February 3, 2007

Kyosho Ultima RB5 2WD buggy

Kyosho Ultima RB5

Kyosho have shown their new 2wd buggy, the Ultima RB5, at this weeks show in Germany. The prototype of this very car put on a very good show at last years pre Worlds Japan and now the car is almost ready to hit the shelves. Details on the car are pretty thin at the moment but as soon as we hear more we will let you know.

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February 3, 2007

Nuernberg Toy fair – Buggy Truggy Muggy round up

Mugen MBXT-R

Ok with almost everything at this years fair photographed from several different angles by many intrepid reporters on the ground and all the first day buzz is gone, its time to settle down and take stock. We already covered the engines at the fair and now its time to cover the many gas powered off roaders at the show. This is just to give you ano verview of what was at the show and I wont mention the HPI Lightning Pro 2 Evo, Piktor Rush 2, Crono RS7, Blade BX-1, Xray XB8-EC or XT8 as I have already gone into detail about them previously. The truggy you see above is the MBX5T and was being shown on the Mugen stand.

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February 2, 2007

Hong Nor Mini CRT-5 truggy

Hong Nor CRT-5

Previously we showed you some pictures of the Jammin Mini CRT-5 truggy, well here is its close relative (basically the same car), the Hong Nor CRT-5. The car is shaft driven 4wd and it seems nicely spec’d with metal shock towers, carbon fiber radio plate and c-hub suspension up front. The mini class is shaping up to be pretty cool with a lot of manufacturers already involved and these cars don’t hang about either on the track, with the ones i have seen so far, tearing up the dirt.

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February 2, 2007

Hot Bodies release the Lightning 2 Pro Evo

HB Lightning 2 Pro Evo

Quite a while back we wrote about the fact that that Hot Bodies were upgrading their Lightning 2 Pro 1/8th scale buggy and that team racers Andy Moore and Marc Rheinard were racing these prototype buggies at the Neo Invitational indoor event. Well we present you with the Lightning 2 Pro Evo, which is a natural development on the previous version with changes including new stiffer chassis plate, different shock towers for more tuning possibilities and a lot of other parts made more durable like bearing blocks and parts of the drive train.

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February 2, 2007

Hot Bodies Officially announce the Cyclone D4

Hot Bodies Cyclone D4

We may have only just brought you a selection of images of the new Cyclone D4 EP buggy from Hot Bodies but they have just put up the full information on their website along with even more pictures.

4WD electric buggy racing has always been a racing class that is seen as the off-road class for the elite, a tough-to-crack category of off-road racing which is difficult to master and features the fastest, best-handling off-road machines available! Hot Bodies is aiming to jump feet-first into this category with a top-level, championship-quality kit that anyone will be able to use.

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February 2, 2007

Hot Bodies Cyclone D4 4wd EP Buggy

Hot Bodies Cyclone D4

Our mate Andy at RC Forum has snapped this pic of the prototype Hot Bodies buggy that finished 1st at the buggy pre worlds in Japan last year. The car hasn’t been seen until this point and it looks pretty sweet indeed. It appears to be shaft drive, and have a similar configuration to the JConcepts BJ4. We hope to get more information soon.

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February 1, 2007

Team Xray at the toy fair

Team Xray at the toy fair

Again more pictures from our roving reporter, this time from the large and rather extravagent Xray booth were there was lots of eye candy to look at. Of course Xray were the big news company at the show with the release of their NT1, XT8 and XB8-EC and so its only fitting that they have a huge gallery will all sorts of goodies on display for you to feast your eyes over including more close ups of the NT1 without motor and its new flex chassis.

Check out the gallery here.

Source: RC Junkies [rc-junkies.com]

February 1, 2007

The BX-1 from Blade Racing

Blade Racing BX-1

Last week we told you about the Italian company Blade and that they were about to introduce a new 1/8th scale buggy, well here it is. If it looks familiar well thats because it is a re branded Jammin X1-CR but with some different material specifications, which should actually make it pretty handy on the dirty stuff. I dont know anything more than that but when i find something out i’ll let you know.

UPDATE: We now have some close up detail shots of the car

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