also come four pre-cut wing endplates.

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September 11, 2019

Xtreme Aerodynamics Super Diablo 1/8th on-road body

Xtreme Aerodynamics from Italy have announced the release of their new Super Diablo body shell for 1/8th IC track cars. Based on the highly successful Diablo body, the Super Diablo features an updated front end design that offers even more steering response while retaining overall balance and corner speed. The body is available in lightweight and ultra-lightweight variants, uncut or pre-cut for most of today’s 1/8th on-road kits.

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January 31, 2019

Xtreme Aerodynamics EP 1/8th electric on-road body

Xtreme Aerodynamics have introduced their new Diablo EP body shell for the 1/8th scale electric on-road cars. Based on the ultra-successful Diablo, the new body shell is aimed at the growing 1/8th electric classes, being usable with both suspension and pan cars and offering an air intake above the cabin that directscooling air towards the batteries, controller and motor for less power fading in long mains or when running in hot weather conditions. The body comes clear in light and ultra lightweight versions and also as pre-cut variants for the major brands.

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December 5, 2018

Xtreme Aerodynamics Typhoon 190mm touring car body

Xtreme Aerodynamics have introduced their new Typhoon body shell for 190mm touring cars. The lid sports some unique features such as a small windshield area, sculptured fender and door areas as well as huge fins on the trunk lid – the latter will generate a lot of both structural and aerodynamic stability. The body comes clear, including window masks and a decal sheet.

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March 13, 2018

Xtreme Aerodynamics Diablo 1/8th body

After releasing a teaser last year, Xtreme Aerodynamics have finally introduced their latest 1/8th creation, the Diablo. After a long development carried out with some of the best drivers in the World, the Italian factory is now releasing a body that has already proven itself as highly performant in the hands of Simon Kurzbuch at the Guan You Sunpadow GP, and has received an EFRA homologation last month. The body will be available in the light (1mm) and ultra-light (.75mm) versions, and in pre-cut versions for several chassis.

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November 14, 2017

Xtreme Aerodynamics Gunner 190mm touring car body

Xtreme Aerodynamics have introduced their all-new Gunner 1/10th 190mm touring car body shell. Developed for both indoor and outdoor conditions, the new body offers improved downforce without compromising corner speed or slowing down the rotation of the car. The body debuted last weekend, taking a 2nd in the competitive 13.5T class at the Italian UISP Indoor Nationals in the hand of Federico Barbieri.

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August 29, 2017

Xtreme Aerodynamics Avenge 200mm touring car body

Coming from Xtreme Aerodynamics is their latest 1/10th 200mm body shell, the Avenge. The FEMCA and ROAR approved body features a more traditional design compared to Xtreme Aerodynamics’ Revenge body and it was developed with optimised car balance in mind while offering efficient aerodynamics and good cornering speed.

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