July 7, 2022

Infinity IF15 titanium ball screw set

For the Infinity IF15 and IF15W, Creation Model have produced this high-quality 64 titanium ball screw set. When replacing the car’s standard 8mm ball screws, the front of which are steel and the rear aluminium, they reduce the overall weight by approximately 3.3g and provide a light driving feel. Sold as a complete set for the front and rear and as a pair for either the front or the rear.

Source: Creation Model [creationmodel.net]

July 6, 2022

T-Works wing washer screws

T-Works have produced this line of wing washer screws for use with 1/10th onroad body shells. Super lightweight due to their design and the choice of aluminium, they come in 5 different colours, orange, black, red, blue and green. Different from your standard wing washer, these versions have the screw integrated for a simpler assembly. Sold in pairs, they come supplied with the lock nut.

Source: T-Works [rc-tworks.com]

July 5, 2022

Xtreme Racing DBXL 2.0 gas buggy servo mount

New from Xtreme Racing and designed to fit the Losi DBXL 2.0 gas buggy, this servo mount replaces the stock plastic mount. Made using 4mm thick carbon fibre deck, aluminium standoffs and custom machined plastic radio box, this kit is designed to use only one steering servo. The kit version also comes with a carbon battery tray designed for 2 cell ‘shorty’ hard packs.

View more images of the mount here

July 5, 2022

Sagami RC Fab A12 front lower arm

Sagami RC Fab has released a new front lower arm, with a shorter wheelbase, for the Awesomatix A12. By using this lower arm the wheelbase will be shortened by 6mm, the turning ability of the car will be improved and cornering will become more agile. By revising the shape and material, the rigidity is slightly lower than the genuine Awesomatix product, so the car can follow the road surface more flexibly. There are also holes for additional servo posts, which allows the rigidity of the suspension arm to be adjusted. Finally, as there are specific mounting holes for Sanwa and KO servos you can set the optimum Ackerman for each. Servos made by other manufacturers can also be installed using two long holes. When using a knuckle arm with zero-trail, the wheelbase will be 3mm shorter than standard, so the Ackerman will also change.

View an image of the arm set here

July 1, 2022

Exotek lightweight F1 spool set

From Exotek comes this extra lightweight carbon fibre and 7075 alloy clamping spool set for F1 cars with a 1/4 rear axle design such as for the F1Ultra, X1 and Roche. An F1 spool helps eliminate ‘diffing out’ of the rear pod on extra high grip black carpet conditions and gives your F1 more corner exit speeds. This spool also greatly reduces the weight compared to a gear diff or standard ball diff for a cooler running motor and increased acceleration. The sturdy design eliminates any holes in the shaft for increased shaft durability. The spur mount keys directly into the supplied right side wheel clamp and makes for easier gear swaps as well. Also the right side wheel clamp uses 2 screws style clamping which requires less force on the screws for better clamping force.

View more images of the spool set here

July 1, 2022

SMJ 60x45cm pit mat

SMJ have introduced their new pit mat. The perfect size (60x45cm) for an indoor circuit pit table, it is also just the right size for maintenance at home or in a hotel. Made of durable black neoprene and non-slip rubber on the back, it has just the right thickness and weight, and will not slip or shift.

Source: SMJ [infinity-rcshop.jp]

June 28, 2022

STRC Element Enduro brass options

STRC have released their new line of aluminium and brass option parts for the Element Enduro Trailrunner/Knightrunner will help add weight to beneficial areas of your rig to improve stability and climbing performance while increasing durability. These IFS (Independent Front Suspension) specific option parts like the brass upper arm mounts and lower suspension arm brace are faithfully produced in the suspension geometry of the original design with perfect fit and tolerance. These two components combines for 35 grams of weight to the front end of the Enduro Trailrunner/Knightrunner.

View the lower suspension brace here

June 28, 2022

Factory Team low friction X-Rings

These new FT low friction X-Rings are the perfect upgrade for your 1:8 scale buggy or truck. Both X-Ring sets are made with custom tooling for an exact fit and use the same high-quality material as used in their popular 1:10 X-rings. Available in 3.4 x 1.9mm for shocks and 5.8 x 1.9mm for diffs.

Source: Associated [associatedelectrics.com]