December 23, 2021

Hasi Tuned 2174 & 2175 exhausts

Developed after more than a year of testing with their team drivers, Hasi Tuned has released their new for 2022 exhaust line up. Both exhausts operate at the peak of their designed ranges with the 2174 providing top end speed while the 2175 offers amazing low fuel consumption. Both are available in standard polished finish as well as hard coated versions and there is also an accompanying line up of manifold sets.

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November 4, 2021

Ultimate 2142 one-piece offroad exhaust

Ultimate Racing have presented their new EFRA 2142 super strong one-piece offroad exhaust system. The pipe has been welded to the manifold to improve performance providing a precise and linear throttle response in high RPM range with a great top end speed. This exhaust system is a great choice for your 1/8th off road engine and it’s specially recommended for the M3 and M5 lines of Ultimate engines. This exhaust system comes supplied with the pipe, 2 medium springs, 2 long spring and 2 manifold gaskets.

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June 16, 2021

Hasi Tuned .21 manifolds

Hasi Tuned have released 4 new manifolds for .21 engines, the first of which is a conical manifold that guarantees easy tuning and low fuel consumption. This is great for middle fast track were there is normally high fuel consumption. The 2nd is a conical 90° version and offers more torque in the low and middle rpm and is a perfect choice for fast tracks. The 3rd version is a conical 90+90 and has extreme torque making it a good choice for super fast track and there is a 4th version which is slightly longer for a little bit simpler tuning and with less consumption than the std version.

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April 21, 2021

Reds Racing X-One Pro exhaust

Reds Racing have released a new hard coated version of the X-One offroad pipe-manifold all-in-one system. The new X-One Pro exhaust has been produced with a dark grey hard coated treatment to increase its strength. Furthermore the new exhaust comes welded to the header to improve performance and fuel consumption. After a year of development they managed to get not only a stronger exhaust but also a better resistance to impacts and scratches. Easy to clean thanks to the special hard coating that avoids dust, mud and burned oil to stick to the exhaust so easily, it has better performance and improved resonance thanks to an increase in stiffness. With all Reds Racing X-One exhaust systems there is no need to use and therefore replace springs or gaskets. Available in two versions, the Torque for smoother power output and higher top speed and the High Torque for higher torque and mid range power.

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April 11, 2021

iRacing 2172 exhaust sets for 1/8th Onroad & GT

From iRacing in Italy come two new exhaust sets, both containing the EFRA approved 2172 exhaust pipe. This 3 chamber pipe has been produced in Italy from high quality aluminium and come in a set for both 1/8th onroad as well as 1/8th GT. The difference in sets is the manifold engine mounting point though both manifolds are the 90 degree version for maximum power.

View the GT pipe set here

March 23, 2021

Reds Racing X-One high torque exhaust system

Reds Racing have released a new ‘High Torque’ version of their X-One pipe-header system. The X-One 2143 high torque one-piece offroad tuned exhaust for S Series engines combines Reds 2143 exhaust and the Reds L header to create this one-piece ‘high torque’ exhaust. The X-One system is an innovative all-in-one pipe-header system where the exhaust has been welded to the header to improve performance and fuel consumption. There is no need for springs or gaskets, and the one-piece design creates increased reliability and improved tuning stability. The new exhaust has been designed to further increase torque for those very demanding tracks where sharp corners, high grip and hard to clear jumps can be a problem. Furthermore, the new exhaust is often used in combination with long pinion / spur gear ratios (eg. 14/48) to improve engine drivability in low grip conditions or when it is necessary to improve fuel consumption.

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March 15, 2021

RC-Project The Ring muffler support

The new ‘The Ring’ muffler support from RC-Project is made in Ergal 7075 T6 in Italy and can be mounted on all 1/10 and 1/8 Nitro models and is available in 6 different colours. The muffler support will allow you to have 2 different configurations, fixed or mobile. In fixed mode, in addition to the central fixture of the muffler, 2 additional M3 setscrews can be added to secure the muffler fixing with the spring and avoid unpleasant problems due to the setscrew coming loose and the muffler coming away from the spring. In mobile mode it will be possible to eliminate the central fixture of the muffler and leave only the 2 setscrews. In this mode the muffler will have the freedom to be able to move inside the support, which will help the free movement of it according to the bending of the chassis. Inside the space between the muffler and the support you can insert O-rings or a silicone tube to dampen the movement. The spring made of harmonic steel, has a length that adapts to all models and it can be shortened and bent according to your needs.

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