September 16, 2010

Video – Losi 1/16 Mini SCT


Embedded above is a video from Horizon Hobby in which Gary Katzer sits down with the 1/16 Mini ReadyLift SCT‘s lead designer Keith Whisler, who provides some cool info regarding the development and design that went onto the Mini SCT.

August 26, 2010

Losi 1/16 Mini ReadyLift SCT

Having shown you a video earlier in the week giving a sneak peak of the new 1/16th Mini ReadyLift SCT, Losi have today released the full details of this neat little car. A 2WD mini with a Xcelorin brushless power system, oil-filled shocks and an extended short course chassis, the Mini SCT RTR has all that and more. Not only does this 1/16 truck have a Losi reciever with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM technology, but it’s got a Sean Geiser ReadyLift licensed body with sponsor decals and generous ground clearance. Losi teamed up with Sean Geiser to bring you this scale replica of the ReadyLift truck from the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series. This 1/16 ReadyLift Mini SCT harnesses brushless power in a package that provides incredible control and handling. Featuring an Xcelorin 4500Kv motor, all metal gear transmission, and a Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM receiver.

View more details and images here

August 25, 2010

Video – 1/16 Mini ReadyLift SCT RTR


The 1/16 Mini ReadyLift SCT RTR from Losi is a 2WD truck with an Xcelorin brushless power system, oil-filled shocks, a Losi radio system with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM technology, and an extended short course chassis. The Mini ReadyLift SCT has all that and more in a one-box everything included package. Features a Sean Geiser ReadyLift licensed body with sponsor decals. For those that already own DSM transmitter with Spektrum 2.4GHz Technology, it will also be available in a money-saving Bind-N-Drive configuration, the same great brushless short course truck minus the transmitter at a $30 savings.

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July 31, 2010

Losi Micro SCT 4wd chassis

Losi have released what they claim is the smallest 4wd short course truck on the market. An agile 4WD drivetrain and powerful micro motor hooked up with a rugged chassis, extended suspension travel and oil filled shocks make the Micro SCT a blast to drive on a myriad of different surfaces. Just forget its size, indoors or out it will power its way around or over most obstacles, and getting the power down on any lose or slippery surface will test a drivers ability to control a car under the most difficult of driving conditions. Ready to run straight out of the box all that‘s needed to get up and running is to charge the 220 mAh battery and you’re ready to hit the dirt. That will deliver around five minutes of run time depending on how hard the car is driven and extra batteries are available in various sizes, so track time can be easily maximised. A bottom loaded battery compartment means that changing batteries is a breeze and can be completed without all the hassle of taking off the bodyshell.

View the full details here

June 2, 2010

Exotek SCX-T XXX-T SC conversion

Now Team Losi owners have something to ‘strike’ fear into their competition. With this SCX-T upgrade kit from Exotek Racing you can convert the venerable XXX-T into a completely ROAR legal SC power house. Similar to the kit released by CRC, the SCX-t has been developed and tested to ensure the best performance, fit and durability. Made in the USA of G10 material to match the flex of the XXX-T chassis for unsurpassed traction, it includes custom made hardened steel front axles that are narrowed for ROAR legal width and which fit the XXX-T hubs and SC10 wheels. Its unique bumper mounts accepts the Losi Strike front bumper and Traxxas Slash 4×4 rear bumper for extra durability and realism.

View more images of the SCX-T here

May 15, 2010

CRC Losi XXX-T Short Course conversion

CRC are offering a conversion for the Losi XXX-T to turn them into a SC Truck. The set converts most all XXX-T truck kits from Team Losi, including the Desert Truck & XXX-T CR utilizing carbon fiber chassis extensions that allow you to use your stock rear bottom plate. Using the stock rear bottom plate makes converting any XXX-T a breeze because there will be no complications with the rear arm mounts, transmissions, etc not matching up. RTR’s, MF 1’s, MF 2’s, Desert Trucks, and the newest XXX-T CR’s can all be converted using this setup, however the CR will require you to replace the quick change hubs and axles over to standard type axles.

View more images of the converted chassis here

February 14, 2010

Losi Strike 1/8 wheel adapters

Team Losi have introduced these new 1/8 wheel adapters for the 1/10 Strike short course truck. The set, which includes new axles that allow for simple changes between the stock wheels and 1/8-scale wheels without having to change the axles, allows 1/10 Strike SCT owners to benefit from the increased performance of 1/8-scale tires and wheels. Produced with a black anodized finish on all parts offers great looks and increased durability.

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January 27, 2010

Losi Extra high torque servo

Losi have released this extra high torque servo. An ideal step up for RTR and 1/8 throttle servos this servo provides over 130 in./oz. of torque reliably through ball bearing supported metal gears. This servo is perfect for 1/10 steering, 1/8 throttle, and 1/8 Monster trucks that will benefit from the extra torque and power. The metal output shaft features 23 splines, which is the same as Losi, JR, Spektrum, and Airtronics.

Source: Losi []