November 27, 2023

Yokomo ‘Super Dog Fighter’ re-release buggy images

Having announced the re-release of its 1980’s ‘Super Dog Fighter’ 1:10 4WD Buggy in October with a CAD image, Yokomo has just released images on social media of the production buggy which is set to be with distributors in December.  The Japan company is the latest manufacturer to enter the retro market after many requests from passionate fans.  Having considered commercialisation many times but with no resin part molds left from that time, it was a big undertaking for the company.  Although new parts have been remade, the settings have been made to recreate the atmosphere of the time as much as possible. In order to be able to drive with current power sources, it will be equipped with a gear differential, slipper clutch, Lipo battery, etc., but it also have a slot for a Sub-C size battery, natural-coloured resin parts, and aluminium die-cast front and rear parts. The bulkhead, hard-anodised aluminium shocks, and other features give you the feel of the time.

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November 24, 2023

Yokomo’s Ginting latest confirmation for FIRC

Team Yokomo’s Indonesian National Touring Car Champion Bowie Ginting is the latest factory driver to be confirmed for the Foshan International Invitational RC Championship in China on December 15-17.  Joining the Japanese manufacturer at the beginning of the 2023 season, the 29-year-old joins team-mate & Australian Champion Simon Nicholson for the inaugural event at the new 800 square metres GDC Indoor track located in the in central Guangdong Province.  The TITC Open Class A-Finalist and recent winner of the Indonesia Year End Race is the 5th nationality of driver to be confirmed for FIRC which the organisers hope will become an annual event on the International Touring Car race calendar.  Other high profile entries confirmed for the Foshan International Invitational RC Championship include former World Champion Ronald Volker from Mugen Seiki and Xpress team driver & 1:12 World Finalist Yugo Nagashima.

Source: Foshan International Invitational RC Championship [Facebook]

November 12, 2023

Nicholson defends Australian Touring Car title

Team Yokomo’s Simon Nicholson has successfully defended his Australian Touring Car Championship title.  The 2023 RC MAKER EP On Road Australian Championships took place over the weekend at Castle Hill RC Onroad track in New South Wales with the championships attracting 133 entries.  In Modified Touring Car, Nicholson secured the overall TQ ahead of Jeffrey Mackie and Nicolas Lee after taking 3 of the five rounds of qualifying.  In the finals, the newly signed LRP driver would secure yet another National title with wins in the opening two A-Main encounters.  Winning the third A-Main Mackie would finish runner-up with Singapore visitor Lee completing the podium.

Image: Castle Hill RC Onroad [Facebook]

November 8, 2023

Yokomo SD2.0 Purple and Red versions

Following the release of its latest SD2.0 1:10 drift chassis in June, Yokomo has announced the release of a Purple and a Red edition of the RWD chassis.  The SD series of drift cars, which can achieve various specifications by reconfiguring parts, has evolved into the latest version, SD2.0.  While keeping the basic design of graphite double-deck chassis and gear-drive RWD, a thorough review of the weight balance and changes to the front Ackermann ratio have been made to further accentuate the latest RWD drift style.

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November 7, 2023

Yokomo Drift Package 2WD Pandem GR86 RTR

Yokomo has released the Drift Package 2WD Pandem GR86 RTR 1:10 drift car.  Coming complete with painted body and pre-assembled adjusted chassis, all you need to go drifting is 4 AA batteries for the transmitter.  Rear 2WD drive produces cool counter drift while the latest steering gyro system allows for highly stable operation.  Drifting on asphalt surfaces, short-hair carpets, and P-tile floors is easy, and the latest 2.4GHz digital controller can also be used to produce delicate movements.  In addition to the controllers, a battery for driving and a USB charging adapter are also included, making this a truly complete Ready-To-Run package.

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October 20, 2023

Yokomo BD12 Optional Parts

Yokomo has announced a number of upcoming new parts releases for its BD12 1:10 Electric Touring Car.  First up is a 2.4mm thick Graphite Bumper Support.  This plate is mounted on the front bumper to strengthen the bumper.  By catching crashes and other impacts with the bulkhead, it prevents damage to the front part of the main chassis.  A 2.4mm Graphite Front Shock Tower Stiffner connects the lower portion of the front shock tower to increase rigidity.  It increases the rigidity of the shock tower and improves the shock’s operating precision, while leaving the bulkhead surrounding it supple.  Graphite Steering Block Arm L, also 2.4mm thick, feature an extended tie rod mounting position compared to the RTC standard arm to reduce toe-in change during suspension stroke.  It improves turning performance especially on high grip surfaces.  Also new for the car are RTC Axle Block Spacers which are inserted between the aluminium axle block and arm to raise the outer tie rod position and increase the amount of toe-in change due to suspension stroke, thereby increasing rear traction.  Finally there is a Graphite Separate Battery Holder.  Lightweight, split front and rear sections allow the chassis to remain flexible for torsion.  Spacers are included to adjust to the battery thickness.

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October 19, 2023

Yokomo ‘Super Dog Fighter’ re-release

Yokomo has announced details of the upcoming re-release of its late 1980’s ‘Super Dog Fighter’ 1:10 4WD Buggy, the Japanese brand the latest manufacturer looking to enter the retro market.  If you are a long-time RC car user, you may be familiar with the ‘Super Dog Fighter’ kit which became the foundation of modern racing off-road cars.  The not only had a great record in Japan but also in world-class races, and is known for having fans all over the world.  There have been many requests from passionate fans for a long time, and commercialisation has been considered many times, but now the reprint has finally been realised.  However, there are no resin part molds left from that time, and the design is based on measurements of existing machines, and the current release date is scheduled for December 2023.

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September 5, 2023

Yokomo MO2.0 1:10 4WD Buggy

Following the release of its SO2.0 2WD Buggy last month, Yokomo has introduced its latest 4WD kit with the release of the Master Off-Road MO2.0.  Features of the new kit include a wheelbase that has been extended, a revised Ackermann ratio, and a COL (centre one-way limiter) slipper unit which the Japanese manufacturer says is the highlight of this new kit.  This releases excessive traction to the front when landing from a jump or entering a corner, preventing sudden movements.a centre one-way slipper has been adopted to improve stability.  It is possible to run high.  In particular, the newly developed one-way slipper activates when landing from a jump or entering a corner, eliminating over traction on the front tire and making the bike’s behaviour milder.  The front and rear bulkheads have been made lighter but also have been improved in strength by reviewing the rigidity balance.  Furthermore, the capacity has been dramatically improved by adopting 13mm big bore shocks, which reliably absorbs shock with the track and improve the feeling of ground contact.

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