November 28, 2006

Alex Racing LX-250 bodyshell

Alex Racing LX-250 bodyshell

Alex Racing have released this great looking 190mm body, the LX-250 which was debuted at the recent 2006 Japanese EP National Championships at the Yatabe Arena by former World Champion Atsushi Hara. This new body features a narrow windscreen for better top speed and is low to help the center of gravity, plus i think it looks very close to a Group C, especially around the back so thats got to help too.

You can view more images here.

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November 27, 2006

CML Raceway 2006 Winter Series Rd2

Chris Doughty

A quick update on the Winter Series being run at the CML Raceway which saw round 2 run last weekend at this great new facility. In 2wd it was Lee Martin, who finished 3rd in round 1, that took the win whilst in 4wd Adam Skelding, who missed the first round, that took the top spot in this class. Below is the top 3 positions from each class.

1. Lee Martin
2. Chris Doughty
3. Kevin Lee

1. Adam Skelding
2. Paul Bradby
3. Lewis Strong

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November 27, 2006

HPI release the Firestorm

HPI Firestorm

HPI Racing have announced the release of the Firestorm, a new 2wd stadium truck. Available as a RTR car, this car features all-new design specifications, cool racing attributes and a fresh direction for HPI’s high quality entry level nitro truck line-up!

Designer Erik Shauver put all his design experience from designing HPI’s high performance cars, like the Hellfire and the Pro 4, into the Firestorm. It combines the latest advances in RC racing truck technology and suspension design to set a new benchmark in 2WD stadium trucks.

View more information about the car here.

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November 27, 2006

DIY front brakes for MZ1 Rally Game chassis

MZ1 Rally Game

Some enterprising Italian has decided that his MZ1 Rally Game chassis needed front brakes so he set about making it and then telling us how he did it. What he has essentially done is add a brake disk to the middle lay shaft and then mounted a braking system to the lower side of the radio plate which is activated by the throttle servo through a lever. The article does points out what i believe to be the big problem with this, stripping the front belt and pulley, but they say that this isnt a problem because of the way they have done it, also the Rally Game rubber tyres probably dont bite as much under braking as foam so the pressure will be less. They also state that it will require a very heavy duty front steering servo to handle the extra strain caused by the front wheel brakes.

Check out the article (in Italian) with lots of pictures here.

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November 27, 2006

Peracho and Palaces win in the wet in Madrid

Carlos Peracho

Last weekend saw the ‘Alcobendas el 5º Open PSF’ run in Madrid in very wet conditions, on the track that will host next years European 1/10th scale ‘A’ Championships. The race itself was won in 1/8th scale by my good friend Carlos Peracho and in 1/10th scale by Diego Palaces, brave drivers considering the terrible conditions.

You can view more pictures here.

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November 27, 2006

Cyril N’Diaye joins Team Xray

Cyril N'Diaye

Xray have the news on their site that they have signed French National Champion Cyril N’Diaye to race their T2007 car for the 2007 season. Cyril won the French National title in 2004 and again this year and joins an already strong European team that includes Jilles Groskamp and newly signed former European Champion Teemu Leino. Cyril had this to say about the move:

XRAY clearly wants to become the leading constructor, not only in touring cars, but also in 1/8th off-road and other classes… just look at their results to date! All current and future products will surely prove they are number 1. I am very happy to join the team, and am sure this is the best way for me to progress.

Read the full introduction here.

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November 27, 2006

2006 US Indoor Champs, Final Results

2006 US Indoor Champs

Well the 2006 US Indoor Champs are history all the racers have left the Holiday Inn for another year. Paul LeMieux cleaned up in the touring car class taking the win in the Modified and 19-turn final. Barry Baker came from qualifying in 3rd position to take the win in the 1/12th Modified class whilst Josh Cyrul won the 1/12th scale 19-turn A main. You can view all the A-main results here:

1/12th Modified here.
1/12th 19-Turn here.
TC Modified here.
1/12th Stock here.
1/12th Masters here.
TC 19-Turn here.
TC Masters here.
TC Stock here.

You can also check out some Main action at the Trinity site here.

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