February 18, 2022

Yokomo YD-2S rear toe control system

From Yokomo is this new rear toe control system that will dramatically improve the running performance of the YD-2S series. By installing a kingpin shaft on the rear hub carrier and connecting a linkage for toe control, it is possible to change the toe angle in response to suspension operation. Aluminium lower caster blocks, aluminium hub carriers and graphite arm plates are used for light weight and high rigidity. The damper is also mounted on the front side of the suspension arm, which reduces the weight of the rear overhang and gives it a racing look. For example, if the suspension is set to “Bump-in” which changes to “Toe-in” when the suspension is sunk, the car will have smooth turning performance at the entrance of the corner, but when the throttle is turned on at the exit of the corner, the car will accelerate with more rear grip. When the car is set to Bump Out, the rear grip is increased to facilitate acceleration, and when the car is set to Bump In, the car swings out dynamically from a stable straight to create a drift with a long distance. Also, the toe angle can be easily adjusted without steps, which greatly expands the range of settings.

View more images of the rear toe control system here

February 15, 2022

Yokomo YD-2RX Teams Edition drift car

Yokomo have introduced a limited edition ‘Teams’ version of their YD-2RX drift car. While based on the RX’s motor layout for high rear traction, the use of the Teams’ main chassis ensures a good steering feel. Not only does it have a sharp response to cornering, but it also provides better control while cornering. The suspension is also fully tuned with SLF big bore shocks, Team’s tapered shock pistons, titanium coated shock shafts and high grade O-rings, combined with the latest drifting springs for a competitive suspension. Other features include brass rear suspension mounts to improve rear traction, a LW integrated bulkhead to reduce front weight and a lightweight slide rack for weight balance. Available in red, black or purple versions.

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February 9, 2022

Yokomo YD-2 ZX RWD drift car

Yokomo have released the ZX, the pinnacle of their YD-2 series RWD drift car. Featuring a flexible high traction graphite double deck chassis, the steering servo is now mounted on the chassis and the upper deck is also flexible for a smoother steering feel without interfering with the flex of the main chassis. The Z-spec gearbox is equipped with a special heat sink motor mount and the motor is set to a high mount allowing the battery to be relocated to the rear end and the weight to be placed closer to the rear axle for better traction without compromising performance. Gorgeous aluminium parts such as the front bulkhead, suspension mount, shock towers, and big bore shocks are used to create a high quality machine configuration. Available in three highlight colours, red, black and purple.

View more images of the YD2-ZX here

February 7, 2022

Yokomo Zero 3 brushless motor

Yokomo have updated their popular Zero line of motors with the introduction of the heavily updated Zero 3. With five different turns ranging from 8.5T to 21.5T, the lineup is suitable for any category. The motor case, which has undergone some major changes, is no longer a single piece with the new design improving heat dissipation and reducing weight to the same level as race motors. Motor timing can be adjusted up to 60 degrees to match the power feeling settings on the ESC side for a variety of output characteristics. Not only is it a sensor type motor with excellent response, but it also has a dual sensor specification that allows the sensor cable connector to be installed in two places, making it a smart addition to any machine.

View more images of the Zero 3 here

February 2, 2022

Kilic brothers join Yokomo Factory team

Team Yokomo have welcomed the Kilic brothers to their factory team. Burak Kilic who recently turned 18, and younger brother Berkan Kilic who is only 16 years old will be part of the offroad factory team. The Kilic brothers will pilot the YZ4-SF2 4wd buggy and YZ2-CAL3.1 2wd buggy for EOS, Nationals and World championship races. Bringing great results and experience, from their knowledge in 1/8 buggy platforms, the brothers will bring this speed and knowledge across to the 1/10 buggy program for Team Yokomo.

Source: Yokomo [teamyokomo.com]

January 31, 2022

Yokomo sign Ethan Cheng to factory team

Team Yokomo would like to welcome Ethan Cheng from Singapore to their factory team. Cheng, who is only 16 years old, will be a part of the Onroad team. The young talent, who recently competed at the ETS Rd4 in Germany, will be piloting the BD10LC and future touring car platforms locally and international races.

Source: Yokomo [teamyokomo.com]

January 26, 2022

Yokomo FWD Type-A touring car body

This new clear lexan FWD Type-A touring car body from Yokomo meets the regulations of the 1/10 size FWD touring car category held around the world. Wide body fenders create an aggressive appearance, and the short wheelbase and front nose make for a light and nimble feeling. A large rear wing is also included to ensure maximum rear traction and prevent the car from losing cornering speed, resulting in better lap times.

View more angles of the body here