October 16, 2020

MiBorg TC-01 RCV driveshafts

More new RCV driveshafts from MiBorg RC, this time for the Tamiya TC-01. Available for the front and rear of the car, the driveshafts use ceramic balls instead of cross pins to drive the wheel axle, which results in less vibration even at high steering angles leading to more predictable handling, higher corner speeds and less tyre wear.

Source: MiBorg [miborg-rc.com]

October 16, 2020

MR33 Tweak Tool Station

The new MR33 Tweak Tool Station offers a clear and simple way to check the tweak on all 1:10 and 1:12 scale onroad cars. Unlike other comparative products it does not rely on a water scale for measuring the chassis balance, this job is done by a ride height gauge (not included) placed underneath the left and right side of the floating aluminium main plate. Racers can clearly read out the values from the height gauge and don’t have to rely on a water scale. The MR33 Tweak Tool Station is made from black anodized aluminium with laser engraved numbers and logos.

View the tweak station in use here

October 16, 2020

Capricorn EP Touring tires

Coming from Capricorn RC is their new line of tires for electric touring cars. They will be available in a 32 and 35 compound and in testing the tires have proved to have great traction and longevity before lap times start to drop off. The rims will be a light grey colour to easily distinguishable them from other brands.

Source: Capricorn [capricornrc.com]

October 16, 2020

Torpine R21 shorty LiPo holder set

New from Torpine for the ARC R21 is this shorty LiPo pack mount made from brass. Weighing close to 80g in total, each side is attached with 3 screws and can be finely adjusted to fit the shorty perfectly. If 80 grams of brass is too much they have also released two additional weights that mount directly to the motor mount with one weight (8g) on the right and the set of two weights (2x6g) on the left. The threaded holes for fixing the weights are already in the motor mount by default and the weight on the right has the thickness to serve as the inner stop for the LiPo.

View more images here

October 16, 2020

Exotek Racing DR10 options

Exotek Racing have introduced a lot of new items for the Associated DR10, starting with this lightweight 2mm carbon fibre ESC tray set. It allows for easier mounting of larger esc’s and stock esc’s in a centrally balanced location and comes with alloy posts and hardware. Next up is a heavy duty alloy servo mount that makes for easier servo install and removal thanks to the 1-piece design that will always match the chassis holes. There is also a precision machined premium titanium front axle set for the DR10. At only 4.5 grams per pair, these axles are perfect for reducing rotating mass for quicker acceleration. A rounded and angled hex profile also makes wheel installation extra quick and easy. Finally there is a hard anodised 7075 alloy idler gear for the DR10. This is much stronger than the stock plastic idler gear but not indestructible so it is important to use black or white grease on the gears and reapply frequently to prolong its life along with proper slipper adjustments.

View the other option parts here

October 15, 2020

Infinity body post cutter

The Infinity body post cutter from Creation Model enables you to cut and then easily chamfer the ends of plastic body posts up to 6mm in diameter. Place the post in the first hole and use and X-Acto knife to cut the post cleanly. Move the newly shortened post into the 2nd hole and have the tool mounted blade cut a chamfer on the top of the post by rotating it. Made from black and red anodised aluminium.

View another image of the body post cutter here

October 15, 2020

Apolaro, Morganti & Kemper win US Nitro Onroad Nats

This past weekend the 2020 ROAR Nitro Onroad Nationals were held at the RCRCNT track in Texas. The RCRCNT venue stepped in after the original venue was unable to host the event due to Covid-19 restrictions. In the 1/8 scale class it was Bryce Butterfield (Serpent) that would take the overall TQ on what was a particularly challenging track. In the main final DJ Apolaro (Hot Race/Max Power/Protoform) would get the win by 4 laps ahead of Brian Thomas (Mugen/Hot Race) in 2nd and Eric Dennett (Capricorn/Hot Race) a further 4 laps back in 3rd. In the Sedan class, it was Chris Tosolini (Serpent) coming out on top in qualifying, taking the tie break with Paolo Morganti (Capricorn) who would have to settle for 2nd on the grid. In the hour long final however Morganti would win by 6 laps from Tosolini in 2nd, while Felix Law (Serpent) would come from 10th on the grid to claim the final podium spot in 3rd. In the 1/8th Masters class Chris Kemper (Capricorn) would win from pole position in front of the world famous Scotty Ernst (Infinity/Hot Race) in 2nd, a lap back, with Ashton Brinson (Capricorn) completing the top 3.

View the other podiums here

October 15, 2020

Hong Nor 2-speed GT clutch bell & shoes

Hong Nor have announced a newly developed 2-speed clutch-bell for their GT car. Made from nickel coated aluminium, this new option part is designed to work best with their new composite clutch shoes. Together these two parts are not only lighter, they offer better heat dissipation which improves engine power and helps improve engine idling.

View the clutch shoes here