May 29, 2007

Hong Nor lightweight spur gear

HongNor lightweight spur gear

Hong Nor have now announced the release of a new lightweight spur gear with 48T, suitable for the X1CR. This new spur gear reduces the revolving mass of the center differential and delivers more power to the drive line while the gear itself is made from high carbon steel and heat treated for maximum durability.

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May 26, 2007

Robitronic Avid – Optional Parts

Robitronic Avid - Optional Parts

Robitronic have released some new optional parts for their 190mm electric touring, the Avid, which was released at the end of last year. The new parts include this new stiffer 3.5mm carbon fiber chassis plate for carpet racing and other high grip surfaces as well as a new, red anodised, front spool and 2 new low friction belts for a smoother drive train.

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May 25, 2007

Orcan Motor Cooler & 1/18th Cells

Orcan Motor Cooler

Orcan, who we have written some pieces about before, have come out with some new products to add to their expanding product range. First up is the V2 version of their motor cooler which apart from a new look, has changed very little from the original version from what we can tell. Secondly Orcan have released these VTEC 1400MAh cells for use in the Xray M18 Pro and similar cars and which can cope with the high power demands of brushless systems, especially in the modified class.

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May 25, 2007

HoBao Adjustable Ackermann

HoBao Adjustable Ackermann

HoBao have released this new optional for their Hyper 8 that allows the user to easily adjust the cars Ackermann and toe settings. When mounted in the car there are now 3 positioning holes for the steering rod, to adjust the Ackermann while in the center is a screw which you can easily adjust to increase or reduce the space between the two ends of the steering plate, increasing or reducing the cars front toe out.

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May 24, 2007

Serpent carbon plate for LCG chassis

Serpent carbon plate for LCG chassis

Serpent have released this carbon filler plate for use with their new LCG chassis plate that we showed you a while ago. The plate comes with the fastening material to fix it to the chassis and is suitable for mounting in the front of both the SPP chassis as a spare and the latest LCG machined chassis as an optional. What it does is, when in place it stiffens up the front of the chassis, which of course affects the cars handling dramatically.

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May 23, 2007

KM Racing Xray NT1 Options

KM Racing Xray NT1 Options

Japan Hong Kong based KM Racing have released some great new performance parts for the new Xray NT1 200mm. First up is this high performance 2mm steel ventilated brake disk which provides excellent stopping power, even under the toughest of conditions, and which is also suitable for a wide range of other cars too. Also from KM Racing is the release of two different 2.5mm thick carbon plates for both the front and rear body mounts, to be used in place of the body stays that come as standard with the car. The front plate also sports a hole to mount your transponder.

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May 22, 2007

K Factory options for Team Magic M1B

K-Factory options for Team Magic M1B

K Factory, the optional parts wing of Team Magic, have announced the release of some new optional parts for the Team Magic M1B 1/8th scale buggy. First up (above) is a replacement for the original composite servo saver linkage mount, which has been made from aluminium with composite inserts, that increases the strength and durability in this vital area. Also new are some rather cool looking chassis stiffeners, for both the front and the rear of the car, that have been made from aluminium and carbon fibre which are super lightweight and additionally keep the centre of gravity of the M1B as low as possible. And finally is a set of center diff mount stiffening rods, which work with the chassis stiffeners to remove all flex from around the center diff that could reduce the life of the parts in this area.

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May 21, 2007

Upgrade RC 2 Tone drips

Upgrade RC 2 Tone drips

Upgrade RC, who we have covered extensively in the past, have released their latest customised skins, with the introduction of their 2 tone drips. Available for your buggy wing, starter box and radio, these new skins are colour customisable, allowing you to select the base colour and then select the secondary flame / drip colour from a wide range available, giving you an easy way to stand out even more from the crowd.

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