February 6, 2007

New Ninja .12 and .28 motors

Ninja Motors

MID Mugen in Germany have announced the release of these 2 updated motors from Ninja, the .12 touring car motor (MR12 T01A) and the .28 truggy motor (MR28 M01A), in time for the 2007 race season. The new motors are similar to the .21 buggy and circuit motors that were released near the end of last year in that these new motors also now have been upgraded and sport the ‘A’ suffix at the end of their product number which mostly equates to better tolerances amongst the parts that will improve performance and reliability.

Source: MID [mid-mugen.de]

February 5, 2007

Billy Easton signs to OCM Racing & TQ fuels

Billy Easton signs to OCM Racing & TQ fuels

US driver and former World Champion, Billy Easton, has signed to race for OCM Racing USA and TQ racing fuels. According to the report by Neo Buggy, Easton will not only be the teams star driver but will also head up the North American teams research and development for both brands.

Source: Neo-Buggy [neo-buggy.net]

February 5, 2007

Hot Bodies present some Hot Bodies

Hot Bodies

Hot Bodies have announced that along with their new kits that they launched at the toy fair that they will also be getting back into the bodyshell business. They will release a new updated Moorespeed Mazda 6 bodyshell for 1/10th scale 190mm racing that features several aerodynamic tweaks for more high-speed steering and a longer profile for improved straight-line stability. Also coming out is a new competition body for 1/8th off road that features an aerodynamically-tuned cockpit, sweet speed lines and a sharply angled rear panel. And finally a body for 1/12th circuit racing, a new class that HB will enter, that takes design concepts from a full size LMP car and sports front canard winglets to its super low-slung design and a massive rear wing.

Check out the other new shells here… content

February 5, 2007

The latest on the O’Donnell buggy

O'Donnell buggy

Our partners Neo-Buggy have some nice pictures of Jared Tebos O’Donnell buggy from yesterdays Nitro Challenge race that we briefly wrote about due to it being the first race for the Associated RC8. Not a lot has been heard from the OD buggy in a while and it appeared that the whole project may have been scraped when development driver Tebo started running a Jammin buggy late last year. But it appears the project is still on and the as you can see in the image above, the car looks to be sporting some fairly final looking parts, well at least on the rear end that we can see. Also according to Philip over at camp Neo Buggy, the body appears to be new, and an O’Donnell creation as well.

To view more pics of the car in action check them out here.

Source: Neo-Buggy [neo-buggy.net]

February 5, 2007

Pro-Line Pre-Screened Bodies

Pro-Line Pre-Screened Bodies

Pro-Line have displayed their new pre-screened bodies at the Toy fair in Germany which feature a nice silver chrome design, amongst others, and they’re designed so that you paint your own base colour to complete the body. The windows aren’t masked however which is unfortunate and not race legal in many countries and also means you need to apply window decals on the outside. That aside, they look good and the better news is that they will be available throughout the entire range of Pro-Line bodies.

Source: RCCA [radiocontrolzone.com]

February 4, 2007

Team Associated RC8 finishes 2nd on race debut

Team Associated RC8

The newly released Team Associated RC8 buggy has made its race debut at the Nitro Pit in Arizona. Ryan Maifield, who qualified the new car in 4th moved up two spots to take the 2nd spot behind Team Losi racer Mike Truhe who also set the fastest lap of the race over 1 second faster than Maifield. In third position was Jared Tebo who was racing the prototype O’Donnell buggy ahead of Jason Ashton racing the Sidorf who brought it home in 4th.

You can view the PDF of the Expert buggy results here. View a picture of the car in action here.

UPDATE: Neo Buggy have some more action shots of Maifields RC8 here.

Source: RC Tech [rctech.net] Image: Buggy-Sport [buggy-sport.info]

February 3, 2007

Kyosho to release RTR Lazer ZX-5 buggy

Kyosho Lazer ZX-5

More electric buggy news and again from Kyosho. The Japanese manufacturer has announced that they will release a RTR version of their popular ZX-5 buggy. The ZX-5 is a shaft driven 4wd buggy that has done very well on the International racing scene in its kit form and therefore as a ready to run should be a great platform for anyone getting started in the sport. As always, as we get more information we will let you know.

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February 3, 2007

Academy SBV2 PRO up close

Academy SBV2 PRO

Back in the beginning of January, when it was released, we wrote about the new SBV2 PRO buggy from MRC Academy. What the PRO part of the name meant was that this kit is a fully optioned SBV2, which is no bad thing as the original car is a very good shaft driven 4wd buggy, and so with all the optionals as standard could only make a good car better. Our partners RC Forum have gotten up close with the PRO to reveal some of the details that may have been missed before now.

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