January 2, 2007

Team Associated officially announce their 1/8th project

Team Assoicated - Ryan Maifield

In an announcement from Team Associated today, the US company owned by Thunder Tiger, have confirmed, what was a badly kept secret, that they will enter into the 1/8th scale buggy market with their ‘Factory Team RC8’. The statement also confirmed the identity of their team who will race and further develop the car.

Set to lead the Worldwide racing campaign for the RC8 are current ROAR 1/8th Scale National Champion, Ryan Maifield, two-time IFMAR World Champion Ryan Cavalieri and multi-time U.S. National Champion, Richard Saxton. In addition, ROAR “A” main finalist JR Mitch and Kyle Skidmore will focus on regional events and select National contests in the United States.

You can read the full statement here.

Source: Neo-Buggy [neo-buggy.net]

January 1, 2007

Video of first M1B Testing in Australia


Our site partners Rube Dude are very excited about the new Team Magic M1B, and along with making a very thorough and well written build and review article they have also started testing the new car on the track and above we have the video of the first test in Australia for the new car in the hands of Ben Darley and Ari Bakla.

Source: Rube Dude [rubeduderc.com]

December 28, 2006

Outerwears Pre Filter

Outerwears Pre Filter

Outerwears have released this neat pre filter that stops the heavy crap that builds up on your airfilter before getting to the foam underneath, thus allowing the filter to do the job it was intended for. It says its designed to fit the stock air filter that comes on the RTR Losi 8ight but im sure it would work on others too.

Outerwears Pre-filters have been tested and proven to provide maximum performance from your hi-performance air filter longer. Pre-filters deflect dirt away from the air filter instead of packing up and slowing down air flow.

Source: RCCA [radiocontrolzone.com]

December 28, 2006

Jammin release new Pro .21 & .28 Engines

Jammin engines

Jammin have announced the release of 2 new pro engines, a .21 and a .28 motor. Both engines have been optimised for off road racing and both feature turbo plugs as well as a number of other performance enhancing improvements.

Tweaks to the materials, crank timing, and tolerances all played a part in getting the engine to the high performance edge that Jammin Jay requires. Both engines deliver excellent bottom end power with great top end run out.

Source: OFNA [ofna.com]

December 27, 2006

Xtreme Racing release MBX5R shock tower

Xtreme MBX5R Shock Tower

Xtreme Racing have released this 4mm thick carbon fibre rear shock tower for the Mugen MBX5R. With the abuse that these parts experience on the track it is important that they can stand up to the punishment and these ones look like they could. The shock tower is a direct replacement but also contains an extra row of shock mounting holes for further adjustment. Xtreme Racing have also released carbon shock towers for the MBX5T too.

Source: Xtreme Racing [xtremercracing.com]

December 26, 2006

Aigoins engine fetches $800 in auction

Yannick Aigoin's RB C6

Earlier this month we mentioned that website TWF8.ws was to auction the actual RB engine that Yannick Aigoin led and nearly won this years 1/8th buggy World Championship with, well that auction has now ended and the winning bid for this great engine was $800. The engine was kindly donated by Rody Roem of RB products for this sale so all this money will be  donated the UNICEF, a great gift in this season of giving.

Source: TWF8.ws [twf8.ws]

December 23, 2006

Piktor start giving us the details

Piktor start giving us the details

We have written a lot about the new Rush 2 from Piktor and i have to admit to liking this car because it is a break from the norm. We already know quite a bit about it but now Piktor want us to know more and have released more images and explanations of the details on the car such as the rear hubs that are the same on both sides and the use of inserts to allow the adjustment of both inboard and ouboard toe settings.

Check out the new details here.

Source: Piktor [piktor.fr]