January 6, 2021

Exotek X1/X12 heavy duty 48 pitch spur gears

Also from Exotek is their new range of heavy duty 48 pitch spur gears for the Xray X1/X12 gear diffs. Provides increased durability over the stock 64 pitch gears, especially needed in open wheel F1 and outdoor race settings. They are made in England from black acetal (delrin) with each being CNC machined for ultimate trueness. A direct fit with the stock hardware they are available in 5 versions from 61T to 65T.

Source: Exotek [exotekracing.com]

January 6, 2021

Exotek Racing Super F1 race body

From Exotek Racing is their new Super F1 race body for the F1Ultra and similar dimensioned narrow style 1/10 F1 pans cars. A modern design with slim style side pods with the addition of high downforce aero details for good looks and high performance you’ve come to expect from Exotek designed bodies. Made using premium polycarbonate that is a proprietary custom blended polycarbonate only for Exotek that is much stronger and longer lasting than other similar thickness polycarbonate. Made of lightweight .7mm polycarbonate, the painted body shown in the pic is only 33g including the paint, stickers and helmet.

View more images of the body here

January 5, 2021

Infinity IF14 Pro gear diff set w/ aluminium outdrives

From Creation Model for the Infinity IF14 comes this pro gear diff set with aluminium outdrive cups. This set is about 2.2 grams lighter than the steel outdrive cup spec and this allows you to adjust the weight balance of the vehicle front and rear while also improving the throttle response.

Source: Creation Model [creationmodel.net]

January 5, 2021

Takashima D-13 aluminium curved servo horn

Takashima D-13 have sent us their latest product, a lightweight 23mm aluminium curved servo horn for Yokomo & Takashima curved steering system. Featuring a 25T spline, it has been made from high quality 7075 aluminium and lightened, making the steering response even faster. Comes in either black or red anodised.

Source: Takashima D-13

January 5, 2021

T-Works TC-01 steering set

T-Works have produced this ball raced steering set for the Tamiya TC-01. Machined from aluminium and black anodised, this set completely replaces the stock steering set and offers more strength as well as improved steering precision due to reduced flex. Includes the bearings for the steering pivot posts.

Source: T-Works [rc-tworks.com]

January 4, 2021

JConcepts DR10 brass optional parts

Some new brass options for the Team Associated DR10 from JConcepts with a new front suspension bracket and servo mount bracket. Setting the trim on any RC car is crucial but perhaps even more critical is for the trim to remain consistent throughout a race. JConcepts introduces the servo mount bracket for the DR10 line of vehicles. Constructed of brass to add weight this unique part offers benefits over the stock mount configuration. Most drag racers like to add weight to the front-end of the vehicles to maintain balance which allows the vehicle to stay on 4 wheels and move forward more efficiently. The mount fits snug inside the chassis servo mounting area increasing the support while the 2 screw mounting locations are beefy in design and zeroed in for a direct mount to the chassis. The bracket has locations on each side for included 3x6mm set screws to help align and maintain servo position during racing conditions, crashes and hard hits. The set screws are intended to touch-off against the servo case and provide additional support keeping the servo in the intended position which helps maintain consistent steering trim.

View the brass front suspension brace info here

January 4, 2021

Yannic Prumper powered by Dash from 2021

Dash are happy to announce the signing of European front runner Yannic Prumper. The former ETS race winner, who just rejoined Yokomo, will be running full Dash RC electronics along with Arrowmax Si-graphene LiPo batteries for this season and beyond. ‘Yannic will be a great addition and will help boaster the team in Europe’. Yannic had the following to say

I would like to thank Mr Lau and Nico for this opportunity to join Dash as their factory driver. I have always hear great things about Dash and the ambition of the company is always aiming to produce one of the best, if not, the best products for customers. I’m excited to start this journey with them. Stay safe for now, and see you at the tracks!

Source: Arrowmax [arrowmax-rc.com]