February 7, 2008

Toy Fair – RB Products

RB Concept WS7III and C6BBT

RB Products are here on there very nice orange stand and on it they have some new products and lots of new engines as you would expect. Firstly all the RB buggy and truggy engines sport the new L2G cooling head, a rather low and large diameter cooling head with a nice decorative circular indent on the top. New motors on display for buggies are the C6BBT, a turbo plugged motor with a wide rpm range and fast and smooth acceleration as well as the updated WS7III with its reinforced crankcase and now features a turbo combustion chamber. The booth also features a new truggy motor in the shape of the RT, which has improved drivability and fuel consumption over previous versions and when used with the outlaw THG02 pipe will give you crazy torque.

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February 6, 2008

Toy Fair – Reckward bodyshells

Reckward Lola

Along with Team Orion on the Kyosho stand is Reckward Tuning, who have some new products including a new line of bodyshells for on road gas cars. Above is the new Lola 1/8th scale called the Expert 8, which follows a conventional shape but unlike the latest generation of 1/8th shells it doesn’t feature the channels above the front lights. Also on the stand is a new 200mm touring car shell based on the Dodge Stratus, as well as the company’s previously released Symbio truggy shell. We will be back tomorrow to be shown a number of new optional parts that are available from RT for a variety of different cars.

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February 6, 2008

Toy Fair – Serpent Motorsport

Serpent S120

As shown on Red RC on Tuesday, Serpent had lots of new products on their booth this year including the new S240 and the S120. Unfortunately the S500 electric 4wd buggy is not yet on the booth, but is expect to arrive later on in the fair. The S120 was not being shown to press, only distributors, as we are told that it features some unique design features, in particular the lateral damper and central tweak adjuster, that Serpent are keen to keep out of sight from competitors. As you can see from the picture we did take of the car, Serpent have also designed and produced new wheels for the 1/12th car which we are sure will work on other similar chassis’.

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February 6, 2008

Toy Fair – CS Electronics

CS Electronics

Next to Schumacher and sharing the same booth, was their distributor for Germany and own brand CS Electronics. On display they had a number of really nice products such as a new range of cells, matched from Intellect 4600 cells with 3 different configurations for stock, modified and off road. Also seen was a trio of new stock brushless motors, miniature brushless motors for the M18, new electronic speed controllers and even some new foam tires. The tires are available pre mounted on yellow 1/12th and 1/18th scale wheels and have been made using Asian foam. CS also had a new range of traction additive that is perfect for higher grip conditions as well some tyre cleaner that doesnt disolve the glue thats hold the wheel to the tire, such as can be the effect when using brake cleaner.

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February 6, 2008

Toy Fair – Team Orion

Team Orion 5300

Alongside its new parent company Kyosho, Swiss manufacturer Team Orion was present and on the stand were a number of new and interesting items and I was lucky enough to have Oscar Jansen run me through the good stuff. First up are these 5300SHO cells, which have an amazing capacity combined with a very safe cell, while for the US Market there are some new ROAR legal 4600SHO cells. Team Orion were also happy to inform me that there range of LiPos had been approved by ROAR.

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February 6, 2008

Toy Fair – Schumacher Racing

Toy Fair - Schumacher & CS Electronic

So we are here at this years fair on setup day and we have had a look around, first coming to the Schumacher booth and try as we might, we couldnt get to see the new Schumacher buggy. A closely guarded secret, the buggy was present but was only to be shown to key distributors at the show. We were told previously that we would get to see it but we asked again and were once more told ‘No’. The stand did feature a large poster for the new car which reveals the name to be the CAT SX and it should be available around May.

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February 5, 2008

Serpent S500, S120 and S240

Serpent S500, S120 and S240
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Serpent have announced that they will release 3 new electric powered cars at this week Nuremberg toy fair, which Red RC will be covering live from the Show floor. To be shown at the fair is the new S500 4wd buggy, the S120 1/12th scale pan car and finally the S240 1/24th scale pan car. The Serpent booth will contain all the company’s usual products as well including the 08 versions of the 720 and 960 as well as the S400 and F180.

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February 5, 2008

Norwegian Winter Series Rd4

Norwegian Winter Series Rd4

The 4th round of the Norwegian Winter Series took place this past weekend hosted by Borg MRK, who presented the racers with a small and tricky circuit to race on. In qualifying for the modified class it was Adrian Berntsen that claimed the TQ spot in front of his Xray team mate Helge Johannessen in 2nd while the 3rd starting spot would be taken by Eirik Andreassen. The SuperStock (19 turn) class saw the best starting field so far this year, and all racers were out to stop Kyosho racer Marcus Alvestad’s winning streak, having won the last 2 rounds. Marcus however was still the man to beat in qualifying, taking the top spot in front of Petter Berntsen with Kai Ronning in 3rd.

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