January 6, 2008

KM Racing blocks & NT1/MTX4 parts

KM Racing have released a number of optional parts for the Mugen MTX-4 and Xray NT1 as well as these universal droop blocks. The chassis droop support blocks, which sport the KM Racing logo have been precision machined from aluminium and red anodised and work with the previously released droop gauge. For the MTX-4, KM have created some lightweight aluminium pulleys in both 23T and 18T and their construction prevents the build up of dirt on the teeth, while a new lightweight pulley adaptor works with the original plastic pullies on the MTX3 and 4. For the Xray NT1 is…

December 1, 2007

KM Racing NT1 parts and Airfilter

KM Racing’s love affair with the Xray NT1 continues with the release of more new products this popular 200mm. First up are some new brake pads that have been mounted on 2mm thick carbon fibre plates and sport a premounted brake material that promises to deliver consistent fade free braking while also being very durable. Also new are two 2mm thick carbon fibre inserts for the cars servo saver, that offers 4 more Ackermann settings and adds strength to this area. Lastly for the NT1, for now, are a set of 4mm offset aluminum hex wheel adaptors that use a…

November 25, 2007

Rony Xray NT1 option parts

The Xray NT1 seems to be the ‘After market parts’ manufacturer’s car of choice at the moment with almost all parts of the 200mm available in different variations of aluminium and carbon. Japanese company Rony, who have released a number of NT1 parts previously, have now released even more new additions to their range starting off with this aluminium front anti-roll bar lever set. Also new is a lightweight titanium middle shaft, a machined 18T aluminium pulley, aluminium servo saver set with adjustble ackermann, lightweight upper engine mounts and finally an aluminium chassis stiffener. Click here to see the other…

November 23, 2007

KM Racing release more NT1 options

More new releases from KM Racing, and yet more parts for the Xray NT1, with the release of more aluminium options for the Slovakian company’s 200mm chassis. First up is this aluminium rear back plate that replaces the original plastic part and helps increase strength to the structure of this area in the event of a rear impact. Also new from KM is a set of 4 spring cap bottoms that have been made from gun metal anodised aluminium and further lightened through holes and extra machining. Finally, for the clutch of the NT1, is a new aluminium spring cup…

November 12, 2007

KM Racing NT1 titanium 2-speed shaft

Continuing on with the release of hop up parts for the Xray NT1, comes yet another part from KM Racing. This 2-speed gearbox shaft is a direct replacement for the stock version and has been made from a solid piece of lightweight, yet very strong, titanium which helps the overall weight of the car as well as helping reduce rotating mass. Source: KM Racing [km-rc.com]…

October 31, 2007

Atomic RC Xray NT1 optionals

Atomic RC have released yet more optional parts for their favourite 1/10th 200mm, the Xray NT1. Adding to their already extensive line-up, the new parts include a reinforced rear stabilizer mount, aluminium 7075 hex wheel adapters and middle mounts for the radio tray. Also newly available is a lightweight 2nd gear adapter, an aluminium center shaft mounting bracket, a flex-control engine mount set, lightweight delrin adjustable nut for use on the 8.4mm pivot balls and finally a graphite brake linkage set. Click here to see the products… Source: Atomic RC [rcatomic.com]…

October 19, 2007

Daily News Round-up

A summary of other news pieces from around the internet today in our Red RC Round-up: > Serdar Sakalioglu wins Turkish National finale – Link [serpent.com] > New pitboxes and parts cases from Kyosho – Link [kyosho.com] > Greek 1/10 TC National Race Reports – Link [teamxray.com] > Mirage report from the 1st round of the Carper Wars – Link [mirageracing.com] > Neo Buggy interview Yannick Aigoin – Link [neo-buggy.net] > NT1 Wins Kota Raja 4hr Endurance Race – Link [teamxray.com]…

October 16, 2007

KM Racing NT1 anti-roll bars

KM Racing continue to release parts for the Xray NT1 with the introduction of a complete set of rear anti-roll bars for the car. Available in a number of different thicknesses to help set-up your car, they come in 1.7mm, 1.8mm, 1.9mm, 2.1mm, 2.2mm & 2.3mm and are a direct replacement for the original parts. Click here to see the part mounted… Source: KM Racing [km-rc.com]…

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