November 24, 2022

Dominic Vogl joins Team Yokomo

Team Yokomo has announced Dominic Vogl as a new member of their international touring car team, the Austrian a leading driver in the touring car stock category. Returning to racing after a few months of a break, he will drive the BD11 when he make his official team debut at this weekend’s ETS race in Germany. Commenting on joining Yokomo Vogl said, “First and foremost, I want to thank Toni Rheinard for the exclusive opportunity to run whatever chassis I preferred in the past years. Many thanks for this unique support since years! After a small RC break for me in the last months, I received the great chance to join the Yokomo factory team and I couldn’t be happier that everything came together that fast. I want to thank Yokomo, especially Christopher Krapp and Yannic Prümper, which are as well great friends off the track to put the trust in me. For sure I am motivated more than ever before to help the team achieving great results! My first race will be the ETS already this weekend, and I am really looking forward to it with my brand new BD11!”

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November 23, 2022

P-stickers/Team Yokomo clothing collaboration

P Stickers, a personal sponsor of Team Yokomo star and World Championship runner-up Christopher Krapp, have a very nice team clothing collaboration going on with Team Yokomo and Team Yokomo Europe. Having done work for the brand previously, they are now offering the opportunity for racers to get hold of this range with drivers able to register their interest by contact Team Manager Krapp for more details.

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November 14, 2022

Yokomo BD11 US Style Aluminium Chassis Kit

Yokomo is now offering their successful BD11 in a new American-spec chassis kit equipped with a new hard aluminium main chassis. The 2mm-thick high-strength aluminium main chassis is a solid spec, with no cutting of any parts to reduce weight. The strength of the chassis improves stability and lowers the centre of gravity, making it ideal for the ultra high-grip surfaces found in American indoor racing. It optimises steering response for smooth driving and prevents high-sides caused by over-grip. The US aluminium chassis version also features suspension tuning to match the rigidity of the main chassis, with 2.1-2.4 progressive springs installed in the front and 1.3mm front and rear sway bars made of a new material. In addition, a new rear belt tensioner has been installed to prevent the belt from jumping teeth during sudden acceleration, making it possible to be fully prepared for driving on high-grip surfaces.

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November 14, 2022

Yokomo GT1 Lightweight Graphite Parts

Following the recent launch of their much applauded new GT1, a car that was conceived as starting point for bringing new people into RC racing, Yokomo is now offering some lightweight graphite parts for the simple 1:12 chassis.  By replacing the standard FRP plates with carbon ones, the car’s weight can be reduced and the rigidity can be increased.  Offering a lower chassis, upper chassis, rear bulkhead plate and body mount plate, they will dramatically increase the performance of the car, and at the same time, will give the car a racing look.  The main chassis is made of 2.4mm thick material to increase pitching rigidity while minimising roll rigidity for easy manoeuvrability. The side slits, which serve as the rear suspension, are also longer than standard to provide supple suspension operation.

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October 21, 2022

Yokomo MD1.0 optional parts

Having released their all new MD1.0 Drift Kit last month, Yokomo has just released two optionals for the car. The first is for the transmission. As standard the transmission has 3 gears and positive torque, but by adding a counter gear and reconfiguring it, this conversion set can be used with 4 gears and anti-torque specifications. Compared to a 3-gear transmission, the additional gear increases drive loss, but the anti-torque of the motor works to push the rear of the car downward during acceleration, making it easier to gain rear traction. The high stability and acceleration power, especially on corner exits, are very attractive, and will be a big advantage in pursuits. Also offered is a battery holder conversion to change the battery mounting of MD1.0 to inline mounting. When the car has a certain degree of grip, mounting the battery inline (in the front-back direction of the chassis) suppresses chassis roll, enabling sharper movement when transitioning to an acceleration position at the exit of a corner or when turning a corner. In addition, the front load is slightly increased, which allows the car to steer better during cornering and provides a high degree of control.

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September 22, 2022

Yokomo Racing Performer BL-RPX3 Competition

Yokomo has announced the arrival of its new flagship Racing Performer BL-RPX3 Competition Speed Controller. The RPX3 surpasses the performance of the previous and well established RPX speed controller. While maintaining the power to reach maximum RPM instantly, Yokomo say the throttle feel has been optimised by smoothing out the RPM rise range, adding controllable characteristics that prevent breakdowns even when power is increased. An auto mode that changes boost in accordance with throttle opening is also included, enabling high-boost driving with a linear image. The boost value can now be increased to a maximum of 75, whereas in the past the upper limit was 60, and instantaneous power has reached a realm far beyond the imagination. A system to change the program in conjunction with a smartphone application is also under development and due for release as soon as it is ready.

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September 7, 2022

Yokomo all new MD1.0 Drift Kit images

Market leaders of RC competition drifting, Yokomo today released images of their upcoming all new MD1.0 Drift Kit on social media.  While no detailed description of the car is given, they have published extensive photos of the pre-production sample that features many 3D printed parts.  These will all be high quality molded materials when the kit is released around the world later this month.

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August 17, 2022

Yokomo 3 Pad Slipper Set for YZ-2 Series

Yokomo has added a new 3-pad Slipper Set for their YZ-2 2WD Buggy. Using additional parts, the set offers smoother performance over the standard two pads with finer adjustments possible. Especially on high-grip surfaces, Yokomo say the traction stability is enhanced and issue of fade, due to frictional heat, is reduced.

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