November 30, 2006

Hong Nor / Jammin pivot ball system

Hong Nor / Jammin pivot ball system

Apparently it is a big deal that Hong Nor / Jammin are releasing this optional pivot ball suspension system, seen above, for their X1 CR buggy? Personally i drove gas circuit cars for 17 years, so for me pivot ball suspension is one of the more accepted suspension systems available, but it seems that this is not the case in off road. Our partner sites Buggy-Sport and Neo-Buggy are trembling with excitment with the news of this revelation so please satisfy them by checking out the pictures on their sites here and here.

November 30, 2006

Novarossi Plus 12-3SCT/3ST

Novarossi Plus 12-3SCT/3ST

The Novarossi Plus 12-3SCT and ST have been upgraded to include an 11.9mm diameter crankshaft. The original version of this 2.1cc motor included an 11.5mm diameter crankshaft but for whatever reason it has been made larger and so the main bearings in both the standard and ceramic versions have also been updated. Now you know.

Source: Kawahara []

November 30, 2006

Team Magic G4S goes RTR

Team Magic G4S

More Team Magic news, this time concerning their 1/10th European Championship winning G4S 200mm chassis which will soon be available as a full RTR version. I dont know any more information about this RTR other than previous RTR kits from TM come with a good Futaba radio set and that the S version of this kit features a lot of nice optionals as standard.

You can view more info about the non RTR G4S here.

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November 30, 2006

Team Magic M1B production pictures

Team Magic M1B

Our partners Neo-Buggy have exclusive production shots of the M1B 1/8th scale buggy from Team Magic. This very same car appears in this months RC Driver magazine but if you haven’t had a chance to see it there then now is your chance. A number of key areas have been improved on the car before it went into production including the wing mount, fuel tank placement, chassis plate and a few other things.

View the images of the M1B here.

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November 30, 2006

Active Hobby maintenance stands

Active Hobby maintenance stand

Japanese company Active Hobby have released this very nice looking rotating maintenance stand for your off road buggy or Truggy. They come in 2 colours, blue and black, and look very cool and whats better is that when not in use the legs can fold up so the whole thing is a lot smaller and can be put away in your tool box with little problems. Active Hobby have also released a number of other neat items that you can check on their site here.

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November 30, 2006

Yannick Aigoins RB C6 BB Worlds engine

Yannick Aigoins RB C6 BB have gotten their hands on the RB C6 BB engine that Yannick Aigoin almost won this years World Championship in Indonesia with. The fuel line rubbing on the flywheel was the cause of his demise at the race but thats not important here, what is important is that there are plenty of pictures from all the internal parts of this engine as well as an interview with Yannick himself about the engine and its preperation. And best of all, there is an auction running on the site between the 10th and 25th of December so you can actually own this motor.

You can view the full write up here.

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November 29, 2006

2007 DHI Cup, track layout finalised

2007 DHI Cup track layout

Winter is a great time for International indoor races with the Team Orion Speed Weekend, Team Orion Cup, US Indoor Champs, Carpet World Cup, Neo Invitational, The Snowbirds, DHI Cup and i’m sure a lot more that i’m forgetting to mention. January 12th to 14th, 2007 will see the 7th running of the DHI Cup which takes place each year in Denmark and every year this event grows in size and importance with all the major European racers attending this event, including a lot of International racers too.

The 2007 track layout was released today and by the looks of things it seems like quite a challenging circuit with the Omega corner on top the list of challenges so if you are planning on racing there, better start memorizing.

You can read more about the DHI Cup here.

Source: Race RC []

November 29, 2006

Round 2 Mini Z cup in Saveuse, France

Mini Z cup in Saveuse

After the pink explosion of round 1 held in Bethune, it was a much more subdued occasion when the French Mini-Z cup went to Saveuse for round 2 of the Championship. Driving on boring grey carpet this time round caught all the action and atmosphere from that event in pictures and posted it on their site.

You can view the results here (PDF) and check out the pictures from the event here and here.

Source: Automodelisme []