July 6, 2007

Protoform Frizbee 1/8th scale body

Protoform Frizzbee 1/8th scale body

Beating the expected official announcement from Protoform by 10 days or so, RC Tech user, ElliotCanada has a photo of their new 1/8th scale Can Am body, called the Frizbee (not sure if thats the final name or not?). Taken at the recent Canadian Nationals in Hamilton Ontario, the new body is the American companies 2nd new release for this category in 3 months, with the release of the Shadow back in mid May. The body itself sports a number of unique elements such as the lowered center of the rear wing and the use of dimples on the front corners, something similar to what first appeared on the Central body at the end of last year. We will bring you the official word when it is hopefully released later this month.

Source: RC Tech [rctech.net]

July 6, 2007

HARD X-Buggy Starter Box

HARD X-Buggy Starter Box

H.A.R.D. have announced its entrance into the starterbox market with the release of the their new X-Buggy / S-Circuit starter box. These starter boxes not only look great, with their aluminium finish, but are powerful as well as compact, lightweight and very versatile. The incredibly powerful single motor setup makes it perfect for 1/8th cars, especially when starting stubborn buggy engines and the variable mounts mean you can adjust it to fit almost any type of car.

Source: HARD [hard-racing.com]

July 5, 2007

Daily News Round-up

Red RC - Daily Round-up

A summary of other news pieces from around the internet today in our Red RC Round-up:

> Xray dominates the 2nd round of Italian EP touring car Nationals – Link [teamxray.com]
> Neo Buggy interviews ROAR Nationals winner, Adam Drake – Link [neo-buggy.net]
> Team Magic report on the G4 & Motonica Meeting from Fiorano – Link [teammagic.com.tw]
> The BX1 buggy from Blade Racing is finally ready for market – Link [buggy-sport.info]
> De Vallier & Serpent crowned Italian Junior Champions – Link [serpent.com]
> Ruben Francisco wins 5th & final Portuguese EP TC National – Link [petitrc.com]

July 5, 2007

Atomic RC Body Stiffeners & Mini-Z case

Atomic RC Body Stiffeners

Atomic RC have released 2 new products today, touring car body shell stiffeners and a Mini-Z protective box. Made from lexan, and sold in a set of 5, the body stiffeners are deisgned to fit any modern touring car shell and are fixed in place, on the roof and sides of the body, using 2 sided tape while the stiffening struts of lexan have been creased to provide a solid structure. Next up is this nifty hard board protective case for your Kyosho Mini-Z, which will allow your car to fit securely and, using foam bridges, keeps it securely in place while protecting it from damage.

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July 5, 2007

Yaniv Sivan wins 2007 Israeli National Championships

Yaniv Sivan is Israeli National Champion

The 2007 Israeli League for 1/8 scale buggy is over, with the 6th and final round of the season run last weekend at the Hot-Wheels racing club. The weather was very hot, around 34C, and the track was very bumpy but Kyosho racer Yaniv Sivan could cope with the conditions best and would win the race followed by 2 more Kyosho racers, Alon Maltzov in 2nd, who claimed his first ever podium finish and Golan Levi in 3rd. With 4 out of the 6 rounds counting for the overall league standings it was Yaniv Sivan who is crowned the Israeli Champion for 2007 by winning 5 out of 5 races, in 2nd place is the brother of Yaniv, Nir Sivan while 3rd spot went to Xray driver Oren Levi.

Source: Neo Buggy [neo-buggy.net]

July 5, 2007

Kawada TA05 Pro Kevlar white belt

Kawada TA05 Pro Kevlar white belt

Japanese firm Kawada have announced that in the middle of July they will start selling these pro belts for the Tamiya TA05, as well as for their own Sigma 2 chassis. This new white belt differs from the original which uses glass fibres for strength, by using kevlar, which not only means it is very strong and resists strectching but its also softer and therefore provides a smoother drive train for your car.

Source: Kawada [kawadamodel.co.jp]

July 5, 2007

Edit Fuel tubing & Heatsink protector

Edit Fuel tubing

Edit have released some new general parts on their website today, the first of which is some fuel tubing and the other item is a engine heat sink protector. First up is the durable high-grade silicone fuel tubing, which is thicker than standard fuel tubing for extra protection, yet bends easily to prevent cracking or other damage. Available in a variety of colours in 1m lengths, you can get the right colour to match your car’s anodized colour or your personal paint scheme. Next up is the tough plastic heat sink protector that keeps scratches off your big-block engine’s heatsink and is especially suitable for monster trucks, truggies, buggies and 1/8 scale on-road cars.

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July 5, 2007

Nosram VTec “Big Mama” Factory cells

Nosram VTEC

Mirage Racing in the UK have announced that they will be selling Nosrams new P-Max VTEC 4200UP “Big Mama” factory team cells which have been especially developed for stock racing. When it comes to stock racing it’s voltage that counts the most. and these cells have the highest voltage a 4200UP cell has ever had.

VTEC is already known as one of the leading brand names in the world of high performance, high-quality NiMH batteries for r/c car racing. Now, VTEC has launched a new breed of high voltage cells for the special use in stock racing. By taking its ultimate VTEC “Big Mama” cell and treating it with an all new modified p-max treatment a completely new and powerful cell was born.

Source: Mirage [mirageracing.com]