October 28, 2006

Japanese 1/12th Nationals – Qualifying

Jap 1/12th Nats

Kimihiko-yano.net have their report from the 2nd day of the Japanese 1/12th scale nationals online. It seems the wet weather held of and they got 4 rounds of qualifying done. Again i must apologise for my Japanese being as poor as it is but because of that i cant tell you who heads the leaderboard after qualifying.

You can view an image of the results sheet here: position 1-20, 21-43

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October 28, 2006

Flabouris is Greek Champion 2006

Greek Championship

Flabouris Kostas has won the 2006 12T Greek Electric Touring Championship. The report on the Xray site shows that Flabouris won 2 of the 3 A-final heats at the last round of the championship on his way to claiming the title.

Greek Championship 12T class FINAL positions
1 Flabouris XRAY T2
3 Bougalis XRAY T2
4 Balasis XRAY T2

Greek Championship Open class FINAL positions
2 Katikas XRAY T2
3 Nikolakopoulos XRAY T2
5 Antoniou XRAY T2

You can read the full report on Xray’s site here.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

October 28, 2006

Team Orion carburettor fix for CRF Wasp REV .12 motor

Wasp 12 CRF carb

Team Orion have issued a statement on their site regarding their CRF Wasp REV .12 motor. They have upgraded the carburettor on the engine following “improvements developed by the CRF R&D department and Josh Cyrul himself”‘, “The modifications result in easier engine setup and more low end torque”.

Team Orion will replace the main needle holder for free to all customers and the updated carburetor body will be available for a nominal fee.

This all basically translates to “the carb doesnt work very well and its our fault, so let us quickly replace it and we can try and keep face”. All said, these things can and do happen and as it’s pretty unusual for a top company like Team Orion to have such problems so we wont make a fuss. Those who want the upgrade are advised to contact their local Team Orion office.

Source: Team Orion [teamorion.com]

October 28, 2006

Xray issue warning on bearings

Xray Bearings

Xray have issued an important notice regarding the bearings on their new flagship car, the T2007. The bearings appear to be lacking the sufficient amount of oil which can lead to failures if not remedied. This a particularly difficult blow to Xray, who pride themselves, and rightly so, on the quality of their cars and components.

To: All XRAY T2’007 Owners
Date: 27th October 2006
Subject: T2’007 Ball-bearing Oiling

Several team drivers have indicated that ball-bearings in the T2’007 kits seem to have been insufficiently oiled, and that this is probably the reason that some of the bearings tend to fail sooner. For this reason, we would like to warn all T2’007 owners to preventively apply any standard ball-bearing oil to all of the ball-bearings.


Source: Xray [teamxray.com] 

October 28, 2006

New Ninja .21 buggy motor?

Ninja MR21-BO1A

According to Greek site, radiocontrol.gr, there is a new Ninja buggy motor out. Information is thin on the ground but there are enough changes on the motor to warrant a look. For starters the engine head features a new spec number, with the addition of A to the MR21-BO1 and also the crankshaft and conrod sport new series number. Not exactly a major update but more a simple material upgrade it seems. No official word on the Ninja website.

Source: Radio Control [radiocontrol.gr]

October 27, 2006

Japanese 1/12th Nationals begin

Japanese 1/12th Nats

The JMRCA run Japanese 1/12th scale Nationals are being held this weekend. The Friday test day seemed to be rained out judging by the images, but it gave Kimihiko-yano.net the opportunity to take lots of pictures of the track and the competing cars. We will report on this results of this event as we get them.

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October 27, 2006

Buggy event at Telstra WRC event attracts stars

Telstra Rally

Neo-Buggy reports that Ian Haley took another convincing TQ and win at the Telstra WRC Rally RC event. But more importantly this event was held during the World Rally event and attracted former RC racer and WRC World Champion Petter Solberg, who joined in, along with top WRC young gun Dani Sordo. The picture above has nothing to do with either driver but its better to look at the Miss WRC girls than a middle aged Norwegian and a young Spaniard.

Solberg drove CEN driver Paul Cornwall’s car for a while; who with Haley ended up on the podium with the Miss WRC girls!! Petter Solberg was himself at the age of 13 a keen RC Racer; back in the day he won his fair share of events in Norway, before moving onto bigger and faster cars….;)

You can see a picture of Petter Solberg with Paul Cornwall after the jump… content

October 27, 2006

Crompton switches to O’Donnell fuels

Dave Crompton

Neo-Buggy have the scoop on UK National Champion Dave Crompton’s move from Byron to O’Donnell fuels for the upcoming season.

We can reveal that 8 time UK Champion and 2006 Euros Pole sitter David Crompton will be using O’Donnell fuel from now onwards. David used Byron fuel to great success in the 2006 season.

Source: Neo Buggy [neobuggy.net]