October 15, 2021

Exotek 22S Drag MK3 slipper set & spur gears

From Exotek is their new turbine cooling triple slipper disks for the Losi 22S top shafts for quicker slipper cool downs before the next pass. Provides added consistency due to 3 friction plates and slipper cooling via the extra heat sink fins that also spins as fan blades as the motor turns for increased air flow over the slipper plate therefore helping reduce heat glazing of the slipper pads which results in melted pads. The set includes 3 high grade LCF pro style slipper pads for Octalock type Exotek or Associated spur gears (gear not included). The slipper pads have a small 12mm inner slipper diameter for more surface area for improved slipper efficiency. For this set Exotek also offer high performance machined POM (delrin) spur gears that uses Associated style octalock type spurs and slipper pads. Available in 84T & 81T, the spur gears are 100% machined POM to insure true roundness and are much stiffer and truer than moulded nylon spur gears.

View the full set & spur gear here

October 14, 2021

Ulti Tires 1/8 GT foam tires

Ulti Tires release their new 1/8 GT car tires made from their well know high grip 35 shore foam rubber. Mounted on precision carbon wheels, foam tires remove some of the worries associated with rubber tires such as exploding or the maintenance of the rubber itself, while also providing increased traction and performance. Sold as a pair.

Source: Ulti [ultitires.com]

October 14, 2021

Xray X10’22 hardened steel 4mm kingpins

New from Xray for the X10’22 are these super-smooth, hardened steel 4mm kingpins that provide the foundation for the tweak free front suspension. The kingpins have a strong design with a 1.0° camber angle machined into the kingpin for precise suspension geometry. Optional 1.5° and 2.0° camber king-pins are available to adjust the camber in fixed steps. Sold as a pair.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

October 13, 2021

Ulti 1/10 EP TC foam tires

Ulti tire’s new 1/10 EP touring car tires are made from their well know high grip 35 shore foam. The foam has an approximate diameter of 64mm and are mounted to hard carbon wheels for great precision for wheels that spin true. Great for large tracks where you don’t have to worry about rubber tires exploding or the maintenance of the tires coming unglued. Sold in pairs.

Source: Ulti [ultitires.com]

October 12, 2021

Rêve D DP5 wheels in light green & bronze

Rêve D have announced two new additional colours to their 5 spoke DP5 lightweight wheels with the release of light green and bronze versions. The new colours offer enhanced looks with the same performance as their standard colours and while the moulded product itself is green and bronze, the wheels have been further painted and have a distinctive ‘extra work’ finish to make your machine look like a full on drift car build.

View more images of the new DP5 colours here

October 12, 2021

ARC R12.1 touring car kit

Building on the already rapid R12 platform, ARC is proud to announce the R12.1, incorporating many new parts and improvements that elevate the chassis to a new level of performance. Retaining the basic R12 architecture, the R12.1 remains an extremely easy car to build and maintain. By removing mounting holes for the R11 short arms, the R12.1 chassis features a slimline profile for reduced chassis scrub under hard cornering. Made from 2.1mm carbon fibre, this chassis delivers added flex for greater overall grip and a wider tuning window.

View more details & images here