August 7, 2007

JP Racing FX12 TL-3T Eagle

JP Racing FX 12 TL-3T

JP Racing have announced the release of their latest competition 2.1cc Novarossi based engine, the FX12 TL-3T Eagle. Based on one of JP Racings most popular motors, the FX12 T03, this modified Eagle version is a 3 port IFMAR and EFRA legal engine which has been hand worked around the liner while the crankshaft has been lightened, optimised and given JP’s hard black coating. Extensive testing by the companys test drivers shows that this engine has a very powerful bottom range while also retaining the marques famously high top speed.

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August 4, 2007

KM Racing NT1 option parts

KM Racing NT1 option parts

KM Racing have released a number of new optional parts for the Xray NT1 that have been developed by 2006 IFMAR Pre-World Champion Mr. Hung Cheung Hang. Beginning with this front shock tower, which has been made from 4mm carbon fibre, this ultra strong piece features 4 shock mount options for setup fine tuning and as with the other parts is a direct replacement for the standard Xray piece. Next up is a new rear shock tower, which sports 7 shock mounting holes and has also been made stronger through the use of 4mm carbon. Yet another tuning part is this rear camber plate that has 6 upper linkage mount points and has been made from 2.5mm carbon fibre. And finally, just for bling, is this great looking front upper bumper plate which has been machined from 2.5mm thick carbon fibre.

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August 3, 2007

Xray NT1 Graphite PT Bracket

Xray NT1 Graphite PT Bracket

The trickle of option parts for the Xray NT1 continues with the publication on their website of this graphite transponder bracket. Smart and functional design, this personal transponder mounting plate is made from premium-quality carbon fiber and it includes the necessary mounting hardware for easy attachment to NT1 radio plate.

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August 2, 2007

IRS Balance Tools for TC and 1/12th

IRS Balance Tools for TC and 1/12th

Jason Breiner from BMI Racing posted these images online of these new balance tools by IRS. Essentially they are two hemispheres with a pin sticking out of them and what they do is help you set the balance of your chassis by allowing the car sitting on top of them to lean, showing how the car is balanced. The pins are inserted into the cars chassis plate along the center line and gravity does the rest and the beauty of them is you can leave them in the chassis as you play around with weight distribution receiving instant confirmation.

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August 1, 2007

K-Factory ZF Bearings

K Factory ZF Bearings

K-Factory have introduced their new ZF bearing range which come in a variety of sizes and are used as a replacement for your standard kit bearings. Lightweight, these bearings help reduce rotating and static weight within your car, while their construction, combined with the very smooth rubber material used for the seals, provides your car with an almost frictionless transmission system. Less friction equals more speed.

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July 31, 2007

LRP VTEC Foam tires

LRP VTEC Foam tires

We are a little bit late with the details about the VTEC brand expanding its tire line by releasing new foam tires, but we’re catching up on our LRP news and felt that while we did briefly mention it earlier this month its worth going into a little more detail about them. These tires have been made using high quality Japanese foam and are suitable for use on both gas and electric powered cars. Sold pre glued, they come available in a number of different shores from 35 to 45.

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July 31, 2007

LRP Z.12R Team Spec 4 engine

LRP Z.12R Team Spec.4

LRP have announced the latest version of their Z.12R engine, the new Team Spec 4 is the company’s newest .12 motor aimed at the competition level 1/10th scale touring car market. This engine provides a maximum power output of 1.65hp and is equipped with CNC machined 3-port sleeve, made from hard chromed brass alloy (true ABC construction), piston and extra reinforced connecting rod. A black anodized metal backplate with special scoops provides improved mixture flow inside the engine to maximize the performance, while to pay attention to the latest car developments LRP have redesigned the cooling head to lower the center of gravity of the engine.

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July 30, 2007

Moore-Speed Stratus Lightweight

Moore-Speed Stratus Lightweight

You might remember last week that we informed you about the new lightweight version of the Moore Speed Mazda 6 bodyshell. Well the diet seems to be spreading within Hot Bodies with the introduction of this new lightweight Dodge Stratus 190mm body shell, which like the other lightweight shells available are around 30 grams lighter than the standard versions.

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