May 30, 2007

Xray release lots of NT1 Optionals

Xray have updated their site with a large number of new optionals and tuning parts for their 200mm racer, the NT1. Far too many to write about individually, we have copied in some images of the main parts and we have put a link to the whole lot at the bottom of the page. New parts include a machined LCG chassis, lighter transmission parts, new CVDs and Multi diff, rear anti-roll bars, spur gears, pinion gears, new clutch parts and lots more. Click here to see photos of the option parts… Click here and go to the bottom of the…

May 23, 2007

KM Racing Xray NT1 Options

Japan Hong Kong based KM Racing have released some great new performance parts for the new Xray NT1 200mm. First up is this high performance 2mm steel ventilated brake disk which provides excellent stopping power, even under the toughest of conditions, and which is also suitable for a wide range of other cars too. Also from KM Racing is the release of two different 2.5mm thick carbon plates for both the front and rear body mounts, to be used in place of the body stays that come as standard with the car. The front plate also sports a hole to…

May 14, 2007

XRAY Column – Back to the Races

The 8th installment in the Xray column from Xray owner and chief designer Juraj Hudy is now online. In this months column Juraj discusses the pressures surrounding getting the companies 2 new cars, the XB8EC and NT1, packed, ready and to market and also discusses how he fits the many races into his busy schedule. The last weeks before a deadline get frantically busy in the packaging department, who has to package an unbelievably large amount of parts into the building packages, as well as package a huge amount of spare parts. So those days when you walk into the…

May 9, 2007

Xray NT1 & Mugen MTX4 of Beat & Dankel

…of Alessio Mazzeo. Today as a follow up they have added 2 more picture sets from the same event, first off showing the Mugen MTX4 of event runner up Erik Dankel, which you can see is also pretty much standard, with only some small optional parts added such as the alu receiver box and alu servo horn. Walti Beat, the 4th placed qualifer and eventual 5th placed finisher, drove the new Xray NT1 (above) and his car was also pretty much standard, albeit nice and neat. View the Xray NT1 here and the Mugen MTX4 here. Source: RC Infos []…

May 3, 2007

Sabrina Lechner & Sarah Pierson – Interview

…& Engine: Mugen – Ninja Sponsor: Mugen Seiki Deutschland Name: Sarah Pierson Country: France Age: 17 Started driving at the age of: 13 Car & Engine: Xray NT1 – RB Sponsor: RB – modelisme 95 Why did you choose for a mechanical sport, like rc-racing ? Sabrina: Because i like it. I think it’s lots of fun. Sarah: I have always been passioned about R/C, and motorsports in general. What would you like to change about the sport? Sabrina: Nothing, I like it the way it is. Allthough I would change something about my 1/8-scale car. But I would never…

February 1, 2007

Manuel Huber, latest driver to race Xray NT1

NT1 200mm gas touring car. The multiple Austrian champion and WC/EC finalist will join the Slovakian team with immediate effect and will line up alongside Groskamp, Christensen, Peracho, LeMieux, Burch and Baker to make a formidable team. The main reasons for my decision to move to Team XRAY are the independent self-production of every part of the car (the XRAY factory is really amazing!), the possibility for quick changes to different parts, and of course the really great teamwork. After driving the NT1, I found it is much faster than the car I was used to racing. Source: Xray []…

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