November 27, 2006

Sönke Matz dominates in Hamburg

Sönke Matz car

During last weekends Cars & Details off road race, run alongside a toy fair in Hamburg, Sönke Matz in his last race for Kyosho dominated proceedings and took the event win by 6 laps ahead of Marcell Guske with a Mugen in 2nd and Rene König driving for Xray in 3rd.

You can view some other pics of the event here and here.

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November 27, 2006

DIY front brakes for MZ1 Rally Game chassis

MZ1 Rally Game

Some enterprising Italian has decided that his MZ1 Rally Game chassis needed front brakes so he set about making it and then telling us how he did it. What he has essentially done is add a brake disk to the middle lay shaft and then mounted a braking system to the lower side of the radio plate which is activated by the throttle servo through a lever. The article does points out what i believe to be the big problem with this, stripping the front belt and pulley, but they say that this isnt a problem because of the way they have done it, also the Rally Game rubber tyres probably dont bite as much under braking as foam so the pressure will be less. They also state that it will require a very heavy duty front steering servo to handle the extra strain caused by the front wheel brakes.

Check out the article (in Italian) with lots of pictures here.

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November 27, 2006

Peracho and Palaces win in the wet in Madrid

Carlos Peracho

Last weekend saw the ‘Alcobendas el 5º Open PSF’ run in Madrid in very wet conditions, on the track that will host next years European 1/10th scale ‘A’ Championships. The race itself was won in 1/8th scale by my good friend Carlos Peracho and in 1/10th scale by Diego Palaces, brave drivers considering the terrible conditions.

You can view more pictures here.

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November 27, 2006

Cyril N’Diaye joins Team Xray

Cyril N'Diaye

Xray have the news on their site that they have signed French National Champion Cyril N’Diaye to race their T2007 car for the 2007 season. Cyril won the French National title in 2004 and again this year and joins an already strong European team that includes Jilles Groskamp and newly signed former European Champion Teemu Leino. Cyril had this to say about the move:

XRAY clearly wants to become the leading constructor, not only in touring cars, but also in 1/8th off-road and other classes… just look at their results to date! All current and future products will surely prove they are number 1. I am very happy to join the team, and am sure this is the best way for me to progress.

Read the full introduction here.

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November 27, 2006

2006 US Indoor Champs, Final Results

2006 US Indoor Champs

Well the 2006 US Indoor Champs are history all the racers have left the Holiday Inn for another year. Paul LeMieux cleaned up in the touring car class taking the win in the Modified and 19-turn final. Barry Baker came from qualifying in 3rd position to take the win in the 1/12th Modified class whilst Josh Cyrul won the 1/12th scale 19-turn A main. You can view all the A-main results here:

1/12th Modified here.
1/12th 19-Turn here.
TC Modified here.
1/12th Stock here.
1/12th Masters here.
TC 19-Turn here.
TC Masters here.
TC Stock here.

You can also check out some Main action at the Trinity site here.

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November 26, 2006

Robitronic Scalpel 1/18th scale in action

Robitronic Scalpel

We first saw the great looking Scalpel 1/18th scale electric pan car from Robitronic at the iHobby show in Chicago in October. I hadn’t seen one driving around a track before, until Robitronic posted a video on their site showing the car tearing around a test track in Austria equipped with a brushless 8000kV System and 4 cell GP1300 battery pack. Its pretty damn fast and to drive it, it appears you would need very good eyesight.

Check out the video here.

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November 26, 2006

US Indoor Champs, Qualifying is over

US Indoor Champs

So qualifying for the US Indoor Champs in Cleveland is now over and all the finals have been sorted and there are a lot of them, 51 finals in total and 8 A-mains. Paul Lemieux is the stand out racer having TQ’d both the TC modified and the 19-turn with Mike Dumas qualifying 2nd in 3 classes, (consistent) 1/12th modified and TC modified and 19-turn. Racing takes place all Sunday so we will bring you the main final results when we get them.

You can view all the Mains line ups here (PDF).

UPDATE: It appears Trinity, as main sponsors of the event have also some coverage including videos, so you can check that out here.

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November 26, 2006

Kenji Osaka wins the Japanese 1/8th Off Road Nats

Japanese 1/8th off road Nationals

Kenji Osaka has taken a comfortable win in the 2006 Japanese 1/8th off road Nationals held at the Extreme Club in Japan. Kenji, driving a Ninja powered Mugen, had qualified 4th after qualifying, but this former national Champion pulled it together when it counted to win the race by 16 seconds after 1 hours racing. Second place went to former World Champion Yuichi Kanai driving his Sirio powered Kyosho whilst team mate Atsuhi Kawamoto finished 3rd, a lap down on the leaders, and 11 seconds ahead of 2nd placed qualifier and eventual 4th place finisher Atsushi Hara.

You can view the full results here.

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