January 4, 2018

Trinity team logo shrink wrap set

Coming from Trinity is an assorted 5-piece set of shrink wraps decorated with Trinity team logos. They are ideal for charge leads or vehicle cable management and measure 45×20.25mm. Included in the set are Trinity, LiPo Factory, Revtech, Monster and White Carbon branded shrink wrap tubes.

Source: Trinity [teamtrinity.com]

December 4, 2017

TQ Wire 2S charge cable with strain relief

Available now from TQ Wire is a 2S LiPo charge cable with strain relief. The premium 2S charging cable incorporates the standard features found in TQ Wire’s standard charge cables like 12 gauge wires, stepped bullets for both 4mm and 5mm batteries and a neat nylon cover. But the company now added molded strain reliefs with grippers for the battery side bullets and balance plug. This provides a more durable connection for the balance wires and easier removal of the bullets from the battery.

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November 15, 2017

CRC 2S charge/balance lead & accessories

Coming from CRC are a new 2S charge/balance lead as well as 14AWG wire, balance extensions and 4mm to 5mm bullet adapters. Starting with the charge lead, it comes pre-soldered with 4mm bullet connectors and an XH balance connector. Also included is the 4 to 5 mm adapter allowing to use the leads on both 4mm and 5mm bullet packs. Unlike stepped adapters, the separate bullet insert has very little exposed metal, practically eliminating the possibility of a short.

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October 12, 2017

Vampire Racing 2S TX/RX charging adapter XH/5mm

Vampire Racing have introduced their new 2S TX/RX Charging Adapter XH/5mm that allows to charge 2S LiPo transmitter and receiver battery packs through the their balancer port. Designed for the use with standard 5mm charge and balance wires the adapter utilises 5mm tube-type connectors for the power wires, a 2mm tube-type connector for the male balancer plug as well as an XH balancer connector for the battery side. The adapter does away with the need to use additional JR or Futaba style charge wires and balance boards, greatly reducing the amount of wires to carry and cleaning up the pit area. The adapter comes pre-wired, covered in protective shrink wrap and it is available now.

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August 17, 2017

TQ Wire 2-cell charge cable with 4mm/5mm connectors

Coming from TQ Wire is the 2-cell charge wire with 4mm/5mm stepped bullet connectors. 610mm long the charge and balance harness is made using high-quality 12AWG all-black wires, Gold-plated 6-point 4mm/5mm stepped connectors and it utilises an XH balancer plug. The cables are covered in nylon mesh for protection and to keep things nice and tidy.

Source: TQ Wire [tqwire.com]

May 24, 2017

HRC Racing TSW wrap-style wire protection sleeve

HRC Distribution have introduced the new HRC Racing TSW wrap-style wire protection sleeve. Offering a C-shape the sleeve simply wraps around the wire, adding protection from wear and tear and also helping to bundle loose wire such as the ones from charge harnesses. The sleeve is available in two sizes, as 13mm diameter variant for 16AWG to 8AWG wire and also as 6mm variant for servo wires. Both come in packs of 100cm.

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May 5, 2017

TQ Wire 2S trans/rec charge cable

TQ Wire have introduced the 2S trans/rec charge cable, an adapter that allows to charge 2S LiXX transmitter and receiver batteries through their balancer port. Fitting XH balancer plug equipped LiPo, LiIon and LiFe batteries, the adapter attaches to the battery’s balancer port while on the input side any 2S balancer charge harness with 5mm and 2mm bullet-type connectors can be used.

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May 4, 2017

TQ Wire TQ11 11AWG wire

TQ Wire have introduced their new TQ11, an 11AWG wire that is thinner than average 12 gauge wire. Constructed from 2,303 strands of bare copper in a super thin silicone jacket, the wire as a 4.2mm outer diameter – providing a larger conductor in a more compact space. It is meant to have more copper than standard 12 gauge wire, allowing for increased current flow and lower voltage loss without having to use bulkier wires. The wire is available in 3 inch and 25 inch packs.

Source: TQ Wire [tqwire.com]