November 28, 2014

Xray NT1 World Championship limited edition kit

To celebrate their success at the recent 2014 IFMAR 200mm World Championships Xray release a special limited edition kit of the NT1 1/10th 200mm nitro on-road car featuring plenty of option parts that Alexander Hagberg used on his car to win the World Championship title. Together with a full NT1 kit a set of option parts, worth of more than 370 Euro, is included in the bundle that is available for only a short time and only in limited quantities. Included parts: 330009 Xray NT1 – full kit with all parts 331101 Chassis 4mm Swiss 7075-T6 331180 Brass cassis weight…

September 18, 2014

Exclusive – Making the Xray T4’15

…we had plenty of new prototypes packed with us and we wrenched on the cars from early morning until late at night, testing dozens of combinations and dozens of different parts and ideas. As expected (and typically), many of the parts did not give any improvement, some parts seemed to have good progress but would require a lot of more refinement, and some new parts showed great potential. The Worlds warm-up practice was very constructive and I was happy that we had a clear idea on which way to head. One of the most significant improvements was our new type…

September 17, 2014

Martin Hudy talks T4’15 – Exclusive Interview

…is announced, the option parts from 3rd party manufacturers hit the market. For you is this flattering or frustrating? Martin Hudy: For me it is simply logical. If I would design and produce aftermarket option parts, I would start with the most popular and most successful cars as well. On the other hand, I never suggest any customers to use aftermarket options for Xray cars. We are one of the very few companies that seriously develops and tests all its products. We spend thousands of hours on tracks around the world testing the new car and every single part of…

September 9, 2014

ZZRacing Xray series lightweight parts

ZZRacing have new lightweight hardware sets available for a range of Xray kits such as the XB4, T4’14, NT1’14 as well as the X10’15 and X12’15. The sets contain titanium and stainless steel screws, anodised aluminium lock nuts and countersunk washers to scrub around 50 percent of weight on the hardware. The aluminium parts come orange anodised to match Xray’s colour theme and the sets are available now. Source: ZZRacing []…

July 22, 2014

Xray 1/10th on-road adjustable body mounts

Xray now have their own version of the popular height adjustable body mounts available. Made from orange anodised 7075 aluminium the body stops offer an adjustment range of 3mm to fine tune the height and rake of touring car bodies on T2, T3 and T4 cars. A the size of the height adjustment nut and a marking dimple make for convenient and precise adjustment. The parts that come as pair can also be used on the front of the NT1 200mm nitro touring car. Source: Xray []…

April 4, 2014

Exclusive – Making the RX8

…them European, USA, or World Champions – were very active the entire year on testing new parts and ideas, and also provided valuable input that helped me to have a very clear idea of what we needed to change and improve this year. Because I am responsible for the entire Xray on-road division and take care of all platforms – including RX8, NT1, T4, X12 and X10 – my R&D and racing time have to be divided equally which is very time consuming and keeps me very busy. At the same time it helps me a lot in development as…

March 28, 2014

Martin Hudy talks RX8 – Exclusive Interview

…nitro class is the complexity of the car – especially the engine & clutch – as well as the high expenses for racing in this class. It is a very sad but harsh reality. Red RC: Now for the NT1 2014 Spec. The NT1 platform has won the 2013 EFRA Euros B and of course the 2010 World Championships beside a long list of European and national championships. What can we expect from the 2014 version? Martin Hudy: The NT1 platform is our most successful platform when it comes to the amount of victories it has collected, including World Champion…

December 18, 2013

Xray NT1 hard composite suspension arms

Following the recent release of hard composite suspension arms for the RX8 car, Xray now also have more rigid suspension parts for the NT1 200mm sedan available. Made from a new, harder material the parts come in handy when racing in high ambient temperatures or on high bite tracks. The symmetrical arms can be used on the left and right hand side of the car with front upper, front lower wire-type anti-roll bar and rear lower A-arms being available. Source: Xray []…

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