January 8, 2007

Paul LeMieux dominates Novak US TC Champs

Paul LeMieux

Paul LeMieux has done it again taking the win in both the 19T and Mod classes driving his Xray T2007. Having started from pole in both races he easily won the event by taking the first place in both his first 2 19T and mod finals to win the event without having to take part in the 3rd round of finals. In stock class it was Andrew Ellis that took the win also driving an Xray. More results to follow.

Image: RC Forum [rcforum.co.kr]

January 7, 2007

Paul LeMieux leads qualifying at Novak US TC Champs

Paul LeMieux

After qualifying at this weekends Novak US Touring Car Championships in Wisconsin it is Xray racer Paul LeMieux that is in dominant form, taking TQ spot in both the blue ribboned Modified class as well as the 19T class. Paul is in good company with Josh Cyrul and Barry Baker sharing a 2nd and a 3rd each in both classes in what looks to be a very close run race. First finals are taking place already, with Paul taking a win in his first round final, but because of time differences we wont be able to publish the final race results until Monday morning CET. We will keep you posted.

View all the A-Main starting line-ups here… content

January 6, 2007

Martin Hudy tests Xray NT1

Martin Hudy tests Xray NT1

Our partner site RC Forum have got these images of Martin Hudy, testing the NT1 at the Xray text track in Slovakia. Whilst nothing is given away by the pics, it is nice to see that there is a working prototype at least. The most interesting thing about these images is not really the car at all but the rather cool new Xray t-shirt that Martin is shown wearing, featuring that kind of blue flame thats on their boxes all over it.

Check out the 2 pictures in full size here.

Source: RC Forum [rcforum.co.kr]

January 4, 2007

John Ermen joins Serpent Team Netherlands

John Ermen

Serpent are reporting that multiple Dutch National Champion John Ermen has signed to race for Serpent Netherlands in the 2007 season. Returning to the Dutch manufacturer after a number of years away racing for Mugen, John will be seen as one of the favourites for the Dutch title this year.

The current 1:8 Dutch National Vice-Champion, Ermen will head Serpent’s challenge for 1:8 success in its home country. Racing since 1990,  having caught the bug for rc racing from his father and older brother,  John has an impressive racing CV which includes three World Championships appearances including the 2001 event in Australia.

Source: Serpent [serpent.com]

January 2, 2007

RB SpeedLine EFRA 2611 tuned pipe set

RB Speedline pipe set

RB Products have released this SpeedLine EFRA 2611 tuned pipe set. Designed to increase the middle range power of the RB.12 engines its polished finish improves gas flow whilst the 4 spring mounting system that keep manifold and pipe toegether improves reliabilty in this area.

Source: RB Products [rbproducts.com]

January 1, 2007

Team Tamale touring car setup wheels

Team Tamale touring car setup wheels

Team Tamale have released these great new setup wheels for electric touring cars running foam tyres. Made from aluminium they are five sided with each side representing a different tyre diameter to check your setup on. They are anodised black, but may come in other colours, and have a chamfered edge and feature the tyre diameter engraved in the side.

Here are set-up wheels for your touring cars running foam tires. These have 5 sides on them for 5 different sizes of foam tires. We all know how suspension settings change as foam tires wear. These set-up wheels give you the ability to set your suspension settings for tire sizes ranging from 58mm down to 56mm in .5mm increments.

Source: Team Tamale [teamtamale.com]

December 30, 2006

Diggity Designs 3D12 and CD12

Diggity Designs 3D12 and CD12

Diggity Designs, who design, create and sell conversion sets for electric cars, have released images (albeit small ones) of their 2 new products that they will be releasing in 2007. The 3D12 and CD12 as seen above are complete rolling chassis’ and have a totally new rear pivot design, use CRC side springs and have adjustable battery positioning. As you can see there will be a classic battery layout version and an updated mid battery layout version too.

Source: Diggity Designs [diggitydesigns.com]

December 30, 2006

Ralph Burch signs for Team Br00d

Ralph Burch signs for Team Br00d

More driver movements, this time its the turn of US RC racing legend Ralph Burch (old pic) to change motor supplier to Team Br00d. Ralph of course continues with Xray, the car his company RC America imports, and will also continue with SMC batteries. The statement from Eddie O of Team Br00d reads:

Team br00d Racing is proud to announce that Multi-Time National Champion Ralph Burch has signed to race Team br00d Racing Motors……Ralph will continue to run SMC batteries. Ralph will be debuting his br00d powered Xray at the Novak race next week….the one and only Garrett Smith will be tuning Ralph’s Checkpoint based modified motors….

Source: RC Tech [rctech.net]