September 13, 2019

MST XXX-R series brake disc wheel hubs

Coming from MST and made for their XXX-R and XXX-RA series on-road chassis are new front and rear wheel hubs that allow the addition of mock-up brake discs and callipers for a more realistic appearance. The front steering knuckles and rear uprights are moulded from high-quality composite material with the rear hubs also allowing to adjust the outer suspension pin height to access more complex setups. The brake discs also incorporate the wheel hex adapter, making for easy tyre swaps.

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September 12, 2019

Protoform pre-cut Turismo hard wing

Coming from Protoform is the pre-cut Turismo hard wing for 190mm touring car body shells. It is an optional medium-weight wing using the same design as the stock Turismo wing. It is highly recommended when using the X-lite weight body, and provides a neutral feeling and added durability for your 190mm touring car on any track surface. Conveniently pre-cut, the Turismo hard wing also includes pre-cut 40mm x 20mm endplates, double-sided tape, and Protoform’s signature wing buttons and under-wing teardrop nuts with mounting hardware.

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September 12, 2019

Spektrum Firma Smart brushless speed controllers

Horizon Hobby have introduced their all-new Spektrum Firma Smart Technology high-performance brushless speed controllers. Like every component in the Spektrum Smart ecosystem, Firma Smart ESCs combine “plug-and-play” simplicity with the ability to communicate with other Smart electronics, creating a very well-performing RC system. With Firma Smart ESCs, owners are better connected to their vehicle than ever before — without installing extra components that all work independently of each other. There is no need for extra wires, modules, or links. A Firma electronic speed control provides a one-wire solution for obtaining telemetry data such as RPM, temperature, battery voltage and capacity. Firma ESCs not only gather the data but also send it to compatible transmitters in real time, instead of only storing it for after-run study. Users are able to adjust settings as needed to boost performance on the go. The range includes the Firma 160A 3S-8S controller, the Firma 150A 3S-6S ESC as well as the Firma 130A 2S-4S speedo. All feature an all-weather waterproof design, EC3/EC5 backwards compatible battery connectors as well as the One-Wire telemetry function. Multiple programming options are available for each controller. Button programming can be used with nothing more needed. Using the Smart Firma ESC Programming Box, drivers can easily change settings at the track to suit driving conditions. An easy-to-use Smart Link USB Updating and PC Programmer app is also available.

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September 12, 2019 T4F aluminium & brass option parts

7075 Special Parts from Italy have announced the release of more aluminium and brass option parts for the Xray T4F FWD touring car. First up is a LCG 7075-T6 aluminium chassis that is stiffer and narrower than the original carbon fibre chassis, making it ideal for medium to high-bite track conditions. Excessive machining of the rear portion still allows for a certain amount of flex, retaining good rear end side bite. The chassis is available separately or as combo package including front, centre and rear end brass weights.

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September 12, 2019

Turkey Onroad Championship Rd5 – Report

The 5th and final round of the Turkey Onroad Championship TORC was held at the Bursa Bumod track in great weather conditions and with a record entry for the 2019 season, making it the most competitive season of the last ten years. In the Electric Touring Modified class the race for the win was on between Atahan Yildiz, Mert Can Cakmak, Gökay Aktan and Yunus Şahin. In the end it was Mert with the win at round 5 from Athan Yildiz in 2nd and Yunus Sahin in 3rd, making it an Xray top 3. With his runner-up spot Athan was able to also seal the overall championship, his second in his young racing career.

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September 12, 2019

Hiro Seiko X12’20 screw sets

Made for Xray’s new X12’20 1/12th scale pan car kits are three new high-quality screw sets from Hiro Seiko. The range includes a lightweight full titanium fastener set, a mixed orange aluminium and titanium ultra lightweight screw set as well as a low-CG kit that includes orange aluminium screws for the upper portions of the car and heavy stainless steel screws for the lower chassis area, ensuring a lower overall centre of gravity compared to just using lightweight screws. All three are made of high-quality material and they are available now.

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September 12, 2019

RC-Aurora GLA V2 alloy & brass motor mount

PPM RC Racing have introduced the RC-Aurora aluminium and brass motor mount for the GL Racing GLA V2 micro on-road car. The 2-piece assembly is machined of hard-anodised 7075 aluminium and high-quality brass material and it is a direct fit for the GLA V2 chassis. While offering exceptional heat dissipation and rigidity, it also adds some weight which can be beneficial in certain track conditions.

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September 12, 2019

BMT 701 aluminium side belt tensioner plate

Made for BMT’s 701 1/10th 200mm nitro touring car is a new aluminium side belt tensioner plate. Machined from high-quality alloy material and coming black anodised the plate offers increased rigidity and reliability for a more accurately guided side belt. The part is a direct fit and available now.

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