January 25, 2009

Team Associated SC10 truck update

Team Associated have given us another sneak peak of their SC10 that we wrote about last week. Although already presumed with the name, the car has now been confirmed as a 1/10th scale chassis and as we can see, it is another CORR series style truck.

Source: Associated [rc10.com]

January 16, 2009

Factory Team Alu RC8 blocks & hubs

New for the Team Associated RC8, the Factory Team’s all-new CNC machined steering blocks and rear uprights add strength, precision, added adjustability, and great looks. Precision machined from quality 7075 aluminum, these parts are durable, lightweight, and maintain the suspension geometry optimized by the RC8 design team. Conveniently packaged in pairs they feature Associated’s signature blue anodizing with sexy-look second-op machining and are a direct fit for the RC8, RC8-RS, RC8T, RC8T-RS, and all SC8 models.

Source: Associated [rc10.com]

January 15, 2009

Team Associated SC10 truck

Team Associated are close to releasing what appears to be a 1/10th scale version of their popular SC8 CORR series truck. Promoted on their site at the moment, they are only displaying the new SC10 logo seen above, but we’re sure that more information will come soon. Stay tuned.

Source: RC10 [rc10.com]

December 20, 2008

Factory Team Muffler & RC8T options

New from Factory team are these 1/8th scale muffler and header. Perfect for your RC8, SC8 and RC8T this 3-chamber muffler provides the best combination of bottom end punch and top end performance. Hard anodised they are EFRA Homologated (#2035). Also new from FT, for the RC8T are a pair of narrow aluminium wheel hexes. Recommended for use in both the front and rear of your RC8T and RC8T RS, they reduce your overall width by 9.0mm, yielding quicker steering response and more speed through the corners. Finally for the RC8T are front and rear chassis braces, made from aluminium, which both help stiffen the chassis in bending and torsion.

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December 18, 2008

Team Associated Pro Comp SC8

Team Associated have announced the release of the Travis Coyne edition Pro Comp SC8, the latest edition to their line of 1/8th scale, nitro 4WD, authentic race truck replicas. Based on the championship-winning RC8T truggy platform, the SC8 was designed to meet the scale specifications of the full-size short course race truck. It’s all there, Fully assembled and ready to go, underneath the replica body, roll cage and wheels beats the heart of a RC8T. Team Associated’s Pro.28 engine and XP3D Computerized Digital FM Radio system are factory installed. The differentials and shocks come filled with the proper silicone fluids, making it faster and easier than ever to get Team Associated SC8 performance out of the box and into the dirt.

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November 27, 2008

Team Associated e-Conversion kit

Team Associated have released this new e-Conversion kit, designed for the RC8, RC8T, and SC8 to easily and neatly convert from nitro to electric power. The e-Conversion is a well thought-out, practical design that has been engineered to work as an integral part of the chassis. Comes supplied with everything you need to complete the conversion.

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August 21, 2008

Associated SC8 Short Course Race Truck

Associated SC8 Short Course Race Truck

Team Associated have officially announced the SC8, the first 1:8 scale, nitro 4WD offroad, authentic race truck replicas. Each SC8 comes decked out with one of four fully licensed race truck bodies, wheels and tires, designed to look just like the full size race trucks that run in short course off road series around the country. The world of high-performance R/C has never before seen this level of scale accuracy. Starting with the championship winning RC8T truggy platform, the SC8 was designed to meet the scale specifications of the full size short course race trucks. It’s all there, from the scale suspension travel, to the roll-cage tube diameter, to the functional mud flaps. The result is the SC8, a creation of an unparalleled scale experience at a level of performance that has never been seen before in true scale.

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