March 24, 2020

Tamiya M-06 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia kit

Tamiya have released their new Volkswagen Karmann Ghia kit based on the popular M-06 M-class chassis. The Karmann Ghia was a stylish coupé based upon the same platform as the legendary Beetle. Its body was designed by Italian firm Ghia and manufactured by the German company Karmann. The polycarbonate body in this replica sits on top of the Tamiya RWD M-06 chassis. The M-06 chassis features a rear-mounted motor, rear-drive setup and features a longitudinally-mounted battery pack, with R/C equipment positioned on either side for optimum balance and a low centre of gravity. 4-wheel double wishbone suspension uses metal-plated wheels, equipped with 60D radial tires at the front and 60D super grip tyres at the rear. In addition, a 3-piece steering linkage offers nimble handling response.

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March 24, 2020

TWT tweak control centre

TWT from Thailand have introduced their new tweak control centre, an acrylic plate and carbon fibre rod that help to eliminate tweak from touring car chassis. The acrylic base plate measures 290x86x18mm and it acts as a sturdy base for the chassis to rest on, while the 15mm diameter carbon fibre rod helps to press down the chassis on its shock towers to get the chassis and topdeck aligned straight while tightening the top deck screws. The rod features milled out windows to make way for the main gears of both mid and rear motor touring cars while the base plate is of a two-sided design with trays for smaller parts on the opposite site. The tool set was developed in cooperation with 2020 IFMAR 1/10th 200mm Nitro Touring Car World Champion, Meen Vejrak and it is available in several colour variants now.

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March 24, 2020

Rêve D aluminium spring retainers

Coming soon from Rêve D are three new UP series aluminium spring retainers for RWD drift cars chassis. Available as 0, +2mm and +4mm variants, the different height of the spring cups allows to adjust the position of the spring in relation to the shock body which has an influence on the lateral grip available. The cups also allow to use springs of different lengths which further helps to fine-tune traction available. The cups come machined from high-quality aluminium, they sport a black surface finish, machined silver edge details and white laser-engraved markings.

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March 24, 2020

Gabe Harvell takes Arizona State Champs title

The Arizona State Championships were hosted by the Arizona Scale Racers in Mesa, Arizona last weekend. The Touring Modified class saw Gabe Harvell taking the overall TQ from Thomas Varns in 2nd and Johnathan Lee in 3rd. With wins in A1 and A3 Gabe would also seal the overall title as Thomas and Johnathan battled it out for the overall runner-up spot. Ultimately and with 11-3-2 finishes it was Thomas who would hold the upper hand after the tie-breaker from Johnathan who had to settle for 3rd overall with 4-1-7 finishes.

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March 23, 2020

Xray X1 lightweight & wide formula rear wing

Coming from Xray and made for their X1 formula pan car as well as many other Formula cars is their new lightweight and wide rear wing. The highly efficient wing was developed to offer efficient downforce in combination with the X1’s body shell with the lid’s rear flow channels guiding the air towards the rear wing for improved downforce and stability. The #373514 rear wing is is available in black or white colour and it is ETS approved for 2020.

View the white rear wing here

March 23, 2020

Hudy slim LiPo stainless steel battery weight

Hudy have announced the release of their new stainless steel battery weight for the new-style slim LiPo packs. Measuring 135x33x1mm and weighing in at 35g the weight was designed to rest between the battery pack and the chassis, lowering the overall centre of gravity while adding valuable weight when running the latest lightweight LiPo battery pack design. The plate is a universal fit and it is usable with most 1/10th scale touring cars.

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March 23, 2020

Yeah Racing TC4 grade titanium screws

Yeah Racing have introduced their new TC4 grade titanium screws that are meant to offer an high strength-to-weight ratio. The fasteners are not only light of weight they also add some visual impact due to their shiny finish and they are highly corrosion resistant, making them ideal for on-road and off-road kits alike. The screws come in 5-piece packs and they are available as flathead or button head M3x6mm, M3x8mm and M3x10mm variants.

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March 23, 2020

RC Maker A800MMX slim battery mounts & battery weight

RC Maker have announced the release of new optional parts in the form of A800MMX GeoCarbon battery mounts for the use with slim-type battery packs as well as a slim LCG brass weight. Starting with the battery mounts, slim batteries are narrower and require smaller hooks for installation. RC Maker have modified their original GeoCarbon battery hook design for the narrower batteries, giving drivers a stylish option for securing the new range of slim battery packs. The set includes a 2mm spacer to raise the hooks for increased support, are adjustable left to right for correct balance and fitment, and also support integration with RC Maker’s floating battery mount sets for Awesomatix/Xray or Yokomo.

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