July 22, 2022

Yokomo BL-RPX3 Competition ESC

Yokomo’s new RPX speed controller is finally here. The RPX3 is the new flagship model that surpasses the performance of the previous RPX speed controller. While maintaining the overwhelming power that reaches maximum RPM instantly, the throttle feel has been optimised by smoothing out the power delivery, adding a controllable characteristic that prevents breakdowns even when power is increased. An auto mode that changes boost in accordance with throttle is also included, enabling high-boost driving with a linear curve. The boost value can now be increased to a maximum of 75, whereas in the past the upper limit was 60, and instantaneous power has reached a level far beyond what was previously available. A dedicated programmer is required to change the RPX3 program and is now also available. They also plan to distribute firmware to update the old programmer (BL-R26P), but you will need to revert to the old firmware if you wish to change the program of the old ESC after the update.

View more images of the RPX3 here

July 20, 2022

T-Works BD11 aluminium CVD shafts

T-Works have released new CVD shafts for the Yokomo BD11. Suitable for both the front and rear of the car, they are available in 44.5mm and 45.5mm versions. The CVDs have been machined from 7075 T6 aluminium for light weight and hard coated for increased durability. Can also be used with the BD10 and BD9.

View the 45.5mm version here

July 16, 2022

RC Maker BD11 carbon options

RC Maker has released a ton of new option parts for the new Yokomo BD11 in the same vein as that of previous car releases. There is RC Maker’s well now slimflex top decks in both 1.6mm and 2mm variants as well as their centraflex top decks in the same two thicknesses. There is a front carbon bumper mount with 5mm brace that not only looks great but is very strong. For the steering of the BD11 there is the very durable carbon RTC steering arms and they also have a handy steering limiter set which allows for 3 different steering lock angles. There are also the full line of flex options with flex dampeners for the front bulkhead as well as the front of the top deck, a rigid flex brace for the front bulkhead and a rear bulkhead stiffener shim plate to complete the set. There is also a a carbon top deck flex reduction insert and finally RC Maker’s Tweak stick set has been updated for the new car with update end plates.

View the other new items here

July 13, 2022

Yokomo YD-2 aluminium 3-piece rear hub carrier

Yokomo is pleased to announce the release of their new team aluminium 3-piece rear hub carrier for the YD-2. The universal shaft features a short axle shaft for narrow scrubs and the universal joint pin is positioned as far outward as possible to activate the suspension movement and enable more direct movement. Conventional universal shafts can also be used by adding spacers so you can feel the difference in movement by combining them. This rear hub carrier set also features selectable upper and lower arm mounting positions, and by making the upper side a separate part the length of the upper arm can be changed variably making it easier to control the change in ground contact surface when rolling. The lower arm can also be installed at 4 different heights, allowing for a wider range of roll centre settings and is an excellent match with the rear weight adjustment.

View more images of the rear hub carriers

May 16, 2022

T-Works BD11 bumper plate & bulkhead support plate

For the Yokomo BD11 touring car, T-Works have produced these two new option parts. Made from carbon fibre the first new item is a replacement for the composite upper bumper plate. The set comes supplied with body post tubes that are inserted into the carbon plate to support the body posts and mounting hardware. The second item is a carbon front bulkhead support plate that allows you to fine tune the flex at the front of the car.

View the bulkhead support plate here

April 6, 2022

Yokomo Drift Package 2WD

Yokomo is pleased to announce the release of the ‘Drift Package 2WD’, a complete set of products ideal for beginners who want to start drifting RC cars. Based on the latest RWD drift chassis, the YD-2Z, this complete set includes the body and electronics and 90% or more of the parts are used in common, so there are plenty of optional parts for upgrading as well as parts replacement due to damage or wear. Only the AA batteries for the transmitter are sold separately, but the package is easy to recommend to beginners as they can start driving right away.

View more images of the Drift Package 2WD here

March 20, 2022

Yokomo BD11 competition 1/10th touring car

After some teasers online, Yokomo have finally introduced the successor to the hugely sucessful BD10, the aptly named BD11. The time had come for a completely new touring car platform and create a whole new experience to enjoy racing competitively. Prioritising quality and performance Yokomo’s factory drivers were called upon to test and develop on this project extensively and the result is the all-new BD11 touring car. First change are the graphite high-rigidity long suspension arms that are constructed with a hybrid of resin and aluminium parts to reduce chassis roll and improve cornering speed.

View more details & images here

March 17, 2022

T-Works YZ2 DTM3.1 steel chassis skid protectors

T-Works have release more of their stainless steel chassis skid protector sets, this time for the Yokomo YZ2 DTM3.1 buggy. The skid plates will provide additional chassis protection in the rear of the car, something that comes in handy especially when running on highly abrasive surfaces or on track with large jumps. The protector plates are made of high-quality stainless steel material for durability and corrosion resistance and come in a set of two.

Source: T-Works [rc-tworks.com]