October 16, 2007

KM Racing NT1 anti-roll bars

 KM Racing NT1 anti-roll bars

KM Racing continue to release parts for the Xray NT1 with the introduction of a complete set of rear anti-roll bars for the car. Available in a number of different thicknesses to help set-up your car, they come in 1.7mm, 1.8mm, 1.9mm, 2.1mm, 2.2mm & 2.3mm and are a direct replacement for the original parts.

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October 14, 2007

Lamberto Collari is World Champion

 Final Podium

Lamberto Collari is the new 1/8th scale IFMAR World Champion, giving him an amazing 8th World Title. The race started clean for most racers except for Andrea Cristiani who had to pit for a new tire as his had come off from the wheel, this left him over a lap down behind the leaders. Early on, the race was turning into a 2 man race between pole man Massimo Fantini in the lead and Collari in 2nd position with Collari putting a lot of pressure on his fellow Italian. With this kind on continued press it looked inevitable that Collari was going to make the pass, which he did just after the 10 miunte mark to the cheers of the huge crowds present to witness this spectacle. Once passed he just checked out and easily pulled a gap.

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October 13, 2007

Massimo Fantini is World Champs TQ

Massimo Fantini

With rain causing the cancellation of the 5th and 6th rounds of qualifying, its Massimo Fantini who will line up first for the 1 hour long main final on Saturday. We talked to the Serpent 960 driver, and owner of Max engines, and he is very confident going in to the final, “To be honest we were very confident because my team mate Fabio and Andrea went for testing on the track and said the car works very good and also the engine. We had a big advantage for the 5 minutes we had almost no problem to run the qualification without any additional refueling stop. I could push stronger in the heats and the car was good and the important thing is making no mistakes and i was able to make the top qualifier in all the rounds”. When asked about his chances for the final he said “we are checking our strategy and to be honest we are quite confident, the only thing is the final is very long and anything can happen, also the other competitors are strong, so i need to be cool and make no mistakes”. “I was already in the main final of a World Championship several times and what it is, is hardcore racing”.

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October 12, 2007

Schumacher Cup Denmark – Report

Steen Graversen wins Schumacher Cup

We received a report from the Schumacher Cup 2007 hosted by the Aarhus RC Randers and Randers Hobby Import (importer of Schumacher products) and held in the sports arena Vejlby Risskov Hallen in Aarhus. In the Stock/beginner class it was local youngster Frederik Larsen who was very fast with his Schumacher car from the beginning the of the day and was followed by Brian Lage and female driver Emma Lundgreen in the qualifying rounds. Electronic problems put Mads Madsen in to fourth spot after qualifying, but he had a better performance the A-finals and was able to put pressure on Frederik Larsen, but Frederik was able to keep his pace and won two out of the three finals to take the win ahead of Mads Madsen in 2nd and Brian Lage in 3rd.

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October 12, 2007

Tamiya TRF416 launched

Tamiya TRF416 launched

Tamiya have released details about their new 190mm EP Touring car, the TRF416 which we showed you pre production images of previously. Designed for use with control tires and brushless motors, the car is optimised for this configuration and to be easy on the tires. The width of the bulkheads have been adjusted to optimise the roll qualities in the front and rear of the car while the motor was repositioned to help raise traction. The carbon fiber upper deck is now also thicker, up to 2.25mm thick from 2mm, for different cornering characteristics.

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October 11, 2007

Martin Lissau wins 2007 Danish Nats

 Martin Lissau wins 2007 Danish Nats

Xray have a report from their team driver Martin Lissau on the 5th and last race of the Danish 1/10 nitro touring car championship was held in Naestved RC Model Center. “I had to finish in the top 7 to be the National champion. It was hard because I had no tools and no staff with me as all were prepared for Worlds Championship in 1/5 cars that I have attended the day after the final run. After the qualification I was second, just behind Martin Fish, another XRAY driver. The final was without any stress as Martin got interference problems so he had to retire. Jesper Hoh could take the victory in this final as I made some mistakes. I finished on the second place, Dennis Hassing could take third place”.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

October 9, 2007

CRC 1/12th scale Open-X pod

 CRC 1/12th scale Open-X pod

CRC have announced details about their new Open-X pod for their 1/12th scale chassis, which features a new pivoting center standoff that moves with the rear pod. This center stand off braces the center shock mounting area and the top plate, allowing the racer to remove the left hand side of the top plate and the left hand side of the bulkhead. This open side frees up a good amount of space for motor wires and sensor wires as there is no interference with the wires on the Open-X pod.  This was all possible because of the original Gen-X design with the vertical X-pod rear brace. This rear brace, combined with the center pivot standoff, allows the use of the new Open-X graphite top plate and the wide open left side aluminum bulkhead.

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October 8, 2007

The new Kyosho Evolva M3

Kyosho Evolva M3

Red RC got the exclusive lowdown on the new Kyosho Evolva M3 when we talked to the cars designer Takashi Miyashita. Essentially a completely new platform in 1/8th scale from Kyosho, the new M3 has been designed to fix all the issues that the team had with the previous Evolva through strengthening and optimising the cars construction. When asked to explain what was new on the car, Takashi replied “only a few of the parts are existing parts”, with the main new part being the chassis which has been designed to accept a smaller receiver pack, making for a narrower chassis plate.

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