January 10, 2007

Wayne Mah wins Rd2 of Canada West Indoor Champs

Canada West Indoor Champs

Xray have a report on their site on round 2 of the Western Canadian Indoor Championships held in Edmonton. The race was very well attended and Xray dominated the event in both numbers and in outright performance, winning all classes and taking up most of the runner up spots too. In modified class it was Wayne Mah that led home a top 4 finish for Xray whilst in Stock and 19T it was Rod Littau and Dwayne Flodell respectively that took home the class wins.

The new T2-007 debut its agility and quickness in its first test in the hands of the Canadian top guns earned the TQ position immediately, only to be challenged by other 007 drivers throughout the weekend.

You can read the full report here.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

January 10, 2007

Off-Road Winter Champs 2007

Offroad Winterchamps 2007

Last weekend saw the running of the 2007 off-road Winter Champs race held in Vorarlberg in Austria. The race took place on a wicked carpet off road track with lots of corners, jumps and even a wall ride. The race also attracted some major racers with European Champion Peter Pinisch doing the double by winning the 2wd and 4wd classes, with the Stadium truck class won by Kim Sitensky.

View pictures from the event here and check out the final results here (PDF).

Source: EFAC-Hohenems [efac-hohenems.at] via RC World [rcworld.ch]

January 9, 2007

RC Atomic VDS II GTP 1/24th scale body

RC Atomic new Mini-Z GTP body

Atomic RC have released pictures of the design they have made for their upcoming 1/24th scale VDS II GTP body. As you can see from the picture the new body has a much more aggressive look than the original and also sports a lot of aerodynamic tweaks, making this a body something to look forward to, when released.

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January 9, 2007

Kyosho High-grade air filter

Kyosho High-grade air filter

Kyosho have released this High-grade air filter for use in all 1/8th scale buggies and truggies and comes as tandard in their new 777 WC Edition buggy. Featuring a new, high-density foam element and pre-filter it captures the smallest particles to keep your engine in top condition, yet it allows plenty of airflow so the engine can produce maximum power.

Source: RCCA [radiocontrolzone.com]

January 8, 2007

Novak US Touring Car Champs – Final A Main results

Novak US Touring Car Champs

Now we know that Paul LeMieux dominated the proceedings at the Novak Touring Car Championships but only after the full triple main results were posted do we know who followed Paul home. In the modified class it was a close call for 2nd and 3rd with both Mike Dumas and Billy Easton sharing equal points but Mike getting the decision for the 2nd spot thanks to what appears to be the faster time, while in the 19T class it was Barry Baker who finished 2nd with Josh Cyrul ending in 3rd place.

View the final A-Main results here… content

January 8, 2007

Worksop club Grand Opening race

Neil Cragg Worksop

Last weekend saw the reopening of the famous Worsksop circuit in the UK. This indoor track caters for off road and on road using the same track but with obvious alterations for the different classes. In attendance, and in top form in the 2wd buggy class, was current World Champion Neil Cragg who dominated both qualifying and the race, whilst in the 4wd buggy class it was Adam Skelding who, despite a terrible start, went on the win the event. In the touring car class another World Champion, Andy Moore, was also in attendance along with top racers Olly Jefferies and Ben Cosgrove, the latter running in the new EFRA 5 cell configuration, and who managed to be very competitive until a broke pinion took him out at the start of the finals.

You can read the full report on the event here.

Source: Mirage Racing [mirageracing.com]

January 8, 2007

Atomic Carbon S4 of Chris Doughty

Atomic Carbon S4 of Chris Doughty

A while back we showed you the Atomic Carbon S4 which at the time was under development and because of that we werent able to see the bodyshell which was still in the prototype stage. Well with the new season fast approaching, former European Champion Chris Doughty who will drive the S4 this year has taken some pictures of his new ride complete with the all new S4 bodyshell. Similar to the Durango bodyshell, in the fact that it has not side pods, the S4 shell features two huge air scoops at the front that will be used to rush air into the electrics to keep them cool.

View more pics of the S4 body shell here.

Source: Doughty UK [doughtyuk.net]

January 8, 2007

Jérémy Limoges wins Rd3 of French 1/12th Nationals

French 1/12th Nats Rd3

Jérémy Limoges has won the third round of the French 1/12th scale Nationals held at Porte Les Valences. Driving a Trinity Reflex Jérémy won ahead of second place Simon Rubet driving a CRC Carpet Kinfe with Mathias Rascol driving an Associated RC12L rounding out the top 3. Pierre-François Brunet who won the first 2 rounds of the Championship finished in 8th after some problems.

Source: RC Infos [rcinfos.com]