November 13, 2006

Asian GS Cup Malaysia

Asian GS Cup

Just last weekend, the GS Cup for off road was held in Malaysia and attracted a large attendance. In the main buggy final it was Scott Yang driving a GS that took the win ahead of 2nd place finisher Ah M with a Hong Nor and David Lim with a Kyosho back in 3rd. The truggy class was won by Hengster with a Hong Nor followed by Ah Leng with his GS in second and just ahead of fellow GS racer Pegan who finished 3rd.

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November 13, 2006

ROAR bans LiPo cells in all RC classes?

Lipo Cells banned

At last weekends ROAR (US governing body) meeting it seems a rule was passed that outlawed the use of LiPo batteries in all R/C cars that run at ROAR sanctioned events. Although not stated, the reason was probably down to the safety issues with these batteries having been known to explode if not charged and handled properly. This is unfortunate as the benefits of LiPo are clear (weight, size, longer runtime) but i think this move was more a case of covering ROAR’s ass in the event of an injury brought on by an exploding LiPo. The move however seems a bit extreme as danger is present in all forms of RC racing, particularly burns and cuts and the mis-use or bad treatment of any power sources will always result in an injury.

The ruling however does not just affect Electric class racers but also gas racers who have installed LiPo cells to power their receiver. The judgment makes no differentiation between uses of the cells, but instead just bans their usage in all classes outright.

From the minutes of the meeting:
A proposal to outlaw Lithium Polymer batteries in all r/c vehicles was discussed. This item was adopted.

You can read the full minutes of the meeting here (PDF).

November 13, 2006

Video from RC Pro Finals

RC Pro Finals action

Yeh i know what your thinking ‘more RC Pro final news!’, well yeh it seems not much else happened last weekend so you gotta work with what you’ve got. So what we do have is a video from the big event which shows the super sweet track and the awesome setting, its a shame that no one turned up to watch it seems.

You can view the video here.
You can also view some images of the event here.

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November 13, 2006

Juraj Hudy on the debut of the Xray T2007

Xray Column

Juraj Hudy, chief designer and owner of Xray model racing cars, has posted his 3rd column reporting on life heading up the Slovakian company. This column reports on the build up to the World debut for the new T2007 at the International Indoor Championship (IIC) race in the US, and also on his approach to that race both before, during and of course after.

The teams received their cars around 2 weeks before the IIC race, so the stress and tension was on the team drivers now! Still, I was anxiously waiting for first reports. The first feedback started to come in few days later and I was very happy to hear that everybody reported that the new car worked perfectly right away, and improved lap times were achieved.

Read the full column here.

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November 12, 2006

Danish Indoor Electric Touring Championship Rd2

Danish Indoor Round 2

Martin Lissau has written his report from the second round of the Danish National championships in which he finished 2nd. Martin has yet to take that top step of the podium with his new Xray T2007 having also taken 2nd place in the first round of the championship but we’re sure its only a matter of time before that happens.

The finals were not the best-driven finals in the world, but after some good battles and close racing (sometimes a bit too close) Jonas took first place. After Steen had some problems, I took the no. 2 spot and he took no. 3

Read Martin’s full report here.

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November 12, 2006

The future of the O’Donnell buggy

O Donnell buggy

Philip over at Neo-Buggy has written a nice piece concerning the future of the O’Donnell buggy after development driver and long time sponsored O’Donnell racer Jared Tebo switched to a Jammin X1 buggy at this weekends RC Pro finals and with it, went on to take TQ and the win. The O’Donnell buggy seems to have been flattered by Tebo’s skills, even so the pairing hadn’t won anything together, and then to be competitive straight away with the X1 goes to prove how uncompetitive the O’Donnell buggy actually must be.

Announced in January with huge hype of 2005’s man of the year Jared Tebo being the only driver; things looked good. However as we have all read, seen and experienced its all gone a bit off the rails…

Read the full report here.

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November 12, 2006

Tebo and James win the Pro Series Final

Jared Tebo

As we reported yesterday, Jared Tebo, in a last minute move decided to switch to a Jammin X1 buggy just before the qualifying at the high stakes RC Pro final being held in Illinois. Well, not only did he TQ the event with his new ride but also went on to win the event too.

In the truggy class that saw a close battle beween eventual TQ Chad Bradley and Taylor James, it was Taylor who took the win after Chad dropped out with a clutch bell bearing failure.

Image: RC Tech []

November 11, 2006

Jared Tebo TQ’s RC Pro finals with Jammin X1

Jared Tebo

Jared Tebo (old pic) has made the very last minute decision to switch over to the Jammin X1 buggy at this weekends RC Pro finals, being held in Rockford Illinois, and go on to take TQ in the Pro Buggy class at the event.

Jared Tebo picked-up Taylor’s Jammin X-1 back-up buggy to run in the R/C Pro finals. I quess Tebo, not being in the winners circle the last year, opt for the best buggy for the job. Tebo literally threw the car together just prior to qualifying and set the best combined times to take TQ honors. Taylor qualified third, Matt Gosch qualifies fifth, and Chad Bradley also getting in the A final.

In the Pro Truggy class it was Chad Bradley to took the top qualifying spot ahead of Futaba Nitro Challenge winner Taylor James. With both drivers winning 2 qualifiers each, Chad took it by having the fastest 3rd time.

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