February 9, 2007

Futaba release 3PM with 2.4GHz FASST System

Futaba 3PM 2.4GHz Fasst System

Following on the back of the release of the Airtronics mid level 2.4GHz radio, comes Futabas mid level 2.4GHz radio, the 3PM. Expected to be released in mid March, this new radio uses the companies FASST (Futaba Advanced Spread Spectrum Technology) technology, and this has been built into the transmitter, doing away with the need for a separate module.

The 2.4GHz modulation is wired directly into the transmitter circuitry so there’s no separate module to plug in. On-road and touring drivers will appreciate the unbeatable combination of precision and convenience that the FASST 2.4GHz system offers. More great “driver-friendly” features of the 2.4GHz FASST system include:
– Constant shifting within frequencies – no more signal conflicts or waiting for a frequency to open up.
– “Auto-Detect” instantly determines whether HRS or PPM mode is active in the transmitter.
– Fail Safe for both the transmitter (in case of interference) and the receiver (in the event of low voltage).

Source: RCCA [radiocontrolzone.com]

February 8, 2007

New engines from Novarossi World

Novarossi motors 2007

Novarossi World have introduced these 3 new high end competition motors, suitable for use in multiple disciplines. First off is the Plus 353 Race, a new .12 engine for the 200mm touring car class, that boasts an impressive 1.68 hp with maximum revs of 42,000rpm, this EFRA legal 3 port engine features ceramic bearings and has an 11.90mm crankshaft. The next engine up is the Plus 359 Race, a 3.5cc .21 engine for circuit racing that features an incredible 9 ports, ceramic bearings throughout, and boasts 2.90 hp and a maximum rpm of 38,700. The final new motor is another 3.5cc beast, the Plus 367 Buggy, for off road use that has the most horse power of all the 3 engines, with Novarossi claiming that this 7 port engine can get 2.97 hp and can punch out 35,000rpm. Both the .21 engines feature 14.5mm crankshafts.

Source: Eco Model [ecomodel.it]

February 8, 2007

Josh Cyrul modified Kyosho Stallion TF-5

CEFX touring car

More car sightings from the Snowbirds, this time we get to see Josh Cyruls self modified electric touring car, which looks based on a Kyosho Stallion TF-5. I don’t know if this car has been seen before, but what is very interesting (click image to make larger) is the one piece carbon fiber bulkhead and chassis stiffener. This layout allows you to run without a high C of G top deck, yet still benefit from a stiff chassis, and I’m pretty sure its a lighter system than the conventional approach taken by other manufacturers. The car also features other self made parts including the chassis, steering blocks as well as the entire, centrally mounted, steering system.

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February 8, 2007

Serpent Electric touring car prototype – First Pictures

Serpent Electric touring car

This weeks Snowbirds sees the first major race outing for the new, and as yet unnamed, Serpent electric touring car prototype. Driven in foam class at the event by Serpent designer Rene Cornella and in the rubber class by US racer Rafael Angula the event is seen as a large scale test session for the new car. The car as you can see from the pictures (click images to view larger photo) is a traditional belt configuration and conforms to the current electric touring car look. According to talk at the event, Serpent are looking to sign some big name racers to their team to develop the car further in time for its summer launch.

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February 7, 2007

Videos from the 2006/07 Carpet Wars now online


We’ve been covering the Carpet Wars through the reports posted on the sites of Helger Racing and CML distribution and it looks like a great, and very popular, indoor Winter Series. Well now thanks to RC Tech member Skiddins, who was at the event with his video camera, we can now watch some of the action from the 4th round of the Championship. The video above is off the first final in the modified class and features World Champion Andy Moore.

You can view all the videos on YouTube here.

Source: RC Tech [rctech.net]

February 7, 2007

HPI Firestorm optionals now available

HPI Firestorm optionals

I like the Firestorm from HPI, its wicked fast and looks really trick too, and now it can go faster and look nicer thanks to a new line of optionals that have been made available for this 1/10th stadium truck. You can now get 2 different pre painted bodies for the car, blue one shown above, as well as new tires including special versions for sand as already available for the Baja 5B. There is also some aluminium strengthening pieces for beefing up the suspension as well as a new clutch bell housing and some ultra slick titanium nitride shock shafts.

Check out all the new optionals here.

Source: HPI Europe [hpi-europe.com]

February 7, 2007

Kyosho and Sirio partnership close to an end?

Kyosho and Sirio

We have been hearing this rumour for a while now and from a number of sources, the fact that the partnership between Kyosho and Star Motor Engineering, makers of Sirio, was strained and may even be coming to an end. Things started to be mentioned when World Champion Lamberto Collari didnt renew his contract with the Italian engine manufacturer and jumped ship to Novarossi, followed relatively closely by fellow World Champion Adrien Bertin who left his job at Sirio and moved to Team Orion in Switzerland. Rumour has it that Francesco Tironi, a Collari protegé, has also left his position in the company but this hasnt been confirmed as yet. All the previously mentioned racers are heavily backed by Japanese manufacturer Kyosho and seems like too much of a coincidence to be not related to their engine and car sponsors relationship going sour.

Now i dont pretend to know why this could be happening but the shift could see Team Orion and their range of CRF Wasp motors taking over the supply of motors to the Japanese teams drivers with Bertin and fellow Kyosho team driver Josh Cyrul already running these motors and the unannounced news that another top European Kyosho racer, that we havent mentioned, will also jump from Sirio to Team Orion in the coming weeks. We will watch and see how this unfolds and update you when we hear more.