January 31, 2007

Motonica P8.0R and P8.0 Classic kits

Motonica P8.0R

Motonica, who made their debut at last years Nürnberg toy fair, have announced that they will release an updated version of their P8.0, called the P8.0R. The R features a few small updates like a news chassis with shorter wheelbase from 295mm to 292.5mm, more shock mounting options and a different rear body mount that allows you adjust the angle of the a-arms, similar to the Serpent 960. What is rather strange is that Motonica will release a flat pan (no suspension) Classic kit, called P8.0 Classic obviously enough. This class is really only raced in France and a handful of other neighboring countries so it seems like an odd option to build one. There are also some pictures with the name P8.0 base, but i cant figure out if these are showing the P8.0R without some parts or its a completely different car. More will be known after Nürnberg.

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January 31, 2007

Team Magic issue spares pack for M1B owners

Team Magic M1B

Team Magics much hyped M1B appears to be having a few quality issues, with the Taiwanese manufacturer having to issue a rather large spares pack free to all first batch M1B owners. The problem with the car isn’t exactly clear but judging by the amount of things in the free kit, it would appear to be a lot of small things, one of which appears to be the radical new fuel tank. Some of parts might not be necessary replacements but more a nice gift to make you forget about your problems and create a good vibe with the customers, either way its a nice gesture and good PR.

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January 31, 2007

Nürnberg Toy fair – First pictures

Team Orion CRF Wasps

The Nürnberg toy fair may not start until tomorrow but our show partners RC Junkies has managed to sneak himself into the show and take some pictures of the exhibitors as they set up. He also managed to bag some pictures of the new Team Orion Wasp CRF motors that we told you about yesterday. On their stand they also had Adrien Bertins car fitted with the new .21 CRF Wasp.

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January 30, 2007

Team Orion CRF Wasp .21 circuit coming soon

CRF Wasp .21

After Team Orion released the images of their new .21 CRF Wasp off road motor last week it was only a matter of time before they made a circuit version available too. Today we have found information that confirms that the eagerly awaited .21 circuit and also the .28 Truggy motor will be made available soon.

21 On-Road
The Wasp Rev .21 On-Road is the ideal power plant for your 1:8 scale on-Road vehicle. never before has engine technology provided so much power while still retaining maximum fuel efficiency. The power to blast by the competiions on the long straights and out of the turns is now here Wasp REV, it delivers!
28 Truggy
The Wasp Rev .28 Truggy, Oh yeah it’s time has come and the power of CRF REV is here! Truggies are quickly becoming a class to be reckoned with at tracks and neighborhoods all over the world. Whether your trying to pass the field over the triple or out roost your buddies the Wasp REV is your key to unlocking all the potential in your vehicle.

Expect more information to be made available this week at the toy fair in Germany including the announcement of a .15 and .18 version of the CRF Wasp motor too.

January 30, 2007

Corally RDX phi – Official photos

Corally RDX phi

Earlier today we showed you the launch picture from the new Corally phi, well now we have images from the actual car itself, which may or may not be more interesting to you than the stripper, but anyway here they are and all i have to say is that the car looks sweet indeed. Today is turning into a good day for launches with images of the Mi3 from Schumacher being released today also.

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January 30, 2007

Much More tyre inserts for Carpet racing

Much More tyre inserts

Much More have released this new tyre inserts that have been specifically made for carpet racing. The MIA-CP is less elastic and lighter than other tire inserts, so they are suitable for use on carpet and they come supplied with powder to decrease friction between tire and insert, so the inserts stay stable inside and won’t be heat up.

Source: Much More [much-more.co.kr]

January 30, 2007

Jerome Sartel rejoins Crono

Jerome Sartel rejoins Crono

Top French buggy racer Jerome Sartel has joined Crono after a short spell running with Team Losi at the end of last year and before that running for Hong Nor. Jerome has reached a deal with the Italian manufacturer to race with the them for the 2007 season using the new Crono RS buggy that will be released at this weeks toy fair in Germany.

Source: Modellismo RC [modellismorc.net]

January 30, 2007

Xray to release EC edition of XB8

Xray release EC edition of XB8

Xray are very busy at the moment, making product and driver announcements. The latest bit of news to come from the guys in Slovakia is that they will be releasing an EC edition of their 1/8th scale EC winning buggy, the XB8. Details are slim about whether it is a limited edition kit or their 2007 version of the XB8, probably the latter, but i’m sure we will know more after the Nurnberg toy fair which takes place this week.

The XRAY Development Team continued its development and improvement of the XB8, bringing forth in 2007 the improved and optimized XB8 – the European Champion edition.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]