April 9, 2021

Awesomatix A800FX Evo 1/10 FWD touring car

Based upon their class revolutionising A800FX platform and the feedback from racers around the globe, Awesomatix have designed and created the new A800FX Evo FWD Touring Car. The main goal was to further enhance the performance in all conditions and increase the setup range to suit all track conditions. Since weight distribution is the main setup tool for a FWD car, they re-worked the main chassis design and extended the wheelbase. This increase in wheelbase allows for further adjustability in weight bias and creates more forward traction. They also redesigned the rear of the car for better flex distribution. The steering unit is a completely new design, taking the concept of the proven single bell crank steering from the A800MMX and transplanting it into the A800FX Evo. The result is a servo holder with an integrated steering mount. This compact new system has less parts and is more reliable, particularly on un-prepped or dirty tracks. To get enough clearance for the movement of the bell crank, they needed to slightly modify the front bulkheads as well.

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April 8, 2021

Xtreme Aerodynamics EP touring carbon fibre side plates

Similar to their 1/10th nitro class version, Xtreme Aerodynamics have introduced their side wing end plates for the 1/10 electric class. Made of glossy carbon fibre the profile allows the optimal flow on the upper side of the wing while cornering thus improving vertical load and making the car more predictable and precise. Designed using the most advanced CFD software it shows that the holes provide a more efficient wing downforce in high speed corners, thus improving stability at the apex and reducing the delay in corner entry.

Source: Xtreme Aerodynamics [xtremeaerodynamics.it]

April 7, 2021

Raceform 1/8 Pro body post lazer tracer

From Raceform this 1/8 onroad specific Pro body post lazer tracer claims to be the only tool that is able to trace the position of the body post, perfectly and precisely, onto the bodyshell in preparation for reaming. Clear or painted, it saves you time and stress and might change how we locate the body post position. Your body will look better than ever, improved consistency between changing bodies and it saves you from messing up your nicely painted body. Especially in 1/8 On-road, the front post is slanted towards the front and even locating the holes on a clear body is challenging due to parallax error. This Tool eliminates all the errors.

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April 7, 2021

Xray T4 CVD BB driveshaft & gear diff adapter

From Xray for the T4 is this new CVD BB driveshaft 50mm & gear diff adapter. The CVD BB bearing drive shafts improve off-power steering and rotation, but decrease rear traction and stability. Recommended for use in high-traction conditions and for tracks with many hairpin corners. Set includes complete drive shaft only and must be used with optional CNC-machined CVD BB drive shaft adapter made from 7075 aluminium and black coated, it is a direct replacement for the stock version.

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April 7, 2021

G-Force X Weight Gauge Air

G-Force have released their X Weight gauge Air, a wireless corner balance system. Performing the same function as their original X Weight gauge, helping to measure and adjust the weight distribution of your car by displaying the weight/pressure applied at all 4 corners, this Air version does it wirelessly. Sending the data via bluetooth to the accompanying app it removes the need for a bulky display making transport and use much simpler. Each weighing platform is clearly marked so you know which corner to put it on and they can be used with cars up to 2kg. The system is equipped with a reset to 0 function allowing you to better understand the effect of adding weights in different locations in the car.

Source: G-Force [gforce-hobby.jp]

April 7, 2021

Mon-Tech Racing tease new GT bodyshell

Mon-Tech Racing are teasing their new soon to be officially announced GT bodyshell. Set to be revealed next week on Friday, the Italian brand have offered up no more information apart from what we can see in the photo.

Source: Mon-Tech [mon-techracing.net]

April 6, 2021

OfficinaRC progressive shock case for MTC2

From OfficinaRC, the first innovative and revolutionary progressive shock absorber solution combined in a single component, developed for the Mugen MTC2. The shock absorber case is machined from solid Ergal 7075 and further machined to make the conical cuts inside the case. The progressive solution can be used with the original piston. If you want to try greater hardness, just close the holes. When the piston is at the bottom of the shock, it moves softer and damping becomes more difficult as the piston moves up. This means that the shock damping is softer in the early part of the movement and becomes harder as the car moves more. They are built to improve traction and steering.

View more images of the shock case here