July 12, 2011

Video – HRH Shootout 2wd Modified A-main


Following our coverage of the 2011 Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout that took place last weekend, we have uploaded a video showing all the action from the 2wd Modified A-main which you can view above.

July 11, 2011

Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout finals day


The 14th Annual Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout wrapped up today with some spectacular racing! The track was patched and prepped nicely for the mains by Jimmy Babcock and crew. Traction was unreal, competition was fierce, and the crowd was clearly entertained by their abundance of oohs and aahs. Pro-2 short course kicked off the day with the first round of the triple a-mains. From pole position, Jared Tebo lead the first lap and never looked back in A1. A2 followed suit with complete domination driving his Kyosho RB-5 SC to the victory and clinching the overall win. TLR teammates Mike Truhe and Frank Root had some pretty epic battles for 2nd place, swapping positions what seemed like every corner. Truhe and Root had a rough start in A3, but it didn’t take them long to work their way back to the front where the rivalry continued to entertain the spectators.

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July 10, 2011

Tebo & Cavalieri top qualifying at HRH Shootout


Round 3 & 4 of qualifying at the Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout are in the books.  Jared Tebo and Ryan Cavalieri stole the show with double TQ’s on another toasty day in southern California. Dustin Evans was off to a great start leading Q3 of 4wd modified but a costly mistake early in the race put him down to the back of the pack.  Tebo and Cavalieri had a close battle for the lead throughout the race as Evans found a groove and worked his way back to the lead battle. One crash by Tebo allowed Ryan to walk away with a few second lead all the way to the end of the race, his 3rd consecutive TQ and clinching the overall TQ for 4wd modified. Ryan also crushed the small field of competition in mod truck, TQing his 3rd consecutive round again and taking the overall TQ as well.
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July 9, 2011

Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout qualifying Day 1


The 14th annual Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout was off to a warm start today with rounds 1 and 2 of qualifying. Last year, temperatures topped out at 114 degrees and the weather this year is a bit cooler staying in the 90’s.  The track is a dry ran, blue-groove surface that is well know for its massive amounts of traction.  The 3-day race starts out with 4 rounds of qualifying. Qual-points determine your seeding for the triple a-mains on Sunday.

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