November 26, 2006

US Indoor Champs, Qualifying is over

US Indoor Champs

So qualifying for the US Indoor Champs in Cleveland is now over and all the finals have been sorted and there are a lot of them, 51 finals in total and 8 A-mains. Paul Lemieux is the stand out racer having TQ’d both the TC modified and the 19-turn with Mike Dumas qualifying 2nd in 3 classes, (consistent) 1/12th modified and TC modified and 19-turn. Racing takes place all Sunday so we will bring you the main final results when we get them.

You can view all the Mains line ups here (PDF).

UPDATE: It appears Trinity, as main sponsors of the event have also some coverage including videos, so you can check that out here.

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November 26, 2006

Kenji Osaka wins the Japanese 1/8th Off Road Nats

Japanese 1/8th off road Nationals

Kenji Osaka has taken a comfortable win in the 2006 Japanese 1/8th off road Nationals held at the Extreme Club in Japan. Kenji, driving a Ninja powered Mugen, had qualified 4th after qualifying, but this former national Champion pulled it together when it counted to win the race by 16 seconds after 1 hours racing. Second place went to former World Champion Yuichi Kanai driving his Sirio powered Kyosho whilst team mate Atsuhi Kawamoto finished 3rd, a lap down on the leaders, and 11 seconds ahead of 2nd placed qualifier and eventual 4th place finisher Atsushi Hara.

You can view the full results here.

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November 25, 2006

Kazuya Tanaka is TQ for Japanese 1/8th Off Road Nats

Japanese 1/8th Off Road Nats

This weekend sees the running of the previously postponed Japanese 1/8th scale off road Nationals. Held at the Extreme Club in the north of Japan near Aomori, the first running in October was postponed because of a typhoon and 36 hours of solid rain. So this weekend the event is being re-run and it was Kyosho racer Kazuya Tanaka that has taken top qualifying spot for tomorrows finals ahead of a surprising Atsushi Hara in second place driving for Hot Bodies. In third place is the winner of this years Kyosho Masters, and former World Champion, Yuichi Kanai driving for Kyosho and rounding out the top 4 is former 1/8th circuit World Champion Kenji Osaka for Mugen. Racing takes place tomorrow and we will bring you the final results when we get them.

You can view the full results of qualifying here.

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November 25, 2006

US Indoor Champs, Qualifying update after Rd2

US Indoor Champs Track

Just a quick update after 2 completed rounds at the US Indoor Champs in Cleveland. Paul Lemieux is currently TQ for the 1/10th Modified class, having a close battle wit Mike Dumas for the top spot. Whilst in the 1/12th Masters class, its Mr. CRC himself, Frank Calandra just holding on to the top spot with Kelly Bean only 4 tenths behind after 8 minutes. Jeff Dayger and Andrew Ellis easily head up the 1/12th 19Turn and 1/12th Stock classes respectively. More action today and we will bring you the final qualifying spots when we get them.

View the top ten in each class here… content

November 24, 2006

Chicks with RC cars…hell yeah

RC Chicks

So i was checking through my site statistics, as you do, and saw a few hits from a site in Russia. Cool i thought, someone showing my site some love so I decided to pay them a visit, see what people were clicking on etc. well who knew I’d find my new favourite site, well page :) These guys at RC Auto have a damn fine collection of hot females holding onto RC cars (and planes) and judging by the photos, drift events seem to be a great place to see the type of action shown above. I never did find the reference to my site…

Get on over to their site and check out the other fine ‘RC car images’ here.

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November 24, 2006

Elliott Harper wins Rd2 of the BIWS

Elliott Harper

Elliot Harper is again showing why he is one of the sports emerging talents by taking the win in Modified class in round 2 of the British Indoor Winter Series. Held at the Don Valley track, Elliot had problems in qualifying but got it together when it counted to take the win ahead of Sam Smith in 2nd and with Greg Hill finishing in 3rd.

I could see Sam was pushing hard to recover and with about one min. to go had reduced my lead to 1.2 secs. I continued to drive a faultless race and passed over the line still 1.2 secs. ahead of Sam taking the win. My final position was 1st in the modified A final.

You can read Elliot’s, as well as Ben Cosgrove’s, report from this event here.

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November 24, 2006

Andy Griffith dominates Rd3 of UK 1/12th Nationals

Andy Griffiths car

Andy Griffith has TQ’d and won both the Modified and 19T classes at the 3rd round of the British 1/12th Nationals held last weekend in Teeside. What more can you say, no one else even had a chance.

The A final was a very closely run affair between Mick and Andy. Andy led for the whole 8 minutes but Mick was never more than 1 second behind, right up to the last 30 seconds, when a problem for Mick caused him to slow, and allowed Keith to nip past him down the straight on the last lap!

Read the full report here.

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November 24, 2006

ROAR thinking about 4 cell touring


It seems ROAR are at it again with their unpopular decisions, this time contemplating a switch to 4 cells in touring car class for 2007. There is quite a vocal discussion on the RC Tech forums about this decision with the majority of racers pretty pissed about any move to 4 cell but especially annoyed that, being seen as not in touch with modern racing, ROAR are not fit to make decisions of this magnitude without consulting its members. ROAR seem to be loosing, or have already lost, any credibility amongst the racing masses with a lot of racers claiming to be only members because their track requires it for insurance reasons and not because they wish to race in their sanctioned events. The move is also seen by some as a way to block any move to reintroduce Lipo cells in an effort to support the NiMH cell importers who some believe have ROAR in their back pocket. I think BadBoy on sums it up best:

I say ROAR excomm get your head out of your ass and make your organization have value by building a race organization instead of a political good ole boys club wearing knee pads and getting tea bagged by the importers.

A decision on this matter will take place in next couple of weeks and we will keep you updated on what happens.

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